Of Butterscotch and Snowdrops

Dec 17th, 2013
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  1. >Fluttershy grimaced as she stared at the outside of Sugar Cube Corner in the biting cold that the winter chill brought, pulling her strained sweater down to her flank. She plodded into the confectionary shop, shivering as she said hello to the Cakes. “Is Pinkie around?” She inquired, taking off her scarf and waving to the two foals in the playpen.
  3. >”Not right now, Fluttershy. She went out to cater the party for the schoolhouse. After all, it is getting close to Hearth’s Warming Day.” Mr. Cake replied casually, passing Fluttershy a mug of hot chocolate. Fluttershy offered the fare for her drink, but he refused. Mrs. Cake smiled at her and pulled her husband away from the counter to help her organize the back room. “It’s on the house!” She exclaimed before turning her attention to the new inventory that they had to fit in to the slots.
  5. >Fluttershy sighed and sat next to Pumpkin and Pound cake, allowing them to explore her blooming middle. “Once upon a time, your mother looked like me.” She cooed, watching them lean in and press their heads against her taut stomach. The pegasus mare pulled up her sweater, allowing the kids closer as she twirled about their hair. “Well, she still looked like your mother, but with a belly like mine. And inside were the two of you little darlings.” She chuckled, poking their nose. “Mommy got so big that we thought she was going to touch the ground with the way that her belly was!” She reminisced, mostly to herself.
  7. >Pinkie waved to the ponies along the way, a familiar red stallion pulling the cart that was formerly filled with sweets and other goodies. She exhaled sharply, shooting a knowing glance down to her filled tummy. “Now listen here. I’ve been good, so I think it’s only fair that you’re good to me too. I am your mom, after all.” She bargained, readjusting her winter gear. “Ready to go?” She asked her unborn foal, humming to herself.
  9. >Big Mac looked up to Pinkie, scoring the snow with his hooves. “Eyup.” He answered, trotting to Pinkie’s humming, her voice picking up in volume as she bursts out into song.
  11. >Fluttershy perked her ears at the sound of a familiar voice. “..Pinkie?” She waddled over to the door to open it up, finding Pinkie at her famous show-stopping ending, every pony nearby caught in the throes of the song.
  13. >“..And how I love to be in the snow!
  14. Wonder-full season for a show!
  15. Snow driven to pure white,
  16. The brightened air tonight!
  17. It is simply what Pinkie loves to see,
  18. A wondrous winterland for you and meeeeeee!”
  20. >Fluttershy watched in glee, the rose-colored turning around after her arietta and booping the pegasus on the nose. She then turned about and waved to the stallion as he left, shouting to him since he was clear across the street now, “Thanks for the ride Big Mac. I’ll return the favor later!”
  22. >Fluttershy gave a small squee of glee as she hugged Pinkie the best that she could, snuggling against her. “And I thought I was the affectionate one!” Pinkie giggled, wrapping her forelegs about Fluttershy. Fluttershy gave her most earnest smile, closing the door behind them.
  24. >”Well,” Fluttershy started, her cheeks flushed, “It’s just been a good time since we were able to see everyone.” She muttered, hiding half of her face with her crescent hair. Pinkie pushed the hair out of Flutters’ face. Pinkie sighed, Fluttershy looking even cuter than ever. “And people wonder why I picked you.”
  26. >”Why did you choose me?” Fluttershy asked, pulling back and resuming her four-legged stand, returning to Pumpkin and Pound Cake and tucking them into the playpen and making sure that they took their nap. Pinkie sighed happily, making her way to her room. Fluttershy eagerly follows, locking the door behind her.
  28. >”It’s because nobody has as much kindness as you, Flutters.” Pinkie cupped Fluttershy’s hot cheek, reaching for a nearby cart. “Wanna try something, Flutters?” Pinkie asked, a sly smirk spreading across her face. Fluttershy looked to her partner, carefully eyeing the cart that was rolled over to the duo’s bed.
  30. >”What do you have in mind?” Fluttershy asked, gingerly placing herself on their mattress. Pinkie loomed over the curious mare, taking out a spatula. “Over in Yolkohama, there’s this exotic act where ponies eat things off of cute ponies.” Pinkie placed a couple cupcakes upon Fluttershy, grabbing a bag of icing, the yellow mare squeaks as she feels the cool icing.
  32. >“W-what is that, Pinkie?” Fluttershy squirmed, the foal in her tummy kicking at the temperature change. Pinkie giggled and lapped up the design, leaving a trail of saliva. “Sweet buttercream icing.” Pinkie drooled, smacking her lips and rubbing her icing-tickled tummy. Fluttershy then pulls Pinkie onto the bed, looking on the cart and gasping. Pinkie tries to look, but Fluttershy pins her down with her wings, her eyes widening as she grabs and covets a jar of butterscotch. She slathers the thick, creamy sauce upon Pinkie and lashed her tongue against the earthen pony, her low hum turning into a frenzied giggle, the butterscotch seemingly evaporating from her tongue. Fluttershy trailed to Pinkie’s thick mammaries, a gentle prod relinquishing the creamy treasure inside. Pinkie lost her breath at the prod, her breathing shallow as she did not expect her Flutters to do such a thing.
  34. >Fluttershy latched on, suckling for a couple of moments, drinking in the rich, raw milk before licking her lip and looking over her lover before settling down and snuggling against Pinkie’s middle, listening to the amazing sounds that it produced. “It’s almost like a dream!” Fluttershy commented.
  36. >Pinkie looked down, stroking Fluttershy’s mane before asking from out of nowhere, “Would you like to see something cool?"
  38. >Fluttershy looked up, watching Pinkie intently as Pinkie put her hooves in front of her and seemingly tore invisible fabric, a portal to another universe appearing! Fluttershy looked in shock as a very pregnant Rarity trotted around, only being stopped by a Pinkie Pie.
  40. >”What is this, Pinkie?” Flutters asked, confused. “Another universe, silly!” Pinkie answered matter-of-factly, watching the special ponies in their own slice-of-life drama. “How’d you do that Pinkie?” Flutters looked again to Pinkie, only to be answered with a shrug. “I don’t know. It just…happens.”
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