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  1. 06[20:46] * Alcyone heads into the guild hall, looking for Ser Isthebossoftheguilds. That guy.
  2. [20:50] <~Paradox> You find Ronald, Ser Abelar's assistant, who escorts you to the meeting room with a wordless sneer. Tere's hot tea and sweet cakes.
  3. 06[20:51] * Alcyone beams. Someone knows how to entertain. She pours tea for Brandt and gets Joy, Lutefisk, and Gladius some cakes.
  4. [20:54] <~Paradox> Ser Abelar comes in a few minutes later, and sits down at the head of the table. He completely ignores your OMNOMING pokemon.
  5. [20:54] <~Paradox> "Miss Alcyone. Good morning."
  6. [20:54] <Alcyone> "Good morning! I hope you slept well?"
  7. 06[20:54] * Alcyone :D
  8. [20:54] <~Paradox> "I have slept quite well. One Dr. Van Der Woels however, has not slept well at all."
  9. [20:55] <Alcyone> "...But I needed to get permission and information from you. We need to meet with the local wildlings to inquire about -"
  10. 01[20:55] <Dr_Floyd> (D:)
  11. [20:55] <Alcyone> "...Wait, did something happen to Dr. Floyd?"
  12. 03[20:55] * Kit is now known as Hau
  13. [20:56] <~Paradox> "He's in our clinic missing a literal arm and leg. I've asked Miss Holloway to work on some replacement parts for him."
  14. [20:56] <Alcyone> "...Oh dear. I'll have to visit him later." Alcyone D:s
  15. [20:56] <Alcyone> "Thank you for telling me, Ser...Abelar."
  16. [20:58] <~Paradox> "Quite. Anyway, you were saying something wildlings?"
  17. [20:59] <Alcyone> "Yes. I need to make a visit to the local wildling village to consult a shaman regarding an item we found in the ruins. I'd rather not cause a diplomatic incident, so if you could give me some pointers, I'd appreciate it."
  18. 06[20:59] * Alcyone is all SRS BSNS for once.
  19. 01[21:00] <Dr_Floyd> (Bob's friend?)
  20. [21:00] <Mr_Bob> (I don't know her personally.)
  21. [21:01] <~Paradox> "As long as you don't start ransacking their town, I think you should be okay. Both of the villages here on the island are relatively friendly, although the Scarfeather villagers are quite proud. Don't insult their warriors."
  22. 01[21:01] <Dr_Floyd> (ah, i thought it was the candy bar dude)
  23. [21:01] <Alcyone> "All right. Thank you, sir."
  24. [21:02] <Alcyone> "I'll be sure to pass on the word to the others, though I imagine they've been here longer than I have."
  25. 06[21:04] * Alcyone gets up, and gives a little curtsy.
  26. [21:04] <Alcyone> "Come on, everyone~"
  27. 06[21:06] * Alcyone heads out and then goes to check on Floyd!
  28. [21:09] <~Paradox> You make your way to the clinic. You walk into a strange sight; Floyd seems to have JUST been fitted with new robolimbs, and is testing them out. Aileen of Clan Redblade is standing there, looking tired. "The prosthetics are going to feel heavier than your normal limbs, and you'll feel like they're reacting slower ... but eventually your body will learn to mostly compensate for this."
  29. [21:09] <~Paradox> "You just have to keep using them."
  30. 01[21:10] <Dr_Floyd> "Oh vell, at least i 'ave not to pay for zem."
  31. 01[21:10] <Dr_Floyd> "It'd cost me an arm and a leg! Ha ha ha!"
  32. 06[21:10] * Alcyone very nearly turns and walks out again, but then decides to just chalk it up to shock.
  33. [21:11] <Alcyone> "Doctor, how are you feeling?"
  34. 01[21:11] <Dr_Floyd> "Not very vell, my dear. You see, i can't feel my left arm and leg." Floyd chuckles to himself.
  35. [21:12] <Alcyone> "I, er, I'm sorry to hear that." Alcyone looks a bit uncomfortable.
  36. 01[21:13] <Dr_Floyd> "Ah, at leest i live, eh? Nothing better zan zat."
  37. [21:14] <~Paradox> "Well, I'll let you two catch up~Aileen smiles, and walks out of the room, her shoulder bumping slightly into Alcyone.
  38. 01[21:14] <Dr_Floyd> "Now, how vere are ze rest of ze group?"
  39. [21:14] <~Paradox> "*
  40. [21:14] <Alcyone> "That's true. Did Miss Aileen assist -"
  41. 06[21:14] * Alcyone turns and manages to get out "thankyouifyoudid" before Aileen is completely gone.
  42. [21:14] <Alcyone> "I was hoping we'd all meet up today - I've been busy working on a paper and haven't managed to keep track of everyone else."
  43. 01[21:16] <Dr_Floyd> "Ah, speaking of zat! I 'ave somezing to show you zat i cobbled out of nozing a few days ago!"
  44. [21:16] <Alcyone> "Oh?"
  45. 01[21:17] <Dr_Floyd> "Remember ze fossil i 'ave found on ze catacombs? Vell, i 'ave designed a vay of reviving 'im!"
  46. [21:17] <Alcyone> "That...are you sure?"
  47. 01[21:18] <Dr_Floyd> "Vell, zere ees only one vay to be sure and eet ees to see if my 'test' vas successful. Being unconscious 'ere sure strained my ability to do proper testing!"
  48. [21:19] <~Paradox> 1d20
  49. [21:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 14 [1d20=14]
  50. [21:19] <Alcyone> "I can go check for you if you'd like?"
  51. 01[21:20] <Dr_Floyd> "Zat could vork. But speak of ze paper you are planning to release first."
  52. [21:20] <~Paradox> (does Floyd know about that? IC I mean?)
  53. [21:21] <Alcyone> (I just mentioned I was working on a paper)
  54. [21:21] <Alcyone> (so yes)
  55. [21:21] <~Paradox> (oh. derp. :I )
  56. [21:21] <Alcyone> (:3c)
  57. [21:21] <~Paradox> ( I AM DISTRACTED BY PM SHENANIGANS my bad )
  58. [21:21] <Alcyone> "Right now, I'm writing about the catacombs we found. I'd like to get a little more information on them from the Wildlings later. Speaking of, when do you think you'll be up and about again?"
  59. 01[21:22] <Dr_Floyd> "Hmm, i did studied about ze catacombs for a vhile."
  60. [21:23] <Alcyone> "I thought that was the first time you'd been there?"
  61. 01[21:23] <Dr_Floyd> "Zere vere rumours zat ze feerst Imperial colonists fought ze natives zere, vhich is strange, since zere vere no traces of zem vhen ve explored eet."
  62. [21:24] <Alcyone> "This is true." Alcyone looks thoughtful.
  63. 01[21:24] <Dr_Floyd> "Old books, AND i vent zere a second time. Zat's 'ow i 'ad my accident, hehehe."
  64. [21:26] <Alcyone> "You went there by yourself?"
  65. [21:26] <Alcyone> "...After how we barely got back on our own together?"
  66. 06[21:27] * Alcyone leans in closer.
  67. 01[21:29] <Dr_Floyd> "Not ze best of ze ideas, eh?"
  68. [21:29] <Alcyone> 1d20 broombitchslap
  69. [21:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Alcyone, broombitchslap: 6 [1d20=6]
  70. [21:29] <Alcyone> (do you have any dex mod :3c)
  71. [21:30] <~Paradox> Alcyone hits the just-crippled old man.
  72. 01[21:30] <Dr_Floyd> (Nope)
  73. [21:30] <Alcyone> "YOU IDIOT."
  74. [21:31] <Alcyone> 4d10+5
  75. [21:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Alcyone, 4d10+5: 15 [4d10=4,1,4,1]
  76. [21:31] <Alcyone> (ahaha)
  77. [21:31] <~Paradox> (FORTY ONE FORTY ONE)
  78. 06[21:31] * Dr_Floyd stays silent after being slapped. "Vell, zat vas unladylike."
