Aug 30th, 2012
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  1. >You are Iris.
  2. >Formerly Tom Rogers.
  3. >Not that you minded.
  4. >Being Iris is pretty good.
  5. >Not the best thing to ever happen, but still.
  6. >Your love life...was complicated before.
  7. >It's complicated now, but it was worse before.
  8. >Never knowing exactly what you wanted, who you wanted...
  9. >And you weren't very good at being the man in any relationship.
  10. >Getting off track.
  11. >You are Iris, and you're going to meet the human who is responsible for your sudden change.
  12. >What were you going to do once you met him?
  13. >Hmm...well Carbon Copy didn't seem to mind his transformation too much, he just kept finding things to complain about, but he always adapted rather quickly, and solved problems almost as quickly as they appeared.
  14. >Zee...Richie.
  15. >He doesn't seem to like being a pony.
  16. >He liked getting wings, and was very enthusiastic for a time, but now you're pretty sure he's depressed.
  17. >You would probably thank the mystery human.
  18. >And afterwards you might ask if Richie could turn back.
  19. >Hopefully CC would stay with you as a pony and--
  20. >"Hey, you okay over there?"
  21. "Hmm?"
  22. >"Your face is red. You embarrassed or something?"
  23. "O-oh! Sorry, just thinking."
  24. >"About what? That you're a girl that's constantly naked and in the presence of a handsome dude?"
  25. "Firstly, you're a pony. Secondly, no, being naked doesn't bother me. Thirdly, you're not my type."
  26. >Richie looks taken aback.
  27. >"Whhhaaaaaaat? Oh, you're breaking my heart, lady!"
  28. >He smiles and points back to the television.
  29. >"Anyway, you wanna go for a couple rounds in Smash Bros? I'm sure I can beat you there!"
  30. >Sighing, you roll your eyes.
  31. "I'm sure that'll go differently than the last 5 games I've beaten you in."
  32. >"Oh come now, you don't get to just beat me without giving me a chance to get even! Just one set? 4 stock, no items, final destination, best two out of three; come on let's go!"
  33. "If you insist."
  34. >Telekinetically grabbing a controller while Rich sets up the match, you take a seat and let your mind wander.
  35. >You aren't particularly interested in playing anything right now; you're too anxious for what might happen tonight.
  36. >You also wish it had been CC that you got to spend a day with beforehoof, not Richie.
  37. >There'd be more you had in common, more to talk about. Generally, it would be more fun all around.
  38. >Rich was an okay guy, but...
  39. >"Aww come on!"
  40. >You appear to have four-stocked him while lost in thought.
  41. "I think this game is too easy. Maybe you'd rather play something simpler like connect four or tic-tac-toe?"
  42. >"'s not faiii-haii-haiiiirrr!"
  43. >You're unsure if he's faking it or actually crying.
  44. >"And I still have a chance! I'm still in this! Let's go, round two!"
  45. >With a sigh, you go back to whooping him without trying.
  47. >It is now night time.
  48. >It is dark enough that with enough careful planning, you could get to the meeting place without getting seen.
  49. >You look at Richie, who returns with a nod and an upturned hoof.
  50. "Is that supposed to be a thumbs up?"
  51. >"..yeah."
  52. >Face, meet hoof.
  53. >"Anyway, I'll go from tree to tree ahead of you, if I see someone coming, I'll use the little code noises."
  54. "Are you going to actually spell something in dots and dashes?"
  55. >"Nope, just enough to get your attention. Shouldn't be too suspicious."
  56. "Let's hope not."
  57. >Darting from street to street, you mana
  58. ge to get to the edge of the park without being seen.
  59. >Having Richie aid you by warning you when a human was coming helped greatly in that effort.
  60. >Now the two of you are scouting around it at CC's request because "it might be a trap", in his words.
  61. >You kind of guessed that already, but it was nice to know he cared about your safety.
  62. >After a quick trot around the park, you and Richie agreed that it was empty and safe.
  63. >You lie down next to a tree that Richie is hiding in the branches of.
  64. >"We ready?"
  65. "I think so...what do I say?"
  66. >"You're asking me? I'm not the intellectual here. You went to college."
  67. >His face is blank.
  68. >Or you think it is.
  69. >Lighting up your horn, you can see he is snickering to himself.
  70. "Uh huh. And of course, you played video games instead, and I can still beat you in those as well."
  71. >"H-hey now! I'm just not used to using wingers instead of hands yet!"
  72. "Pffff, wingers..."
  73. >"Yeah whatever...hey, I think someone's coming, kill the lights!"
  74. >You cease the spell and look into the middle of the park.
  75. >A lone figure walks out and sits on a bench.
  76. >After a few minutes, the figure does not move.
  77. >"You think that's him?"
  78. "Probably."
  79. >"Alright, I'll watch from here, just gotta let him know first."
  80. >Richie activates the walkie talkie and clues in CC on what's going on.
  81. >You, however, begin to sneak towards the figure on the bench.
