Flight of Death

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  1. Zeno clawy fingers pressing her skin, not harming her but making sure she doesn't walk away. Green/Blue hues glowed for a second starring directly at her purple hues. He didn't say anything, nor act to her attempts instead he just grabbed her there. "..."
  3. A few seconds later his tail starts swinging from side to side, as the free hands move to his pocket grabbing something and placing it in her hair. Removing the grip and stepping away.
  5. "Ya eyes.. remind ma of someone.. " His tone visibly turned more low, shaky even while he just sits on the grass. Affected by whatever he saw in her, tail resting on the green as his green/blue hues distantly look down.
  7. (Zeno Morvan)
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. [18:27] Siegfried arrives to the girl he'd been looking for being grabbed on the face by that guy he'd seen before. His face scrunches up into one of anger, almost immediately, hi expression one of intense, immediate disdain.
  12. "Why are you touching her?" He demanded, uncharacteristically harsh. Something wasn't right about that interaction, something immediately flaring up in him whilst he locked his eyes on the kitsune.
  13. (Siegfried)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. [18:31] The new arrival brings her joy, immediately replacing the dread that had originally filled her when Zeno reached out to grab her even as she made the endeavor to escape. However, it's not as terrible as she'd thought it'd be - rather than being sliced in the face, she's given a flower to have in her hair.
  18. "... what the.." she holds the flower in her hand.
  19. (Illona Rossi)
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. [18:34] Zeno eyes briefly look at Siegfried, then back to the ground. Dismissing him as not worthy of his time. The silver haired ookami remenbers the purple hues again, haunted by the flashbacks of people that abandon him. That hurt him. People that turn him into this..
  24. "'Cause I can touch anyth'ng in ma sight. 'Cause I own anyth'ng I wann'.. Now.. Move or I will own ya life also."
  25. (Zeno Morvan)
  26. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. [18:37] Siegfried's eyebrows raise at that. Like all the way. The teenager claimed that he'd own his life? The fishing rod on his back is immediately swept out for a sword, with little-to-no hesitation, which he brandishes, pointing it at Zeno.
  30. "You'll never lay a finger on her again, or talk to her again," he says bluntly, eyes narrowing at the kitsune.
  31. (Siegfried)
  32. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  34. [18:43] Right hand resting on his blade, standing as eyes narrow to Siegfriend actions. Frowning, tip of the ears feel heating. Zeno floats as his green/blue hues glow briefly.
  36. "Another wall in ma path."
  37. (Zeno Morvan)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. [18:45] There's no hesitation. As the kitsune remarks that he's merely another wall in his path, he blitzes forward, surging with a series of slashes and spells aimed to fell Zeno as quickly as possible, to spare Illona having to watch a prolonged battle.
  42. Flames surge around him as he battles, enveloping his form while he launches into a combination that is surprisingly agile and swift.
  44. Siegfried is silent all throughout.
  45. (Siegfried)
  46. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. [19:01] ** Zeno Morvan has inflicted an injury upon Siegfried. ("Permanent Injury", "Permanent Injury", "Permanent", "Severity: MODERATE (-10 Vit)") **
  51. [19:18] The fight starts in seconds. Blades clashing against the other slashing thru winds and grass while they move around the field. Zeno speed and strenght were hand by hand, moving swiftly middle air to slash the older one.
  53. Enhancing his body with energy. Claws growing sharper to slash the older cloth and skin. A few attacks later, winds furiously surrounding them while both winds magics clashed, flames being evaded and raw mana surrounding Siegfried.
  55. A last attack, throwing him down. As he swiftly nails his claws on the older neck. Shutting Green/Blue hues to open his own mana circuits and force it into Siegfried. Darkish raw mana moving thru Sieg. "Ya ar' worth this. Noth'ng. A mere trash. A maggot in ma path. Forced ma to interrupt pleasure.. To interrupt a meet'ng to mess wit' ya.
  57. Noth'ngness."
  59. Throwing him to the other side of the field while he looks back to Illona. Showing her a sincere look for a second, eyes that regret hurting Sieg, but it was too late. He was the criminal.. The judged one.. The hated. Like always forced to this, pointed by others. Why? When they just wanted to be happy.
