Bloodborne All Bosses + DLC Early +7 Route

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  1. Bloodborne All Bosses Early +7 Route
  2. Written by: Newbiesaurus
  4. -Start Military Veteran
  6. Iosefka's Clinic
  7. -Pick up 2x Bloodvials
  8. -Pick up 6x Molotovs
  9. -Warp to Hunter's Dream
  11. Hunter's dream
  12. -Choose Saw Cleaver and Hunter Pistol.
  13. -Warp to Central Yharnam.
  15. Central Yharnam
  16. -Pick up x8 pebbels and x4 Molotovs
  17. -Pick up x2 Bold Hunter's Mark before Gascoigne
  18. -Kill Gascoigne
  19. -Light lamp after Gascoigne
  21. Old Yharnam
  22. -Pick up x3 Cocktails near lamp
  23. -Do Old Yharnam Skip
  24. -Pick up x6 Beast Blood Pellets
  25. -Pick up x2 Hunter's Mark
  26. -Kill BSB
  27. -Use Hunter's Mark
  29. Old Abandoned Workshop
  30. -Pick up Doll Set/Umbilical Cord
  31. -Pick up Soul after the Elevator
  33. Grand Cathedral
  34. -Kill Vicar Amelia (Fire Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  36. Cathedral Ward
  37. -Pick up x2 Twin Blood Stone Shards behind the Brain Slug
  38. -Pick up Gemstone
  40. Forbidden Woods
  41. -Pick up 2x Twin Blood Stone Shards after the drop near stating the password
  42. -Light Forbidden Woods Lamp
  43. -Kill Lizard near Forest Wood Skip for x3 Shards or do the jump in DLC
  44. -Head to the back of Isefka's Clinic
  45. -Pick up x6 Beast Blood Pellets on the way
  46. -Pick up x4 Blue Elixirs using Cocktail in the room before the caged dogs
  48. Iosefka's Clinic
  49. -Open Shortcut
  50. -Use Hunter's Mark
  51. -Warp to Hunter's Dream
  53. Hunter's Dream
  54. -Pick up Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter
  55. -Warp to Cathedral Ward
  57. Cathedral Ward
  58. -Go to Amygdala guarding Hunter's Set
  59. -Equip Hunter's Set as you're warped to the DLC
  61. Hunter's Nightmare
  62. -Pick up x1 Twin Blood Stone Shards at the beggining
  63. -Pick up x3 Twin Blood Stone Shards after the first hunter
  64. -Get Eye Pendant at Laurence
  65. -Get x1 Twin Blood Stone Shard before the little room
  66. -Kill Lizard before the cave for x2 Blood Stone Chunks
  67. -Pick up x1 Blood Stone Chunk after Gatling Gun Hunter
  68. -Pick up 2 x2 Twin Blood Stone Shards after BSB
  69. -Pick up x1 Twin Blood Stone Shard before exiting the cave
  70. -Use Blue Elixir before Blood Suckers
  72. Hunter's Dream
  73. -Buy x16 Blood Stone Shards ub the Bath Shop
  74. -Upgrade Weapon to +7 and slot the Gemstone
  75. -Sell Doll Set
  76. -Level up ~20Vit/25str
  78. Forest
  79. -Forest Skip
  80. -Kill Shadows (Beast Blood Pellet)
  82. Byrgenwerth
  83. -Get the Key or use blue elixir for Rom jump
  84. -Kill Rom (Beast Blood Pellet)
  86. Yahar'gul Unseen Village
  87. -Light Yahar'gul Unseen Village Lamp
  88. -Pick up x3 Bolt Paper
  89. -Pick up x1 Blood Stone Chunk near Witches
  90. -Pick up Cathedral Key
  91. -Kill Lizard for x2 Blood Stone Chunk
  92. -Pick up x2 Blood Stone Chunk before Paarl
  94. Graveyard of the Darkbeast
  95. -Kill Paarl (Fire Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  96. -Use Hunter's Mark
  98. Yahar'gul Unseen Village
  99. -Do Yahar'gul skip
  100. -Pick up x1 Blood Stone Chunk near the lamp
  101. -Pick up x5 Bolt Paper after skip
  102. -Pick up x2 Blood Stone Chunk after skip
  103. -Pick up x1 Damp Blood Gemstone (5) in the side room
  104. -Kill One Reborn (Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  106. Lecture Building 2nd Floor
  107. -Light Lecture Building 2nd Floor Lamp