  82. >The figure is in a large trenchcoat and boots, with a large fedora.
  83. >He could not look more conspicuous if he tried.
  84. >Funny that, he probably WAS trying.
  85. >You step on a branch.
  86. >"Hello? Is that you?"
  87. >His voice is somewhat raspy, but it sounds young, maybe belonging to an adult male.
  88. >"Tom?"
  89. >Well, it's definitely the guy.
  90. "Yes, that's me."
  91. >He sits up straight.
  92. >"Odd, I did not think Tom a woman's name. I'm so glad you could come out here tonight...could you step into the light?"
  93. "No, I'm fine right here. You're not a flasher, are you?"
  94. >He laughs.
  95. >"I'm surprised at you for thinking that of me. I knew a trenchcoat would get your attention. It also had the obvious bonus of obscuring me."
  96. "That's...a little ominous."
  97. >"Oh have no fear, I just wanted to meet you in real life. Now, please step into the light so that I may see you face to face."
  98. >Whispering into the radio, you ask for advice.
  99. "Should I?"
  100. >"I'm starting to think he isn't the guy...but if he tries anything, I'll be on him immediately."
  101. >You step cautiously out and as you do, you can tell that the trenchcoat guy is very surprised.
  102. >"Are you...kidding me?"
  103. "Well, I guess that means it wasn't you."
  104. >"Wasn't me what, exactly? You're a...pony!"
  105. "Yeah, that. I thought you were the guy who transformed me."
  106. >He puts a hand to his chin, then takes off his hat.
  107. >He is wearing a ski mask that covers the majority of his face.
  108. >If you had a spider sense, it would be tingling around now.
  109. >He takes off the trenchcoat calmly, then flings it at you with speed you did not expect.
  110. >Gripping it midair with your magic, you toss it back just before it hits you.
  111. >You can see a glint of metal as he attacks his own coat crazily.
  112. >"Shit. Shit. Shit!"
  113. >Richie, having noticed, zips down to just in front of you, taking a pose that he probably thinks is impressive and intimidating.
  114. >The man, now a lot more visible, stands not too tall, with a short hairdo and a....
  115. "A hacksaw!?"
  116. >"That's right!"
  117. >The man wielding the cutter's tool begins to laugh maniacally.
  118. >"I intended to kill a manchild, but if I kill a pony, it won't even count against me! Hahahahahaaaha!"
  119. >You wince, registering that he is implying that as a pony you aren't a person, and can be treated as a wild animal.
  120. >It's...not a good feeling.
  121. >"I seriously wish I had you peoples' addresses: I would come over and show no matter how much love and tolerance bullshit you have, it all ends the same; with me gutting you with a hacksaw!"
  122. >You gulp, and ready your telekinetic influence again, focusing on his weapon.
  123. >He sees the glow and acts with surprise.
  124. >"Th-the fuck is this!? Get off!"
  125. >Shaking his hand wildly, you feel your grip wave like a fishing line's lure, and you "reel it in" to fight against his flailing.
  126. >"Y-you fucking cheater!"
  127. >He runs at you, hacksaw held high, but as he takes a few steps, he is held back by the saw, now suspended in midair like it was nailed there.
  128. >Heh, guess you don't know your own strength!
  129. >As the would-be attacker whines and tries to retrieve his weapon from the air, Zee flies down next to you.
  130. >"Huh, guess I'm not the only one who thinks that's cheating. Not complaining this time though."
  131. >The guy, possibly Hacksaw McGraw, pales as he seems to realize the position he's in, without anything concealing him or a weapon.
  132. >"! You bastards!"
  133. >Richie is quick to hover at his head height, looking at him with a sneer.
  134. >"Might want to be careful there, pal. Or it'll end the same as all your stupid posts, getting gutted with a hacksaw."
  135. >You visibly blanch at the thought of cutting someone open.
  136. >That level of violence just doesn't sit right with you anymore...not that you were ready to murder people before when you weren't you.
  137. "Get out of here."
  138. >Both Zee and McGraw look at you dumbfounded, with a simultaneous "Huh?"
  139. "Get out of here now before we tie you up and leave you here. I'm a Unicorn! i can do it!"
  140. >You wouldn't, but you're in bluff territory already.
  141. >He looks between you and your pegasi pal, starting to sweat.
  142. >Looks like the big shit-talker was only ever a normal person with a violent streak, as he turns tail and runs away, wordlessly.
  143. >Zee lands again, whistling.
  144. >"Impressive. You gonna keep that saw or can I?"
  145. >You realize you are still holding onto the thing with some surprise, and drop it immediately, backing away from it like it might attack you.
  146. >"Hey, woah! Watch it there, Iris."
  147. "Sorry...I can't believe that just happened!"
  148. >"Its strange, but it wasn't the cause of our transformation in any case. Still. Hacksaw actually exists and isn't just a name people pick up for lulz in /mlp/? That's kinda messed up."
  149. "Yeah...messed up is one way to describe it..."
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