  79. [21:31] <Alcyone> "What on earth made you think going out on your own was a good idea, especially considering how we all yelled at Connor for just that? You're lucky you came back at all!"
  80. [21:33] <Alcyone> "....Why couldn't you have gone and got one of us - any one of us? We've got to stick together."
  81. 06[21:33] * Alcyone looks down.
  82. 01[21:34] <Dr_Floyd> "...Yes, it vas rash of my part." Floyd nods and lowers his hat over his face in embarassment.
  83. [21:35] <Alcyone> "...Well, what's done is done, and yelling at you isn't going to solve things. Just remember that we're a team now, all right? I'll go see if your experiment worked."
  84. 01[21:36] <Dr_Floyd> "I apologize for making you vorry, Fräulein, but i zink zat i can be avaiable for exploration today."
  85. [21:37] <Alcyone> "...Are you sure?"
  86. [21:39] <Alcyone> "More importantly, do the doctors here agree?"
  87. 01[21:39] <Dr_Floyd> "Zey are crocks, herr Vyl can attest for me." Floyd whispers to Alcyone.
  88. [21:41] <Alcyone> "Well, I'll talk to him when I see him." Alcyone does not look convinced.
  89. 01[21:42] <Dr_Floyd> "Und ze Redguard mädchen said i do need to use my limbs."
  90. [21:43] <Alcyone> "That means taking walks in the town square, not going into battle!"
  91. 01[21:44] <Dr_Floyd> "Vell, battle EES ze best excercise zere ees! Hyaha!"
  92. [21:44] <Alcyone> "
  93. 06[21:44] * Alcyone sighs. "I'll ask Wyl for his opinon when I see him, all right?"
  94. 06[21:45] * Dr_Floyd nods and reclines back on the bed. "Suit yourself zen, fräulein."
  95. [21:46] <Alcyone> "...See you in a bit."
  96. 06[21:46] * Alcyone heads off for Floyd's house!
  97. [21:47] <~Paradox> Alcyone makes it to Floyd's house with no trouble! The front door is even unlocked.
  98. 06[21:49] * Alcyone goes in and starts looking for his fossil whatever.
  99. [21:50] <~Paradox> Alcyone finds said machine, but can't make heads or tails of it. You see the fossil in it though! It's still just a fossil though
  100. [21:50] <~Paradox> (can we move this along? I feel bad for making Wyl and Bob just wait)
  101. [21:51] <Alcyone> (sure)
  102. [21:51] <Alcyone> (timeskip is good)
  103. 01[21:51] <Dr_Floyd> (:< fuck)
  104. [21:52] <~Paradox> AND SO Alcyone gathers everyone in the Explorer's Guild, in Floyd's room.
  105. 06[21:53] * Dr_Floyd waves at the group with the prothestic arm.
  106. 06[21:54] * Alcyone siiiighs.
  107. [21:57] <Mr_Bob> (wait, so where are we? @_@ guild or floyd's room)
  108. [21:57] <~Paradox> (Floyd's room in the clinic, which is in the guild)
  109. [21:58] <Mr_Bob> "well, I see I wasn't the only on with a run in with something big n' nasty."
  110. 06[21:58] * Brick slaps Floyd on the shoulder
  111. 01[21:59] <Dr_Floyd> (The fake or the real?)
  112. [21:59] <Brick> (real)
  113. [21:59] <Brick> "Looks like you got into quite a mess eh?"
  114. 06[22:00] * Wyl arrives a little late, looking a bit tired and worn down; but that is undone when he sees the state Floyd is in.
  115. [22:00] <Wyl> "The hell...?"
  116. 01[22:00] <Dr_Floyd> "Eh, it vas a strange accident, just zat."
  117. [22:01] <Alcyone> "I thought he'd talked to you?" Alcyone looks a little frazzled.
  118. 01[22:01] <Dr_Floyd> "A reminder not to vander on ze marsh alone! Bwa ha ha!"
  119. 06[22:01] * Brick chuckles
  120. [22:02] <Wyl> "...Who talked to me?"
  121. [22:03] <Alcyone> "Floyd said you said he was good to go."
  122. 06[22:03] * Alcyone rubs at her temples.
  123. 01[22:04] <Dr_Floyd> "I said 'e can attest i'm okay, but not zat it vould not be now."
  124. 01[22:04] <Dr_Floyd> "Now, doutor Wyl, think me not fit for fieldvork?"
  125. 06[22:07] * Wyl looks him over. "When did this happen? -How- did this happen?"
  126. 01[22:08] <Dr_Floyd> "As i said, a reminder not to vander on ze marsh alone! Quite a ferocious Krookodile it vas! I actually zoughz zat i vould die zat hour, hahaha!"
  127. [22:09] <Wyl> "... When did it happen? How long ago were you given your new limbs?"
  128. 06[22:09] * Wyl has Srs Business face
  129. 01[22:11] <Dr_Floyd> "Ah, someone from ze Redblade clan 'elped me install. Quite a nice mädchen she vas."
  130. [22:12] <Wyl> "Doctor, this isn't a difficult question, but I clearly need to ask it for a third time: How long ago did you recieve your new limbs?"
  131. 01[22:14] <Dr_Floyd> "Zis morning, but vhy...?"
  132. [22:16] <Wyl> "Do you actually expect me to believe you're going to be a fifth as capable on the field, when you've hardly spent a day with your new limbs? Not only that, but your lighthearted joking about this situation makes me question your mental health and reliability as well."
  133. 06[22:16] * Wyl crosses his arms sternly.
  134. 06[22:17] * Mr_Bob a crumpling sound is heard, a very annoying sound, like the sound the new Sun Chips bags make...
  135. 06[22:17] * Dr_Floyd stares at Wyl with a venomous look on his eyes. "Vell, maybe i should show you 'ow fit i am, boy."
  136. [22:17] <Alcyone> "I think it's a whatchamacalit."
  137. [22:17] <Alcyone> "A coping mechanism."
  138. [22:19] <Mr_Bob> (crumple crumple crumple)
  139. 06[22:19] * Alcyone turns to stare at Bob.
  140. 06[22:20] * Mr_Bob notices the stare, as he nibbles on a candy bar guiltily. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out 3 more. "candy, anyone?"
  141. [22:20] <Alcyone> "Thanks."
  142. [22:20] <Wyl> "Go ahead, doctor," Wyl nods. "I know Aileen does good work but that's only half the equation, and I'd like to see if you think you're capable of pulling the weight your ego says you still can."
  143. 06[22:20] * Alcyone takes one and stares it curiously.
  144. 06[22:20] * Brick claims a candy
  145. [22:21] <~Paradox> ( > Wyl and Floyd fight. > Everyone else eats candy )
  146. [22:21] <Wyl> ( :3c )
  147. [22:22] <Alcyone> (:3c)
  148. [22:22] <Alcyone> "Fortunately, I don't think we're doing anything too strenuous today; I just want to talk to the Wildlings."
  149. 01[22:22] <Dr_Floyd> ( :3c )
  150. [22:22] <Alcyone> "If that's all right with everyone else?" Munch munch.
  151. [22:22] <Mr_Bob> (what's better is Paradox didn't tell me what these taste like, just assumed Bob likes them)
  152. [22:23] <Alcyone> (they're probably made of bugs or something :3c)
  153. 06[22:23] * Dr_Floyd just shrugs again, his father turning fatherly again. "Oh vell, if ve are just taking a hike i zink zat i can do eet, eh?"
  154. 01[22:23] <Dr_Floyd> *voice turning
  155. 01[22:23] <Dr_Floyd> (derp derp derp fuck)
  156. [22:23] <Mr_Bob> "I took the route earlier this week, to jog my memory," on nom nom, "I got attacked by a corrupted sawsbuck, told Wyl about that. Earlier this week."
  157. [22:24] <Alcyone> (aha)
  158. [22:24] <Alcyone> "You went out on your own too?"