  108. -Enter Nightmare of Mensis
  110. Nightmare of Mensis
  111. -Use Cocktail on beast before Lizard
  112. -Kill Lizard for x3 Chunks
  113. -Pick up Gemstone near dogbird
  114. -Kill Micolash (2x Bolt Paper/2x Beast Blood Pellet)
  116. Mergo's Loft Base
  117. -Pick up x2 Chunks around Bird Dogs
  118. -Ride elevator to Brain Maidens
  119. -Use Blue Elixir
  120. -Pick up Gemstone Near them
  121. -Pull lever to lower Mother Brain
  122. -Pick up x1 Blood Rock
  123. -Use Hunter's Mark
  124. -Warp back to Hunter's Nightmare
  126. Hunter's Nightmare
  127. -Warp to Central Yharnam Lamp
  129. Central Yharnam
  130. -Drop down and pick up Cainhurst Summons/Umbilical Chord
  131. -Use Hunter's Mark
  132. -Kill Cleric Beast (Bolt Paper)
  133. -Warp to Hunter's Dream
  135. Hunter's Dream
  136. -Upgrade to +10
  137. -Slot the new Gemstones
  138. -Buy all Bolt Paper
  139. -Buy Kirkhammer and ~x5 Bold Hunter's Mark
  140. -Level up ~20vit/25Str/30Skill
  141. -Warp to Mergo's Loft Middle
  143. Mergo's Loft Middle
  144. -Kill Wet Nurse (Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  145. -Warp to Hunter's Dream
  147. Hunter's Dream
  148. -Warp to Cathedral Ward
  150. Cathedral Ward
  151. -Go to Upper Cathedral Ward
  153. Upper Cathedral Ward
  154. -Use jumping attack of Kirkhammer for Orphanage Key Skip
  155. -Pick up Eye Emblem
  156. -Kill Celestial Emmisary(Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  158. Altar of Despair
  159. -Kill Ebrietas(Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  160. -Warp to Hunter's Dream
  162. Hunter's Dream
  163. -Buy Beast Blood Pellets
  165. Lecture Building 2nd Floor
  166. -Run to Nightmare Frontier
  168. Nightmare Frontier
  169. -Kill Amygdala (Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  171. Hunter's Dream
  172. -Level up ~30vit/25str/30skill
  173. -Warp to Nightmare Church Lamp in DLC
  175. Nightmare Church
  176. -Kill Ludwig(Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  177. -Run to Elevator where you use Eye Pendant
  178. -Light Research Hall Lamp
  179. -Pick up Laurence's Skull
  180. -Use Hunter's Mark
  182. Research Hall
  183. -Use Blue Elixir on the way to Living Failures
  184. -Kill Living Failures (Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  186. Astral Clock Tower
  187. -Kill Maria (Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  189. Fishing Hamlet
  190. -Use Blue Elixir on the way
  191. -Light Lamp or go to Fishing Hamlet Coast
  192. -Kill Orphan (Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  193. -Warp to Hunter's Dream
  195. Hunter's Dream
  196. -Warp to Hunter's Nightmare
  198. Hunter's Nightmare
  199. -Kill Laurence (Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  200. -Warp to Hunter's Dream
  202. Hunter's Dream
  203. -Warp to Grand Cathedral
  205. Hemwick Charnel Lane
  206. -Go to Witches of Hemwick
  207. -Kill Witches (Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  208. -Go to Cainhurst Castle
  210. Cainhurst Castle
  211. -Kill Logarius (Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet)
  212. -Warp to Hunter's Dream
  214. Hunter's Dream
  215. -Pop 3 Umbilical Cords if not done yet
  216. -Buy Bolt Paper/Beast Blood Pellet to remove all insight
  217. -Kill Gherman
  218. -Kill Moon Presence quit out right as you receive the souls
  220. For some boss strategies use this
  221. For pick ups after Amelia
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