  60. (Zeno Morvan)
  61. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  63. [19:27] There is only one way the howling winds stop...
  65. The duel is brutal and fast. Siegfried is battered and bloodied by a superior opponent in a vicious clashing and thrashing of blades, and ultimately, he is thrown to the side and has his neck ravaged by the claws of the younger male.
  67. The severity of the injuries inflicted here would haunt him the rest of his life - this was the death of innocence. That which had been trivial, simple, jovial and fun-loving, this was the death of such light-hearted merrymaking.
  69. What had been a lapse in control and a desire to lash out at the world for Zeno was, for him, was the moment in which his fun-loving, harmless questing throughout the world, searching for excitement in forgotten corners and befriending new faces, turned into something else. Contorted into something hideous and malformed.
  71. A boy that could have originally been something, someone else was now going to live the rest of his life in remembrance of this moment, when he had failed to protect Illona, when he had been bested in combat and how he could never just be the same again.
  73. The howling winds that encircle them quell only when one, Siegfried, is left on the ground, permanently crippled, his sword embedded in the ground near where he lay. His eyes are glazed over as his opponent batters him with jeering and insults, his mind's every proclamation to stand, to continue fighting, and to wipe away that smirk...
  75. But the body has relented, and thus stopped the howling winds.
  76. (Siegfried)
  77. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  79. [19:33] The sideline is where she is, dodging calamitous spells that flume outwards from both fighters as they slash at each other, ravenous in their movements and attacks. She can barely keep up, spectating, breathing caught and hitching with every blow that strikes Siegfried in the wild battle. She flings herself behind trees in hopes their cover would be sufficient.
  81. "STOP!!"
  83. When Siegfried is struck down by the ookami, she rushes out from the brush she'd anchored herself to, and towards the downed boy, face scrunched up in hysterical misery, a countenance made up of angst. A girl unable to do anything in the face of such a perilous ordeal.
  85. Except clutch Siegfried as tight as possible, ignoring his blade lodged into the grass.
  86. There would be no more fighting, no more hurt in the current moment.
  88. "Siegfried... Siegfried... " she gasps, repeating over and over, looking at him, his wounds, his body in tatters, hiswinds dissipated. She can do nothing but hold him, try to gather him up to his feet to find help,
  90. and scream at Zeno as she rushes off with Siegfried, in search of help.
  95. (Illona Rossi)
  96. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  98. [20:39] The young Sarradian takes a seat on the bench, pulling out a sandwich and taking a bit before regarding Siegfried.
  100. "What's up, brudda?" He asked.
  101. (Lua'hoo)
  102. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  104. [20:40] Siegfried has absolutely no idea how the brown lad manages to keep finding him against all odds, but he doesn't appear to be in the mood for this at all. The expression on his face is one of the utmost disdain, and dried blood is crust to his forehead - it's apparent he's only just exited a fight.
  106. A bloody one.
  108. Sitting on the bench, silent, he just stares at Lua'hoo, just like that.
  109. (Siegfried)
  110. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  112. [20:42] Blinking a few times, it takes a few moments for the slow-minded Sarradian to realize the condition Siegfried is in, which causes his mouth to hang agape, and shock to touch his features.
  114. "Whoa, brudda, you don't look so good!" He blurts the obvious, but.. Well, it wasn't like he could do anything about it. he looks down, then back to Siegfried. Then, he extends his hand, sandwich within.
  116. "You wanna eat somethin'?" He asked. It was honestly the only thing he had to offer.
  117. (Lua'hoo)
  118. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  120. [20:46] A chuckle escapes his lips. Did he want to eat something? There was nothing in him right now but repressed anger and adrenaline, the battle he'd only narrowly escaped playing through his mind dozens of times.
  122. "I want you to piss off, brudda," he cracks dryly, using the Sarradian's own honorific.
  124. Was the wind blowing just a touch harder?
  126. (Siegfried)
  127. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  129. [20:50] The words slowly work through his pea-sized child mind, squinting hard. The sandwich is drawn back and a bite is taken from it. He chews once, then a second time, and a few more after that. Swallows. Food for thought, taken literally.