  159. [22:24] <Alcyone> "We really should stick together if we go too far out of town."
  160. [22:24] <Mr_Bob> "so I wouldn't roll out it bein' not even a little risky. Not to mention the teddiursa incident." (hear a nurse drop a metal pan of sorts in the background at the mention of it)
  161. 01[22:24] <Dr_Floyd> "You had better luck it seems. Ha ha ha ha!"
  162. [22:24] <Mr_Bob> "aye, luckily I bested the creature."
  163. 06[22:25] * Wyl sighs. "Alright. Can I get a promise from everyone then to -not- pick fights? It's not too hard to get there and back safely but I don't really want to end up the enemy of Wildlings."
  164. [22:25] <Mr_Bob> "well luckily, Wyl, being on one tribe's shit list doesn't totally rule you out," he holds up his hand, showing his scorupi tatoo on the back of his left hand.
  165. [22:27] <Mr_Bob> "old friend of mine, same guy I got the candy from, tells me the current shaman in Veilbeak village is pretty laxxed."
  166. [22:27] <Alcyone> "I know I'm going to be on my best behavior. From what I understand, the tribe is pretty easygoing, but we shouldn't make fun of their warriors or loot their houses or anything."
  167. [22:27] <Alcyone> "Everyone okay with that?"
  168. 06[22:27] * Wyl turns to Brick and Floyd, most concerned with them about that.
  169. 06[22:27] * Brick twiddles his thumbs and whistles
  170. [22:28] <Mr_Bob> "you be confused, Alcyone, that's the scarfeathers. We're goin' to veilbeak."
  171. 01[22:28] <Dr_Floyd> "...Vhere did you got ze loot part? I'm a gentleman, not a barbarian!"
  172. [22:28] <Mr_Bob> "or at least I think we should go to veilbeak first."
  173. [22:28] <Alcyone> "Good idea."
  174. 06[22:28] * Mr_Bob more interested in his candy than Wyl and his stares.
  175. 06[22:28] * Alcyone nods.
  176. 06[22:29] * Mr_Bob on nom nom
  177. [22:29] <Alcyone> "Is everyone ready to head out?"
  178. [22:30] <Mr_Bob> "aye, I suggest we get movin' before the bears start roamin'."
  179. [22:30] <Brick> "OK!"
  180. 06[22:30] * Brick jumps up
  181. 06[22:30] * Alcyone gathers her things and ROLL OUT
  182. 06[22:30] * Dr_Floyd puts his hat back on and grabs his cane and pokeballs. "Oy vey, 'ere ve go!"
  183. [22:30] <~Paradox> The Light Company, finally gathered up, rolls out towards the Veilbeak villag.e
  184. 06[22:30] * Wyl less than enthusiastically gets to work
  185. [22:31] <Alcyone> "So what did everyone else do on their week off?"
  186. [22:31] <~Paradox> Wyl expertly leads you lot through the wilderness, avoiding any major trouble.
  187. [22:32] <Mr_Bob> "the sawsbuck event left my buddies pretty winded," nods to Lebowski, who is sitting on his shoulder. "outside of that, nothing aside from picking up a new weapon from Miss Flora. She seemed a little peppier than normal this week."
  188. [22:32] <Brick> "I wrastled a ponyta. Was fun"
  189. 06[22:32] * Wyl does not answer. He seems to be in a somewhat foul mood for the trek.
  190. [22:33] <Mr_Bob> "how do you wrestle a pony?"
  191. 01[22:33] <Dr_Floyd> "Despite being mauled? Vell, i caught another addition for my research team. Zis time not a mother."
  192. [22:33] <Mr_Bob> "did you like, tackle it and try to pin it?"
  193. [22:34] <Brick> "Exactly"
  194. 01[22:34] <Dr_Floyd> (that phrase gets really creepy out of context)
  195. [22:34] <Brick> "Then I realized that I didn't have and balls, so I had to carry it back to town on my back and buy one at the market"
  196. 06[22:34] * Brick chuckles at teh memory
  197. [22:35] <Brick> "Good times... gooood times"
  198. [22:36] <Alcyone> "...Wyl?"
  199. [22:36] <Mr_Bob> "that is...okay, I think hands down had the most interesting weekend."
  200. [22:36] <Mr_Bob> you hands down*
  201. [22:37] <Brick> "Oh you haven't heard the half of it,"
  202. 01[22:38] <Dr_Floyd> "Quite a show of strength, Brick. Maybe i should 'ire you as a full-time bodyguard. Better protection zan any Pokémon!"
  203. 06[22:38] * Alcyone makes a funny sort of choking sound.
  204. 06[22:38] * Brick chuckles uncomfortably
  205. [22:41] <Mr_Bob> (inc teddiursa army from doxxy)
  206. [22:41] <Brick> (inb4 super effective to everything)
  207. [22:42] <Alcyone> "Hmm. Wylllllll?"
  208. 06[22:42] * Wyl looks back at Alcyone with a scowl on his face. "?"
  209. [22:43] <Alcyone> "What's wrong? You haven't said a word since we left."
  210. [22:43] <Mr_Bob> (thou mad)
  211. [22:43] <Brick> (thou furious)
  212. 01[22:43] <Dr_Floyd> (butt angry)
  213. [22:44] <Wyl> "Don't worry about it," Wyl shakes his head and resumes being the navigator.
  214. [22:44] <Alcyone> "But I am worried. D:"
  215. [22:45] <Mr_Bob> "Ain't do you no good to be in a sour mood when you're stuck with us all day," says Bob as he takes out a flask, "maybe you could use some of Mac's remedy to everything? hmmm?"
  216. [22:47] <Brick> "...and then I got this sweet armour for Kuro and snagged us a mission on Mankey island"
  217. [22:47] <Alcyone> "Mankey Island?"
  218. [22:47] <Brick> "Though I found out that I can't drionk much"
  219. 01[22:47] <Dr_Floyd> "A mission? 'ow fortutious!"
  220. [22:48] <Brick> "Hmm, yea mankey island"
  221. [22:48] <Brick> "We just waltz over there, see the sights, have some fun and report anything strange"
  222. [22:48] <Alcyone> "Sounds relaxing."
  223. 01[22:49] <Dr_Floyd> "But vat strange 'appenings should ve report?"
  224. [22:49] <Brick> "Yea, just think about all the mankey we can fight, It'll be great"
  225. [22:49] <Mr_Bob> (I declare prophet on Mankey Island? D:)
  226. [22:49] <Brick> *sparkle eyes*
  227. [22:50] <Mr_Bob> (oh yeah, doxxy died)
  228. 01[22:50] <Dr_Floyd> "...Und zat ees your definition of fun, no?"
  229. [22:50] <Brick> "Oh you know, anything unusuall, we will know when we see it" Brick waves it off
  230. 01[22:50] <Dr_Floyd> (Whoa what?)
  231. [22:50] <Brick> unusual*
  232. [22:50] <~Paradox> (I'm here, I'm just letting you guys chat :> )
  233. [22:50] <Mr_Bob> (are you for cerial floyd :S)
  234. [22:50] <Mr_Bob> (I was wondering if Bob knew anything about mankey island from Prophet)
  235. [22:50] <~Paradox> (nope)
  236. [22:50] <Brick> "Are you kidding em doc?! That is the height of entertainment!"
  237. [22:51] <Mr_Bob> "oh, on a side note..."
  238. [22:51] <Brick> "Being able to give your all to fight a single opponent "
  239. [22:51] <Mr_Bob> "if we're gonna be among wildlings, I guess I might as well tell you - they don't call me Bob, my name is..."
  240. 03[22:51] * Mr_Bob is now known as Bokor
  241. [22:51] <Bokor> "Bokor," he says this rather nonchalantly.
  242. 01[22:52] <Dr_Floyd> "Vell, zat is a strange name."
  243. [22:52] <Brick> "Comparing the strength of your soul in a contest of men"
  244. [22:52] <Brick> "It's almost perfect"
  245. 01[22:52] <Dr_Floyd> (I was talking about Doxxy being out, sorry.)
