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Cloud Mows the Lawn (fanfic)

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Sep 21st, 2012
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  1. Cloud Mows the Lawn
  2. By Rasso
  4. Tifa knelt by the window with her arms were rested on the window sill. She sighed in contentment, gazing outside. Cloud was out front, mowing the lawn. His shirt was off, which was a big turn-on for Tifa, his wife of two weeks. Tifa laughed as she realized she could stare at him all day. She was rather sad he would finish eventually. He worked out everyday, and his chest really showed that. He was the sexiest man Tifa ever saw. That didn’t make Tifa fall in love with him, though. They grew up together, and they had secret crushes on each other throughout adolescence. Cloud proposed to her the day after their long adventure, and she immediately accepted. She would never forget that moment, when she felt like she and Cloud were alone in space. They married a week after he proposed, and were rarely seen outside after that.
  5. Anyways, back to the story.Tifa was in the master bedroom on the second floor of their new house, watching the man of herdreams cut the grass. The twenty-year-old woman was watching him mow the lawn for the seventh time. It was a hobby of hers, and the fact that they had a huge yard and that it would take Cloud an
  6. extra long time to cut it. Watching how strong he was, she would not move for anything. Suddenly, Tifa felt a slight rumble in her stomach, but she ignored it. She was having too good of a time watching Cloud. The best par the the mowing routine was the end, when he would come upstairs to shower. Right before he entered the bathroom, she would ask Cloud if they could take a shower together. They would always end up kissing throughout the shower, and they would leave in a better mood than ever. She was so sure he would let her shower with her that she was not wearing underwear under her black mini-skirt. She felt her stomach rumble again, and sighed. She really didn’t want to leave. She wanted tay tay there for the longest time, watching he husband do the yard. Of course she knew he would do it again, and again, and again, but she cherished every minute of watching him, she could not bear to stop. Tifa’s stomach rumbled again, louder than the first two times. She realized she had to think of what to do, and quickly. She could run and return immediately, but then she would miss some of the lawn mowing. Her second option was to stay and clean up after herself, but the fear of getting caught made her feel uneasy. This feeling caused her stomach to rumble more. Tifa looked down. The floor was a brand new and very expensive tile floor. It was not a very pleasant idea for her to mess it up.
  8. “Whatever,” muttered Tifa. “When a girl has to shit, a girl has to shit!” Tifa’s black skirt was actually a wrap-around, and it was easy to remove. Soon, she was bottomless.
  9. Tifa took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She pushed and grunted over again, until she felt her anus stretch.
  10. “This is it!” she said aloud, while still pushing and grunting. A crackling sound filled her ears as the turd finally slid out of her body. It was a hard one, dark brown and compressed together. And boy did it stink.
  11. Tifa didn’t mind the smell of her own droppings, but she knew it would be difficulty to get away with this. With Tifa’s shit sitting on the floor, she felt slightly relieved. Tifa let out a long, gassy fart. She giggled, for she tended to have gassy poops. Her relief soon ended, however, as she felt another log traveling from her colon to her rectum. She pushed again, and the turd began to slide out. Unfortunately for poor Tifa, it got stuck halfway.
  12. “I’ll bet that feels good!” said Cloud from behind her.
  13. Tifa immediately jumped up in shock. She was so focused on expelling what was in her gorgeous bowels that
  14. Cloud finished the lawn and came up to the bedroom. So there she was, standing there, in a white t-shirt, white socks, red sneakers, and no pants or underwear, and with five inches of shit sticking out of her ass in front of the love of her life. Tifa began to cry, and Cloud approached her and hugged her. She didn’t care her shirt became drenched with his sweat. She wanted her man.
  15. She even felt a bulge in his pants, and realized that her taking a dump turned him on. To Tifa’s surprise, Cloud turned her around and lowered her onto her hands and knees. Tifa was puzzled at first, wondering what he would dof, but that puzzle was soon solved as Cloud guided his dicwardward her anus and the shit that hung from it. Cloud moaned as Tifa’s warm poo mashed against his dick. They had had anal sex many timesbefore, but never with a huge turd stuck in Tifa's ass! Suddenly, Cloud’s dick set the poo that had been stuck in Tifa’s ass free. Tifa’s rectum expelled turdturd. Tifa farted again, and Cloud felt a pleasant breeze on his member.
  17. “Thanks!” exclaimed Tifa.
  19. “Hey, no problem,” said Cloud. “I’m going to shower. Wanna get in there with me?
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