  131. Lua'hoo scratches his chin, decoding the dry frustration of Siegfried, as if he didn't quite understand it. Finally, after a solid minute of thinking and taking bites of his sandwich, he finally speaks again.
  133. "Piss off who?"
  135. Clearly, this boy was a stupid unlike any other Siegfried had encountered before.
  136. (Lua'hoo)
  137. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. [20:56] Anger mounts within him. Irritation both at his lack of ability to succeed and also at the fact he's already angry. Storm clouds surge in his body and the anger that resonates through him could persist for a lifetime - his own strength was miniscule. It was insignificant.
  141. But he'd be damned before he didn't lash back out at the world that had just robbed him of his blissful ignorance.
  143. He aims to deck Lua'hoo straight in the jaw, and then follow the blow up with a rapid series of strikes that were likely to send the boy reeling if he weren't to retaliate with equal intensity. Flames billow out from him, a rage wracking his entire body as he struck at Lua'hoo.
  145. As he had been before, Siegfried is silent.
  146. (Siegfried)
  147. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  149. [20:58] Lua'hoo is punched in the face, reeling back and stumbling before he grabs his staff.
  151. "Wh-Ow! What the heck, brudda!" He exclaims, tears in his eyes as he stumbled into a shaky stance. "You wanna fight me? Fine! I shoulda neva offered you my lunch!" He says with what little venom the young man was even capable of, attempting to fight back.
  152. (Lua'hoo)
  153. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  155. [21:05] The two of them battle in the city, away from the academy, in the streets. Siegfried holds back most of his strength, not intending to inflict any serious injury upon Lua'hoo, but striking with a fury all the same. His hands move in a blur, a rapid sequence of punches and kicks that end with him utterly flooring the other boy, the finale in a devastating combination of blows being a roundhouse kick that sends him hurtling backward into the soil behind the bench.
  157. Afterward, he stops moving.
  159. For awhile, he just stands there, chest moving irregularly from his labored breathing, and then he looks at his hands, realizing that he, with his magically-enhanced strength, have just pummeled a child with all of his fuck and fury. Aforementioned child hadn't wanted anything but to make sure he was alright, and just talk to him..
  161. Did this make him any better than the boy who'd tried to take Illona and kidnap her?
  163. "...Lua', I..."
  165. The flames in his heart and in his eyes quell, and so too does the magic that encircles him in it's pyroclastic embrace.
  167. He instead stares at the boy he has harmed, unable to even comprehend why he had gone so far as to strike.
  169. Something about him has changed.
  170. (Siegfried)
  171. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  173. [21:11] Marceline had been lounging about in the nearby farmland, laying on top of a nearby fence and napping. What woke her was the emotions of two teenagers in a heated battle that invaded her sixth sense, causing the fairy to be stirred from her nap. The corrupt fae jumped, startled as she floated towards the conflict which had now resided.
  175. "Woah, woah! Uhh.. hold on." she trailed off, rubbing her eyes. She shielded her gaze from the sun's rays, squinting as she adjusted to the light. The now awoken Marceline focused on Siegfried now. "What the heck is going on here?" she asked, blinking and looking down to the defeated Lua'hoo.
  177. ".. What, do you have beef with this guy now, or something?"
  178. (Marceline)
  179. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  181. [21:11] With his novice magic and a clear lack of anything closely resembling the desire to bring harm to others, coupled with his underdeveloped and childish frame, it really didn't take Siegfried much at all to beat the everloving shit out of Lua'hoo, the boy struck repeatedly and ruthlessly until he was collapsed beside the bench where he had began.
  183. "Wh-..." He began, his lips quivering in truth, sincere sadness, unsure as to exactly what he might have done wrong. "Why are you being so m-mean to me?" He says with shaky, sobbing breaths. He hurt all over, but more than that, he thought Siegfried might have been his friend.
  185. Lua'hoo didn't really have any friends. And now he knew that was the case with absolute certain. And to show that, be began to cry. A loud, wailing, tearflooding, childish cry. He was just a lonely kid who wanted to feel included, and now he was being bullied without any real understanding as to why. Crying out in anguish was the only solution the young Sarradian could think of.