  246. [22:52] <Alcyone> "Bok-urrrrr?"
  247. [22:52] <Brick> "Ok Bob"
  248. [22:52] <Bokor> "bow core," he pronounces it.
  249. 01[22:53] <Dr_Floyd> "Bov-kowr?"
  250. [22:53] <Alcyone> "Bow-core. Okay."
  251. [22:53] <Bokor> "you outlanders and your odd pronunciasions," says Bokor with a chuckle
  252. 01[22:54] <Dr_Floyd> "Vatever you say, Bock-Horr!"
  253. 01[22:55] <Dr_Floyd> (I'm totally mispronunciate this word all the time)
  254. 01[22:55] <Dr_Floyd> (*gonna))
  255. [22:55] <Brick> (aw, then I can't do it)
  256. [22:55] <Bokor> (I thought the "okay bob" was funnier)
  257. [22:56] <Brick> "So where are we going again?"
  258. [22:56] <Alcyone> "The Veilbeak Wildling village. You WILL be on your best behavior."
  259. [22:56] <Bokor> "Veilbeak village. Big tradin' and fishin' village. Truthe be told we coulda taken a ferry out to the village if we had a boat."
  260. [22:56] <Brick> "IM ALWAYS ON MY BEST BEHAVIOR!"
  261. 06[22:56] * Brick shoots off a grin
  262. [22:57] <Bokor> "speakin' of behavior, I heard a funny rumor from Mac about you Brick."
  263. [22:57] <Brick> "Hrm?"
  264. [22:57] <Bokor> "something about a date and you getting extremely drunk."
  265. [22:57] <Brick> "Erg"
  266. 06[22:58] * Brick sweats bullets
  267. 01[22:58] <Dr_Floyd> "Quite a bachelor, eh?"
  268. 01[22:58] <Dr_Floyd> "Und vho vas ze girl?"
  269. 06[22:58] * Bokor laughs, knowing this confrims everything he heard.
  270. [22:58] <Brick> "YEA SO! I'LL BE SCOUTING AHEAD! LEt'S GO KURO!"
  271. 06[22:58] * Brick launches off
  272. [22:59] <Alcyone> "Briiiick"
  273. 06[22:59] * Bokor turns to floyd, "ask the local barkeep about it, it's a pretty good story."
  274. 01[23:00] <Dr_Floyd> "Vill make sure of it, Herr Bawk-hour."
  275. [23:01] <Alcyone> "How much longer until we get there, Wyl?"
  276. [23:01] <~Paradox> Brick launches on ahead of Wyl over the hill, and is the first to see Veilbeak village.
  277. [23:02] <Bokor> "let's just say there was a reason I mentioned the smithy's mood earlier; seems ol' Brick didn't catch my drift."
  278. [23:02] <~Paradox> It's more like a bunch of boats, rafts, and floating docks connected by various wooden planks, with boats occasionally joining or detaching.
  279. 06[23:03] * Brick stops before entering the town and waits for the others
  280. [23:03] <Alcyone> "Oooh. I'd love to live on a boat."
  281. 06[23:03] * Alcyone hurries to catch up.
  282. [23:03] <Bokor> (>>living. boats)
  283. 01[23:04] <Dr_Floyd> "Vat a vhole." Floyd mumbles while following the others into the town.
  284. 06[23:04] * Bokor this comment makes Bokor frown briefly, he quickly hides it.
  285. 01[23:04] <Dr_Floyd> *hole
  286. 03[23:04] * DamienLunas ( has joined #PoketrianOdyssey
  287. [23:04] <Alcyone> (you've never heard of a houseboat?)
  288. 06[23:05] * Wyl sighs and overlooks the village as he catches up to the rushing brick.
  289. [23:05] <Bokor> (it's backstory related, Doxxy probably got it.)
  290. [23:05] <~Paradox> (I GOT IT)
  291. [23:05] <Alcyone> (oh :3c)
  292. 06[23:05] * Alcyone catches up a few minutes later.
  293. [23:06] <~Paradox> The village is bustling. There's lots of wildling kids running around. There's duckletts EVERYWHERE, and a few Swanna, too.
  294. 06[23:06] * Bokor enters town with a general sense of direction and familiarity, only looking around for familiar faces.
  295. [23:06] <~Paradox> There's a dock that connects to the shore as means of entry to the town.
  296. [23:06] <Bokor> "oh, I shoulda mentioned that earlier."
  297. [23:06] <Bokor> "Swanna are sacred to the people of this tribe."
  298. 06[23:07] * Brick reigns himself in from tackling one
  299. [23:07] <Alcyone> "They're really pretty."
  300. 06[23:07] * Alcyone sparkle sparkle sparkles.
  301. [23:07] <Brick> reins*
  302. 06[23:07] * Dr_Floyd tries not to scoff. Worshipping birds?
  303. [23:07] <Bokor> (oh god Brick)
  304. [23:07] <Bokor> (that wouldn't of ended well)
  305. [23:08] <Brick> ( I was actually mulling it over)
  306. [23:08] <Alcyone> (be on your best behavior :I)
  307. [23:08] <Bokor> "each tribe has a bird they worship. rivalries spark up because of it as well, sort of a funny relationship."
  308. [23:08] <Brick> (I AM! I didn't punch it or anything)
  309. 01[23:09] <Dr_Floyd> (Kinda late to say that lol)
  310. 01[23:10] <Dr_Floyd> "Und zere are vars? To see if ze Pidgeot is better zan ze Swanna? Zere are tiers of Gods too?"
  311. 06[23:10] * Bokor being a wildling, navigates the streets in search of a temple. While he's not of this tribe, he reckons he'll know it when he sees it.
  312. [23:10] <Bokor> "I...actually don't know if they have a rival tribe, but the scarfeathers worship Bravaries."
  313. 06[23:11] * Wyl follows the group into town, no longer being navigator in favour of Bob; he's still quiet.
  314. 06[23:11] * Brick follows Bobkor
  315. [23:11] <Alcyone> (I told him to be on his best behavior before)
  316. 06[23:11] * Alcyone follows Brick.
  317. [23:11] <Bokor> "my own tribe had one with our neighboring tribe; we worshiped the mandibuz, our rival tribe the honchcrow"
  318. [23:12] <~Paradox> There's not so much a Temple as the Seer's Boat; you recognize it because of all the live Swanna sitting on it, as well as the big wooden one.
  319. 01[23:12] <Dr_Floyd> "Interesting." Floyd mulls for a white while following Bokor among the streets.
  320. [23:12] <Bokor> "oh, there she is."
  321. [23:12] <~Paradox> It's the boat right in the middle, everything else seems to be radiating around it.
  322. [23:12] <Bokor> "you got the dagger on you, right Alycone?"
  323. [23:12] <Brick> "That looks interesting"
  324. [23:14] <~Paradox> A tiny old lady is sitting on the boat, feeding the Swanna. She looks quite old, even older than Bob.
  325. [23:14] <Alcyone> "Mmm."
  326. [23:14] <~Paradox> She sees you approaching, and waves a tiny hand.
  327. 06[23:14] * Bokor approaches with a slowed pace, knowing he's entering a hallowed place. He returns a wave.
  328. 01[23:15] <Dr_Floyd> "Und she ees?"
  329. [23:15] <Bokor> (I forgot her name D:)
  330. [23:15] <~Paradox> She turns, and walks inside the boat's cabin.
  331. 06[23:15] * Alcyone bows deeply before cautiously stepping onto the boat.
  332. [23:15] <~Paradox> (Veilmother Mara~)
  333. [23:15] <Bokor> "she be Veilmother Mara, the head shaman of this village."
  334. 01[23:16] <Dr_Floyd> "Und she can geeve us ze origins of ze knife, eh?"
  335. 06[23:16] * Bokor stands before her, then bows, "hail, Veilmother, I am Bokor, an exiled shaman of the Skullnest Tribe."
