Without Anything Good - 42

Jul 12th, 2019
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잘난 것도 없으면서! --- Publisher Link

Without Anything Good --- Akkaii PB for previous Scans / Sums


{Inner talk / Thought}


Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Joon Hyun (MC) Student Single
Sujin (FMC) Student Douche's Girlfriend
Eunjung (TB) Student Chase after MC
Sung Hoon Yi (BF) Student Red's Boyfriend
Hyun Ho Bae (Douche) Student FMC's Boyfriend
Yeojin (Red) Student BF's Girlfriend

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Chapter - 42

Entrance Hall

Sung Hoon Yi and Yeojin are walking together, they stop in front of MC.

BF: We're going out.

BF smiles at MC announcing him the news, Red looks away shyly. MC's looking depressed turn his head looking at them

MC: Oh.. Congratulation sincerely..

Red rebukes BF with a low voice.

Red: Why're you so pride about it..

BF: What? Why your reaction is so weak, did I get you upset because I dated Yeojin first?

Red seems upset about what BF just said and she gives him a little punch.

Red: Be more modest.

BF: What? You're the one who said that I should clearly tell to Joon Hyun about us, right?

MC enters in the classroom looking lost not caring at all about BF and Red conversation.

Red: Who told you to tease him?

FB - MC's Bedroom

MC thinks about last night, and remember something she said when they were fucking.

FMC: I liked it.

She turns her head and looks at him.

FMC: When he said we should going out.


Someone: Hi ~

The three of them turns their heads in direction of the person calling them, it's Eunjung.

TB: Good Morning ~!

She catches up with them and greets Red.

TB: What's up today?

Red: Alright.

She moves next to MC and greets him too in high spirit.

TB: Hi, Joon Hyun. Good morning ~

MC's still lost in his thought and doesn't pay attention to her at all.

MC: Today's lecture.. Why is she still not there?

TB is surprised by what MC just said and looks at his face, he seems depressed and sad.

TB: Joon Hyun?

MC finally notices her and turns his head looking at her.

MC: Oh, oh? Hello.. What's up?

TB: Yeah.. hmm good.

TITLE DROP - Episode 42.


Lecturer: Well! Let's stop here. Don't forget to do your homework. I'll see you next time.

MC doesn't pay attention to his teacher leaving the class and he's still lost in his thought.

MC: {In the end.. She didn't come at all.}
{It can be a simple reason, maybe you're just tired.. We did it all night.}

TB: Joon Hyun

She calls his name making a cute face.

TB: Would it be okay for you to give me a bit of your time?

MC looks at doesn't understanding what she means by that.


They're in a cafe near the campus, drinking an iced-coffee and eating some chocolate cake.

TB: Isn't it nice here?
It's a place where I come when I want to change my mind, I wanted to come her with you since a while.

She notices that what she said can be interpreted in a wrong way and tries to make it clearer for MC.

TB: Ah, uh, don't take it the wrong way, that's not what I mean! Just as a friend!

MC: Oh, uh.. Okay.

He drinks his coffee looking away.

MC: {Just as friend?}

TB: ..what happened yesterday?

He wasn't ready for her question and spit out his coffee.

MC: Cough cough..!

She looks at him wondering if she should help him.

TB: Are you okay?

MC: Nothing special.. Nothing happened, why?

TB: It's just, I don't think you're feeling well.

MC: It's just the lack of sleep, I didn't sleep well last night.

TB: Yeah..

She remembers MC's depressed face of this morning.

TB: I was worried.

He's surprised knowing she was worried about him.

MC: You were worried?

She puts her glass on the table and explains herself.

TB: Well.. You looked very tired today.

She can't look straight at his face, so she lowers a bit her head and confess her love again.

TB: If the person I like doesn't seem to be feeling well, it's pretty normal for me to be worried too.

He stares at her not understanding how can she be so honest with her feeling.

MC: How can you say that you like me?

She uses her fork taking a bit of the chocolate cake.

MC: I don't know what to say, I mean.. I already rejected your confession.

She eats quietly not caring about what he's saying.

MC: Somehow.. It's great that you can be so honest.

TB: Hmm? Don't think too much! By saying you this, I just wanted to cheer you up, it's really painful for me to see you being so low spirited.
And as result for my honesty I think you feel a bit better now.
Maybe I can comfort you by saying you this.. He ~ He..

She grabs her coffee, MC thins about what she just said and lower his head again.

TB: Sujin didn't come to school today, right? Don't worry, she would have called you if something bad happened.

She looks at him and smiles.

TB: Or perhaps you want to go find her first, right?

He puts his head on his hand sighing.

MC: It's okay, it would be a waste of time. Hehe.. I know it already, it's a waste of time.

Evening - MC's Room

He is lying down on his bed thinking about what FMC is doing.

MC: {I didn't find any news about her..}


TB: Should I give her a call instead of you.?

MC: No it's okay, I'll do it myself.


He looks at his cellphone.

MC: {I tried to make a few phone calls, but I gave up.}


She looks at him with two tears running down her face.

FMC: Then goodbye, it was fun.


He stands up realizing something.

MC: {She said such a thing.. Did she cleared up her mind, if yes can I contact her?}

His cellphone vibrates, he takes it in hurry thinking it's FMC.

Sung Hoon: Will you accompany me for a drink?
Your brother will pay you a few drink in commemoration of me having my first girlfriend. 09:04 pm

He leaves his room


He's leaving his apartment heading toward BF location.

MC: {I don't feel like drinking that much, but as I'm not feeling well I don't think it's a bad idea.}


MC walks for a moment then pass by FMC's apartment.

MC: {Shall I visit you now..}

He tightens his fist and clench his teeth.

Female Voice: I'll be okay, thank you.

MC he's hearing someone talking not that far from him.

Male Voice: You drank a lot. I'll take you home.

He turns his head looking at the persons talking.

Female Voice: No, it's really okay.

MC makes a horrified face noticing who is talking.

FMC: Okay, I'm going now.

It's FMC walking together with Douche, she has a total new look. They're chatting happily and there is a small blush on their faces. Douche has his hand on FMC's back and seems to care a lot about her.

Douche: Yes, be careful.

She turns her head looking in front of her and notices MC standing here making a wretched expression.

FMC: Ah?

To be continued..
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