  186. (Lua'hoo)
  187. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  189. [21:24] 'Nothing to me, maggot, trash standing in my way...'
  191. Siegfried looks between Lua'hoo, and Marceline, and back. His encounter with the occultist in the woods is still prominent in his mind, as well as his verbal altercations as of late with Illona, with Taiga...
  193. 'You seem kind of stupid...'
  195. In a single second that stretched on for what felt, internally, like hours, Siegfried could have gone either way. He could have explained the situation to Marceline, apologized to Lua'hoo, and made it up to him. There were a number of things that could have happened here, a variety of alternate situations and possible resolutions.
  197. And yet, instead?
  199. He's off in a flash, springing from a treetop onto a building, and then, from there, scurrying off in a display of magically-aided parkour. Communication between them wouldn't be happening - atleast not today, it seemed, not unless Marceline was going to go through the excessive hassle of pursuing him - which seemed quite unlikely.
  201. But something for Lua' to think about, a possibility that could mean anything, everything, or nothing at all, Siegfried leaves something behind. A remnant of someone he could no longer be, left either intentionally or not.
  203. Who knew if he and Lua'hoo had ever been friends? Regardless, it was up to him what to do with the fishing rod that now lied where there'd been an angry boy.
  204. (Siegfried)
  205. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  207. [21:24] {Item} You drop Valmasian Mana Rifle.
  208. [21:28] Lua'hoo simply sits there, and cries, lamenting his woes and pains with such intensity he was blinded by the veil of tears as Siegfried made a hasty exit. It would be a bit before he eventually calmed enough from his loud wailing enough to realize he was alone, his breathing, shaky, but slowly coming back under his control, tears still pouring from his eyes.
  210. "Huh?" Is the first noise the stupid child makes, spotting the rod left on the ground. Did Siegfried leave this, he wondered? Sniffling, the Sarradian picks it up, uncertain why anyone would leave a perfectly good fishing rod behind. Despite his now mixed feelings on the goggled teen, he picks up the rod all the same, inspecting it and deciding that, for now, he'd hold onto the thing.
  212. Maybe he could put it to better use than its former owner, regardless of how simple he may have been. Between Taiga, Siegfried, and a few other individuals of Levengard, Lua'hoo was growing uncertain. Did he really belong in a place like this? Could he adapt to it all? With a shrug, he figures it was too early to tell.
  213. (Lua'hoo)
  214. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  216. [21:30] Marceline had no intention of stopping Siegfried as he fled from the scene of the crime, nor did she plan to testify against him if this Lua'hoo guy pressed charges. This fairy was only a snitch when it benefitted her, and this kind of behavior exhibited by Siegfried was somewhat intriguing.
  218. Though, she was now left alone with the loser of the battle. The Sarradian was wailing, covered in snot and tears. Not the kind of thing that Marceline usually had the patience to deal with. She might have had empathy as an ability, but she wasn't an empathic person.
  220. "Oh my God, shut up. Get over it. You're being so annoying right now." Marceline insensitively griped towards the poor blue haired fellow, descending to float in front of the kid's face. "So, what was the deal with all of that? What'd you do to piss him off?" she asked.
  221. (Marceline)
  222. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  224. [22:01] Marceline says, "Oh, hey Siegfried."
  225. [22:02] Siegfried says, "..."
  226. [22:04] The boy eyes the fairy who'da approached and greeted him warily, eyes shifting to her while he otherwise remained entirely still. For a few brief seconds, this remains the case, until his mouth inevitably parts.
  228. "Bored or something, Marceline?"
  229. (Siegfried)
  230. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  232. [22:07] "Always." Marceline replied with an unamused expression. She got her thrills from things that didn't happen everyday in a peaceful settlement. This was the most interesting thing to happen all day, so she decided to pursue Siegfried.
  234. "What was that back there, anyway?" she asked.
  235. (Marceline)
  236. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  238. [22:12] Siegfried shrugs. He doesn't want to explain himself, not now, and possibly not ever. He walks past Marceline again.
  240. "I'll talk to you about it later. I need to find Noel."
  242. And then he wanders out of the place.
  243. (Siegfried)
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