  336. [23:17] <Bokor> "I stand before you in request for some insight."
  337. [23:17] <~Paradox> She chuckles, amused.
  338. 06[23:17] * Brick bows to her, his fist pressed against his palm
  339. [23:18] <~Paradox> "No need for such displays with me. Please, just call me Mara, and stop with the bowing or I'll hit the back of your head."
  340. [23:18] <Bokor> "I can appreciate that," says Bob with a chuckle.
  341. [23:18] <~Paradox> "What is it that you need?"
  342. [23:18] <Bokor> "Forgive me, my own people were a bit more...uptight I should say on formalities."
  343. [23:19] <Alcyone> "Madam Mara, I am Alcyone di Cimeries of the explorers' team Light Company. We found an item in the ruins that we believe is too dangerous to remain there, but we do not know what to do with it."
  344. 06[23:19] * Alcyone presents the knife, still tightly wrapped up.
  345. [23:20] <Bokor> "I am actually not the leader of this gathering; I'm an employee of the foreigner's guild in Ivyhollow, and the madam here," he gestures to Alcyone, "is my boss, you could say. I think she deserves the honor of explaining the situation."
  346. [23:21] <~Paradox> She :/s, and takes the bundle casually, but her demeanor changes quickly once she opens it up and sees what's inside it.
  347. [23:21] <~Paradox> "Oh my ... this is a wicked thing. I've heard about it of course, the Knife of Urmaresheron."
  348. [23:21] <Bokor> "Aye, the spirit we found it with mentioned the deity. It is not one I know."
  349. [23:24] <Bokor> (by the way, Brick, please tell me your gloves aren't on)
  350. [23:24] <Brick> (uhhh >_>)
  351. [23:24] <Bokor> (cause the last thing we need is you burning her houseboat down.)
  352. [23:24] <Brick> (always)
  353. [23:24] <Brick> (BUT I DIDNT TOUCH NUFFIN D:)
  354. [23:24] <~Paradox> "Urmaresheron ... it was said he was a malevolent spirit, but away by the champions of many tribes in an age past. The Fiends of Urmaresheron ... that tribe was originally created to guard the sealed spirit, it is said, but soon began using its power, while keeping it asleep ..."
  355. [23:24] <Bokor> (that's gotta have a CHA penalty xD)
  356. [23:25] <Brick> (more like CHA BOOST!)
  357. [23:26] <Alcyone> "That seems...contrary. What do you mean?"
  358. [23:26] <Bokor> "The spirit we encountered...claimed something similar, but yes, his words wern't clear."
  359. 01[23:26] <Dr_Floyd> (What's more charming than a man with burning hands?)
  360. [23:27] <Bokor> (man with hands made of MONEY)
  361. [23:27] <Brick> (I mean, can you just imagine the massages?)
  362. [23:27] <~Paradox> She shakes her head. "Child, even for me ... this was long, long ago. I'm afraid I don't know all of the details. The tribe were known mostly for the sacrifices they made, of course... Sometimes people would willingly become sacrifices; more often, slaves won at war with other tribes would be offered."
  363. [23:27] <~Paradox> (man with hands made of CHOCOLATE MONEY)
  364. [23:27] <Brick> (I would be the most popular guy at the spa)
  365. [23:28] <Brick> (definately taking massage therapist at 25)
  366. [23:28] <~Paradox> "They wanted to keep Urmaresheron sealed, prevent his reign of terror over the land, but sought to appease him, too, by offering him souls, and gaining power from this bargain. That is what is said, anyway."
  367. [23:29] <Alcyone> "How awful."
  368. [23:29] <~Paradox> "And the knife ... supposedly, once a hundred souls of those sacrificed by the knife were finally accepted ... well, the legends are unclear."
  369. [23:29] <Bokor> "hm, hundred..."
  370. 01[23:29] <Dr_Floyd> "Blind faith fueling 'atred. Nozing new."
  371. [23:29] <Bokor> "the spirit claimed it had 997, with a goal of 1000"
  372. [23:30] <~Paradox> (derp, yes, retcon, a thoushand)
  373. [23:31] <~Paradox> "Either Urmaresheron would awaken once more to lead them, or it would be killed forever. Contractions again! Who knows..."
  374. [23:31] <Wyl> (>Contractions)
  375. [23:31] <Wyl> (You... you mean Contradictions, right?)
  376. [23:32] <~Paradox> (... yes)
  377. [23:32] <Bokor> (it's funnier the first way)
  378. [23:32] <Bokor> ("OH MY HIP")
  379. [23:32] <~Paradox> ( Did I mention I had to wake up early this morning to go to a lumberyard? :B )
  380. [23:35] <~Paradox> She shakes her head, and wraps up the knife again. "I would not worry about this thing, child, it is a wicked instrument, but it is but a relic. The Fiends of Urmaresheron plague the land no more. Such is time."
  381. [23:36] <Alcyone> "...It is true that they do not, but perhaps if someone else were to come upon it..."
  382. 06[23:36] * Bokor scratches his chin in puzzlement. "lead us back to our origenal problem though, what to do with it..."
  383. 06[23:36] * Dr_Floyd only shakes his head. "And on vat is zat based..." he mumbles.
  384. [23:38] <~Paradox> "If you are worried about this falling into the wrong hands, you could entrust it to me. Or simply hide it. It does not matter."
  385. [23:40] <Brick> "Why not destroy it?"
  386. 06[23:40] * Brick cracks his knuckles
  387. [23:40] <Alcyone> "I understand, Madam Mara."
  388. 01[23:41] <Dr_Floyd> "Zat is quite a good question, young Brick."
  389. [23:43] <~Paradox> "Destroy it? Hmm, well, I do not believe it is a danger anymore, but ... destroying an item like this could have .. consequences. I would be hesitant to do such a thing."
  390. [23:43] <Bokor> (maybe we have to cast it into the fires of Mount Mankey)
  391. [23:44] <Brick> (from whence it was forged)
  392. [23:44] <Alcyone> "I believe I will continue to hold onto it, at least for now. I should be able to keep it safe."
  393. 06[23:44] * Alcyone bows again out of reflex.
  394. [23:45] <~Paradox> She bops you on the back of the head with surprising agility.
  395. [23:45] <~Paradox> "I told you, no bowing!"
  396. [23:45] <Alcyone> "Ow! Sorry, I forgot. ;~;"
  397. [23:46] <Bokor> "my only additional question, Mara, is what kind of creature was this Urmaresheron? What did they describe him as lookin' like?"
  398. [23:47] <~Paradox> "It was no creature, nothing that walked the land. It was a cruel spirit, who would steal the souls of others."
  399. 01[23:48] <Dr_Floyd> "Ze god of evil must be 'andsome, it seems zen."
  400. 06[23:48] * Bokor ponders this a bit
  401. [23:48] <Bokor> "thank you for your time, Mara. your advice was most helpful."
  402. 06[23:49] * Brick studies the swan things
  403. [23:50] <Alcyone> "Indeed. May you continue to be prosperous here."
  404. [23:50] <Alcyone> "...Also, is living on a boat as fun as it looks?"
  405. 06[23:50] * Alcyone can't resist :3c
  406. 06[23:50] * Bokor frowns again.
  407. [23:50] <~Paradox> ("Yeah it's pretty baller.")
  408. [23:50] <Alcyone> (ahahahahaha)
  409. [23:51] <~Paradox> She chuckles. "We like it. But I've only ever lived on a boat, so I'm afraid I can't make a good comparison..."
  410. 06[23:52] * Alcyone nodnodnods. :D
  411. [23:53] <Alcyone> "Thank you~"
  412. [23:53] <~Paradox> (listning to I'm on a boat now :B )
  413. [23:54] <Brick> (swanswanswanswanswan)
  414. [23:55] <Alcyone> (If you want a ducklett, ask her :B)
  415. [23:55] <~Paradox> The swan things ... well, they're just Swanna. Mostly they just stand around and eat or groom themselves.
  416. [23:55] <~Paradox> 1d100
  417. [23:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 42 [1d100=42]
  418. [23:55] <~Paradox> (ignore that~)
  419. [23:57] <Alcyone> "Is there anything else that anyone wants to do here before we head out?"
  420. [23:58] <Brick> (!Intense studying!)
  421. 06[23:58] * Bokor "shrugs, I can show ya the guy who sells those candybars, but not much else on the agenda."
  422. 01[23:58] <Dr_Floyd> "Ve are losing time 'ere." Floyd sighs.
  423. 06[23:59] * Brick attempts to sneak up on a swanna
  424. [23:59] <Alcyone> "Well, then, I guess we'd better head out. Thank you again, Madame Mara."
  425. 06[23:59] * Alcyone collects the knife, wraps it up again, and carefully steps off the boat.
  426. [23:59] <Bokor> (oh jesus what Brick)
  427. [23:59] <~Paradox> 1d20
  428. [23:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 14 [1d20=14]
  429. Session Time: Wed Apr 13 00:00:00 2011
  430. [00:00] <~Paradox> You succesfully sneak up on a Swanna. PLEASE don't jump on its back.
  431. [00:00] <Brick> (fiiiinee)
  432. [00:00] <Bokor> (give it a hug? :3)
  433. [00:00] <~Paradox> (a FIRE hug? D: )
  434. [00:00] <Bokor> (oh, on second thought, don't hug it)
  435. 06[00:00] * Brick studies the swanna from his closer vantage
  436. 01[00:01] <Dr_Floyd> (Well, that's going to be something!)
  437. [00:01] <Brick> (I'm not expecting anything from this, just having fun)
  438. [00:01] <Alcyone> (please don't have the kind of fun that will end badly for the rest of us)
  439. [00:02] <Brick> (okay.jpg)
  440. [00:02] <Brick> brb
  441. [00:02] <~Paradox> Well, it's just a swanna. You see .. feathers!?
  442. [00:02] <~Paradox> my god. feathers indeed.
  443. 01[00:02] <Dr_Floyd> (eh, i don't care if we are boned)
  444. 06[00:04] * Bokor grabs Brick by the nip of his hair and drags him back, "oh no you don't, we're goin' home"
  445. [00:05] <Brick> "OW OWOWOWOWOWOOW"
  446. [00:05] <Alcyone> "....Let's go."
  447. [00:06] <Bokor> (queue up Bob Seger, "Turn the Page")
  448. 01[00:06] <Dr_Floyd> "Leave ze boy 'ave fun."
  449. [00:06] <Brick> !
  450. 06[00:06] * Brick COUNTERS! with a tumble
  451. 06[00:07] * Wyl sighs, watching the antics.
  452. [00:07] <Brick> ...then remembers that bob is old ans sets him down carefully from it
  453. [00:07] <Bokor> (what's Brick's STR?)
  454. [00:07] <Brick> (20+5)
  455. [00:08] <Alcyone> (What I would give to be a hex maniac at this point)
  456. [00:08] <~Paradox> (Literally glare your team into submission?)
  457. [00:08] <Alcyone> (hypnosis, but yeah
  458. [00:08] <~Paradox> Wyl!
  459. [00:08] <~Paradox> Your pack...
  460. [00:08] <~Paradox> it's shaking!
  461. 01[00:09] <Dr_Floyd> (Whoa, egg hatch!)
  462. 06[00:09] * Alcyone WOULD LIKE A DISTRACTION YES
  463. 06[00:09] * Alcyone hurries over to Wyl
  464. [00:09] <Bokor> (I only got 14, you got 3 mods on me :()
  465. [00:09] <~Paradox> (also roll 1d317 again for me)
  466. 06[00:09] * Wyl almost doesn't notice; then sets about to opening up his pack. "...?"
  467. [00:09] <Bokor> (this will eventually lead to drunken arm wrestling though)
  468. [00:09] <Alcyone> (who)
  469. [00:09] <~Paradox> (Wyl)
  470. [00:10] <Brick> (brb brick punches anything that needs it)
  471. [00:13] <~Paradox> (D: ... )
  472. 06[00:14] * Wyl digs out the egg?
  473. [00:14] <~Paradox> (roll 1d317)
  474. [00:14] <Alcyone> (roll 1d317 for him)
  475. [00:15] <Wyl> 1d317 ?
  476. [00:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Wyl, ?: 221 [1d317=221]
  477. [00:16] <~Paradox> The egg in your hands shakes and shivers, and eventually cracks, as a small yellow peak pierces the shell.
  478. 01[00:16] <Dr_Floyd> (A chocobo!)
  479. [00:16] <Bokor> beak*?
  480. [00:16] <Wyl> "Oh... I guess it's finally awake," Wyl's frown finally turns upside-down~
  481. 06[00:17] * Alcyone leans in close. O:
  482. [00:17] <~Paradox> The small beak gives one final peck, shattering the top half of the eggshell.
  483. [00:17] <~Paradox> You hould in your hands a newly hatched Natu.
  484. 01[00:17] <Dr_Floyd> (ffffffff lucky bastard)
  485. [00:18] <Alcyone> (d'awwwwwwwwwwwww)
  486. 06[00:18] * Alcyone awwwwwwwwwwws.
  487. 06[00:18] * Wyl holds it very very carefully because BABY NATU ;-;
  488. [00:18] <~Paradox> 1d2
  489. [00:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
  490. [00:18] <~Paradox> Male!
  491. [00:18] <~Paradox> 1d3
  492. [00:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d3: 3 [1d3=3]
  493. [00:18] <Bokor> "ooooh," Bokor looks at it intently; his affinity for birds is a bit more obvious now
  494. [00:18] <Alcyone> "What are you going to name her?"
  495. [00:19] <~Paradox> Magic Bounce!
  496. [00:19] <~Paradox> Timid Nature
  497. 01[00:19] <Dr_Floyd> (
  498. 01[00:19] <Dr_Floyd> (:3)
  499. [00:19] <Alcyone> (>timid)
  500. [00:19] <Alcyone> (hnnnnnnngh)
  501. 01[00:20] <Dr_Floyd> "Vell, zat ees quite an adorable specimen." Floyd admits.
  502. [00:20] <~Paradox> Egg Moves: Refresh, Haze, Skill Swap, Roost
  503. [00:20] <~Paradox> (+6 to one stat, +4 to another)
  504. [00:21] <Alcyone> (THAT NATU)
  505. 06[00:21] * Wyl gently pats the top of its head, oh so softly
  506. [00:21] <Alcyone> "C-c-can I touch it?"
  507. [00:21] <Wyl> "Oh, I'm gonna have to thank Shell for you, you adorable little baby~"
  508. [00:21] <~Paradox> It chirps softly at your touch.
  509. 06[00:22] * Alcyone carefully holds out a hand (in b4 Alcyone gets bit).
  510. 06[00:22] * Wyl looks up to Alcyone. "Yes, but be careful 8O"
  511. 06[00:22] * Alcyone pat pat pats.
  512. [00:23] <~Paradox> The Natu .__.s as Alcyone touches it. Oh god who is this strange huge creature MOM HELP
  513. 06[00:23] * Alcyone pulls her hand away ;_;
  514. 06[00:23] * Wyl chuckles a little, and cuddles up the Natu to his chest. "I think we'll have to wait a bit to say hi... sorry, Alcyone~"
  515. [00:24] <Alcyone> "Oh well. Do you want to stop back and drop her off before we head off?"
  516. 06[00:25] * Wyl blinks. "I thought we were heading back to town anyway?"
  517. [00:25] <Alcyone> "I guess we should."
  518. [00:25] <Alcyone> "But what after that?"
  519. [00:26] <Wyl> "...Was there somewhere you wanted to head today?"
  520. [00:27] <Alcyone> "Well, we could continue exploring the marsh, or see if there are any jobs, or head to Mankey Island..."
  521. [00:27] <~Paradox> <Wyl! Hey Wyl!>
  522. [00:27] <~Paradox> (Wyl hears Namiera talking to him!)
  523. [00:27] <Bokor> "hm...job postings.."
  524. [00:27] <Bokor> "guess we should do what any adventurer does, find a tavern."
  525. 06[00:27] * Wyl flinches for a moment, then shuts his eyes to focus out.
  526. [00:27] <Wyl> <Yeah?>
  527. [00:28] <~Paradox> <Where are you lot? Get back to town!>
  528. [00:28] <Brick> "MANKEY ISLAAAAAAAAND!"
  529. 06[00:28] * Alcyone staares at Wyl.
  530. 06[00:28] * Brick righteous fists
  531. [00:28] <Wyl> <Huh? ...Right away? Is something up?>
  532. [00:29] <Bokor> (who is Namiera)
  533. 06[00:29] * Wyl seems to have gone blank for a moment, but he looks a little more serious
  534. [00:29] <Alcyone> (his companion)
  535. [00:29] <Alcyone> (a reuniclus)
  536. [00:29] <Wyl> (You haven't met Namiera :3c )
  537. [00:30] <~Paradox> <There was an attack! Some people got kidnapped! I don't know much else, but Ser Abelar wants all the guilds here to help in search and rescue.>
  538. [00:30] <Alcyone> (I know :3c)
  539. [00:31] <Wyl> <Right. I'll be right there>
  540. 06[00:31] * Wyl 's eyes snap open. "Alcyone, I think I found what we're gonna be doing tonight."
  541. [00:31] <Bokor> "Jello shooters?"
  542. 06[00:31] * Alcyone staaaaaaaaaares.
  543. [00:32] <Alcyone> (lol)
  544. [00:32] <Alcyone> (you are too old for jello shooters old man)
  545. [00:32] <Bokor> (Bokor is never too old for booze)
  546. [00:32] <~Paradox> (I want jello shooters ;o; )
  547. 06[00:32] * Bokor on nom nom, now has more candy...
  548. [00:32] <~Paradox> (.. wait no, last time I did jello shots... :I )
  549. [00:33] <Bokor> (last time I did jello shots I passed out on the couch till 3 the next day. :/)
  550. [00:33] <Wyl> "We need to get back to town. Immediately," Wyl sounds quite serious, then he looks down at the little Natu. "Sorry little one; I'd like to keep you out for a bit longer, but I'll have to ask you to relax in safety for a bit, okay?"
  551. 01[00:33] <Dr_Floyd> (Gah, sorry, posting on another place)
  552. [00:33] <Alcyone> "Okay!"
  553. 06[00:33] * Alcyone TAKES OFF.
  554. [00:33] <Brick> (well of course, what did you expect?)
  555. 06[00:33] * Wyl fishes out one of his heal balls and taps little babbynatu
  556. [00:33] <Wyl> (very gently)
  557. [00:34] <~Paradox> The babbynatu gets sucked into the ball, which clinks almost instantly.
  558. 01[00:34] <Dr_Floyd> "You sure are picky vith companions, Herr Vyl. A baby and a cripple are not useless, young man."
  559. 06[00:34] * Brick takes off as well
  560. 06[00:34] * Dr_Floyd has it taken off.
  561. [00:34] <Brick> (tempted to sweep up Alcyone and run with her)
  562. [00:35] <Alcyone> (you're probably faster than she is)
  563. [00:35] <Brick> (sorely tempted)
  564. [00:35] <Alcyone> (someday I will make my broom fly ;_;)
  565. 06[00:35] * Wyl looks back to the others. "Let's go. Ser Abelar wants us back at the guild hall ASAP," he opts to ignore Floyd's comment - but he's sure not waiting around for the injured man once he gets going!
  566. 06[00:36] * Bokor senses the urgency, and moves his OLD MAN HIPS fast as he can
  567. [00:36] <~Paradox> The lot of you run your asses back to town!
  568. [00:36] <~Paradox> When you do get there, there seems to be quite a commotion
  569. 01[00:37] <Dr_Floyd> (oh yeah, Alcy! I want you to alchemize some stuffses for me!)
  570. 06[00:37] * Wyl explains on the way. "All I was told is that people have been kidnapped; Ser's organizing a search."
  571. [00:37] <~Paradox> The town square has a big crowd, with the Mayor and Ser Abelar on a stand near the front, trying to shout over people.
  572. [00:37] <Alcyone> (now is probs a bad time; ask me later :s)
  573. 06[00:38] * Alcyone shoves her way to the front
  574. 06[00:38] * Brick kool aid mans in
  575. 06[00:38] * Wyl hurries into place next to Alcyone, keeping an eye open for his companion.
  576. [00:39] <~Paradox> Namiere is right behind Ser Abelard; he seems to have been drafted into helping contact people with his MINDWIZARD powers.
  577. 06[00:39] * Bokor whycan'tiholdalltheseoldhips.jpg next to the others
  578. 01[00:39] <Dr_Floyd> (laters waiters)
  579. [00:39] <~Paradox> You see various task unit leaders near the front, gathered around Ser Abelar.
  580. [00:39] <~Paradox> "Alcyone, there you are."
  581. [00:40] <Alcyone> "Sorry it took so long!" Alcyone alternates standing on tip toe and hopping up and down.
  582. [00:40] <~Paradox> "I think that's just about everyone we're likely to get then."
  583. 01[00:40] <Dr_Floyd> "'Ello zere Abey!" snarks Floyd who calmly truts behind the group.
  584. 06[00:41] * Wyl waves only once to Namiere, his Reuniclus, to let him know that he's there; knowing full well how busy his old friend is
  585. 06[00:41] * Alcyone 'accidentally' hops on Floyd's good foot.
  586. 01[00:42] <Dr_Floyd> (>behind the group)
  587. 01[00:42] <Dr_Floyd> (did you backflipped?)
  588. [00:42] <~Paradox> "Okay, for those of you that haven't heard - There was a wildling raid on the town an hour ago; Firefoot Raiders."
  589. [00:43] <~Paradox> "They killed three guards, took various goods, and five people."
  590. [00:43] <Alcyone> (retcon then :3c)
  591. [00:43] <Alcyone> "Oh dear oh dear."
  592. [00:43] <~Paradox> "I'm sending you all out on an immediate priority mission to bring back as many of these people home as possible."
  593. 06[00:44] * Alcyone nods.
  594. 06[00:44] * Wyl salutes
  595. 06[00:45] * Brick bricks
  596. [00:45] <~Paradox> "The Firefoot wildlings are natives to Barren Island, so we hadn't though to see them here. Our intelligence," He pats Namiere "Says that they seem to be making camp somewhere in the bramble forest."
  597. 06[00:45] * Bokor noms candy
  598. [00:45] <Brick> errr nods
  599. 06[00:45] * Dr_Floyd jokes. "Zey vere only 'ungry i guess. Maybe ze kidnapped are reserve rations?"
  600. 06[00:45] * Bokor spits candy everywhere at the words "Barren Island"
  601. [00:45] <Alcyone> "Floyd!"
  602. [00:46] <~Paradox> Ser Abelar stares icily at Floyd. "You don't know? That's exactly what they are, doctor."
  603. [00:46] <Bokor> "ooh..this is bad," he says under his breath
  604. [00:46] <Bokor> "Brick, you got a spare pair of gloves by chance?"
  605. 01[00:47] <Dr_Floyd> "You'd guess zat ze army vould deal with ze cannibals instead of making the guild deal vith eet?"
  606. [00:47] <Brick> "Errr. I don't think so"
  607. [00:47] <Brick> "Why?"
  608. [00:47] <Bokor> "let's just say if I'm found on barren island by natives, and they see this tatoo," he shows his left hand, "i'm in deep shit"
  609. [00:48] <Brick> "Ah"
  610. [00:48] <~Paradox> "The army? Pft, The Imperial forces are long gone Doctor, in search of new places to wage war on I'm sure."
  611. 06[00:48] * Brick thinks
  612. [00:48] <Brick> !
  613. [00:49] <~Paradox> Brick: it hurrrrtsssses
  614. [00:49] <Brick> (hurrr hurr hurrr)
  615. [00:50] <Brick> "What about bandages? I use them all the time when I train. "
  616. [00:50] <~Paradox> "Anyway, please take an hour to get ready, and we will depart for the Bramble Forest. I will lead this myself."
  617. 01[00:50] <Dr_Floyd> "Left vithout doing zeir job. You'd guess zat zere vould be protection for ze colonists. Innocent people are at ze stake 'ere, Abelar."
  618. 01[00:50] <Dr_Floyd> "Oh vell. Ve are cleaning zat mess, eh, Fräulein?"
  619. 06[00:50] * Bokor scavenges through his bag for something, brings it out and dusts it off.
  620. [00:51] <Bokor> "that would work...actually probably better."
  621. [00:51] <Brick> "OK!"
  622. [00:51] <~Paradox> "That's what the Guild is for, Doctor. I know you're not from around here, but that's how it works. The Army never stays long once the place is under Imperial Rule, so the Guild must protect the innocents in places where Law and Order is not yet established; frontier towns like this."
  623. 06[00:51] * Bokor starts to unruffle the feathers on the item he removed, a witch doctor mask
  624. 06[00:51] * Brick trots inside the guild hall for his spare bandages
  625. [00:52] <Bokor> "can't believe I'm actually gonna have to USE this thing..."
  626. [00:52] <Brick> (the guild is gonna need a few new bedspreads)
  627. [00:52] <~Paradox> Anyway, you have an hour!
  628. 06[00:52] * Alcyone makes sure she's prepared, then leads her pokemon in a series of stretches to get ready.
  629. [00:52] <Alcyone> Lutefisk is not good at stretches. :c
  630. [00:52] <~Paradox> "..."*
  631. [00:52] <Brick> (lol)
  632. 06[00:52] * Bokor goes to the guild hall, finds a piece of paper and a pen and jots somthing down
  633. 06[00:53] * Brick comes downstairs with a few strips of cloth in his hands
  634. [00:53] <Brick> "Oh, there you are"
  635. 06[00:53] * Dr_Floyd tries to check the Fossil Machine at his home.
  636. 06[00:53] * Bokor he folds it up and writes a little note on a side of it, and slips it in the "mailbox"
  637. 06[00:54] * Wyl arranges to get food, needing a refresher after the initial trip; then he joins Alcyone, letting out his team. Natuling gets to watch from safety, though; he's too tiny to do stretches and how does a ball of cotton with feet stretch anyway
  638. [00:54] <Bokor> "aye, had something I had to attend to"
  639. [00:54] <Brick> "You know how to set em up?"Brick asks indicating the bandages
  640. [00:54] <~Paradox> The Fossil Machine is still running, but it doesn't seem to be finished.
  641. [00:54] <Bokor> "I do, plenty a time I've had to use them."
  642. 06[00:55] * Wyl keeps his eyes out though, for any signs of Whitechime.
  643. [00:55] <Brick> "Ah"
  644. 06[00:55] * Brick rubs the back of his head
  645. 06[00:55] * Bokor starts to wrap his hands up, "you don't get as old as me as an adventurer without a frew battle scars"
  646. [00:56] <Brick> "Actually Bo..kor, I need a favour. You can talk to pokemon right?"
  647. [00:56] <~Paradox> Clans Whitechord, Redblade, and Blueguard are all present, Wyl
  648. [00:56] <Bokor> "aye, I can"
  649. 01[00:56] <Dr_Floyd> "Oh 'ell, shoddy prototype. Anyvay..." Floyd tries to do some pratice moving his prothestics.
  650. [00:56] <Brick> "Well, you see, I need to do some talking that I don't think Burning Soul will cut; Can you give me a hand?"
  651. [00:57] <Bokor> "I'll see what I can do."
  652. 06[00:57] * Wyl instructs Nurse and Aqualung to stay back and stretch with fitness guru Alcyone; and takes Natu--no, it needs a name. Vision!--over with him to greet Whitechord.
  653. [00:57] <Brick> "Thanks" Brick says, bringing out an apricorn ball
  654. [00:58] <Wyl> (Suddenly realisation! I have... about fifteen minutes at most before FLEEING TO WORK but feel free to keep going; if you're still going when I get to work and stuff I can hop back on and continue~)
  655. 06[00:58] * Bokor Vodun, for some reason is let free, and attempts spook the baby
  656. [00:58] <~Paradox> You see Alex, Shell, and a tall haired woman all getting ready.
  657. 01[00:58] <Dr_Floyd> 1d20 invent something?
  658. [00:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Dr_Floyd, invent something?: 8 [1d20=8]
  659. [00:59] <Bokor> >>tall haired woman
  660. [00:59] <~Paradox> tall, red-headed*
  661. 01[00:59] <Dr_Floyd> "Eh, no good ideas."
  662. [00:59] <Bokor> (wtfamireading.jpg)
  663. [00:59] <~Paradox> (noted, Wyl)
  664. 06[00:59] * Bokor "BOO!" he musters
  665. 06[00:59] * Wyl waves to them with his free hand, still cradling babbynatu. "Hey~!"
  666. [00:59] <Wyl> ("Her eyes were down to her shoulders")
  667. [01:00] <~Paradox> "Oh, Wyl. Getting ready for this little excursion?"
  668. 06[01:00] * Bokor Vodun laughs and floats along, trying to troll the more mature pokemon during their workouts
  669. [01:00] <~Paradox> He notices the Natu. "And with a new friend I see."
  670. 06[01:01] * Brick walks out to a field close buy and waits for Bokor
  671. 06[01:01] * Bokor follows, with a quick look to make sure he placed the note in the box right
  672. 06[01:01] * Wyl nods. "He just hatched, actually! I was meaning to thank you guys~"
  673. [01:02] <~Paradox> "I told you, not a problem. Thank us later though, we all gotta get moving."
  674. [01:03] <Brick> "Ok see, remember that Ponyta I caught? I'm afraid we might not be on the best of terms, so I want to offer it a chance at freedom or partnership, this is why I need your help"
  675. [01:03] <~Paradox> (also, I think we need to either </session> or take a break now, because I skipped dinner and I am feeling woozy)
  676. [01:04] <~Paradox> (thoughts as to which one?)
  677. [01:04] <Brick> (I'm cool with session I suppose, since wyl has to run anyway)
  678. [01:04] <Bokor> (fine with either)
  679. [01:04] <Wyl> (If it's a break, I'll be back in like an hour and a half at most)
  680. [01:04] <Alcyone> (I'm fine with break)
  681. [01:04] <~Paradox> (We'll break for half an hour then.)
  682. [01:05] <Brick> (now Go OM NOM Dox)
  683. [01:05] <Bokor> "what I can tell you right off the bat, is the beast probably will understand your request without my intervention"
  684. [01:05] <Wyl> (I'll get moving then; see you guys in a bit
  685. 01[01:05] <Dr_Floyd> (See ya)
  686. [01:05] <Bokor> "I'd be more of a translator"
  687. [01:05] <Brick> (k wyl)
  688. 02[01:05] * Wyl ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  689. [01:06] <Brick> "I see..."
  690. 06[01:06] * Brick thinks for a moment
  691. [01:07] <Bokor> "I don't actually know the reason it is, but pokemon tend to know our languages, just they can't articulate them."
  692. [01:08] <Bokor> "that nidoking last week, for example, knew exactly what we were sayin', and how often do you think it sees people?"
  693. 06[01:08] * Brick nods
  694. 06[01:09] * Brick brightens
  695. [01:10] <Brick> "Of course, Burning soul teaches that we should communicate with our soul and our words will reach them."
  696. [01:10] <Brick> "It seems I have forgotten my training"
  697. 06[01:10] * Brick bows
  698. [01:10] <Bokor> "at the very least I can tell you if it hates your guts or not"
  699. [01:10] <Brick> "Thank you Bo...Bokor"
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