TF: Unexpected Red 3 (old and bad)

Aug 30th, 2012
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  1. You occupy yourself for the next hour or so just reading a random book you picked up. Not something you usually do. Normally you're reading habits are planned events that you look forward to. You thought about trying video games again, but that doesn't seem very appealing right now. You skim through a few pages attempting to get engrossed in the story. It becomes apparently pretty quickly that it's not going to work. You look up at your digital wall clock. Does time always pass this slowly? You don't think so. You sigh and close the book, trying to think of what to do next. Eventually an idea strikes you. You're going to have to shower before you go anyway, might as well do that now. Maybe the warm water will help you come up with something to do for when you get out. Half of your clothes are off by the time you reach the bathroom.
  3. You have a pretty nice shower head, the center hole fires one thick stream while several others around it spray out a thick mist which keeps your entire body warm. It gets the entire bathroom sopping wet if you leave it on too long, but it feels amazing. You strip out of what little clothes remain on and step into the shower. With a flick of the wrist you turn on the water, and spend a good twenty minutes cleansing yourself of whatever has accumulated over the past day. You step out feeling refreshed, and pretty good considering thought you were about to puke your guts out two hours ago. You dry off with a slightly damp towel, making sure not to mess up your hair too badly. You catch sight of yourself in the mirror, and pause to admire your body briefly, turning slightly to see yourself from a few different angles.
  5. "Yeah, I'd fuck me."
  7. With that silliness over, you approach the mirror and find a brush; running it through your mane and carefully working through any tangles you find. Your hair seems to have a mind of its own, and as it dries it seems to swell with life; gleaming its vibrant red as it falls over your shoulders and looking more full than you've ever seen it. You smile and put the brush down, satisfied that you should impress.
  9. After thoroughly grooming yourself, you wander around the house for a bit looking for a way to kill time. Nothing in particular really strikes your fancy though, and you end up in the same predicament you were in before you got in the shower. After a few minutes of wandering aimlessly through the house, you find yourself staring discontentedly out of the kitchen window towards the backyard. This mood is familiar to you, and you dread it. If you don't come up with something to do soon you'll be trapped in a singularity of boredom. You really need to just do something, anything. Even if it doesn't sound like a good idea, anything is better than just standing around. You scratch at your wrist absentmindedly as the cogs in your mind whirr. There's only a couple hours left till you meet up with Lizz, maybe you should just get going now. You can drive around for a bit if all else fails. You decide that its a better plan then just standing around waiting for something to happen.
  11. You try to remember where you left your keys, and spend a few minutes looking in all the obvious places before finding them on the kitchen counter along next to your wallet. You snag them, and head into the garage. With a flick of a button you open the garage door and look out into the late afternoon light. It seems like a pretty nice day, and stepping outside onto the driveway confirms it. The hot sun actually feels really good on your skin, though with it comes the slight prickling sensation you've come to associate with burning flesh. It's probably only in the low 90s today, but still plenty hot enough to do some serious skin damage. You close your eyes and bask for a few moments before heading back into the garage, swinging around to the drivers side of your truck and opening the door. You hop up and inside, wincing at the intense heat. You could probably boil some eggs on these car seats, and you draw your breath in through your teeth as your bare skin makes contact with them when you settle in. You buckle yourself in and slide the keys into the ignition. You're about to start the car when a nagging thought in the back of your mind gives you pause. Not one to ignore your instincts, you try to focus in on them; and get the distinct feeling you are forgetting something. Forgetting things seems to be something you do a lot lately, you hope it doesn't become a pattern. You do some inventory to make sure you've got everything. You've got your wallet, your keys, your phone..
  12. Your phone! You almost forgot your phone!
  14. You slap your forehead for your forgetfulness and quickly unstrap yourself from the vehicle, making sure to take the keys out of the ignition. You hide them in the glove compartment, cant be too careful. With a minimal amount of wriggling you slide down from the trucks drivers seat, and nearly collapse when a sudden wave of vertigo smacks you upside the head from out of nowhere. You're able to avoid falling flat on your face by throwing your arms out and clinging to the car door. You stand there for a moment as the vertigo fades, a little startled. It's not often you completely lose balance like that. In fact you don't think it has ever happened with a feeling like that before. Maybe you're still a little woozy from that messed up bacon earlier today. That's probably it.
  16. You head back into the house and up the stairs to your bedroom. With a quick scan of your surroundings you find the phone still plugged into its charger next to your computer. You quickly unplug it and do the usual motion for slipping it into your pocket. But you are surprised when it falls from your fingers and goes clattering to the floor instead, the battery pack popping out and skittering across the floor.
  18. You look down at the dropped phone feeling confused, and promptly do a double take. You feel a little dizzy as you come to the startling realization that you are completely buck-ass naked. And you have been since you got out of the shower. Which means that you were about to leave for a night on the town wearing absolutely no clothing. On top of that you also stood in your front yard praising the sun like an idiot while anyone who happened to glance your way would have seen you in all your feminine glory. You feel your face grow red hot in embarrassment. You really hope nobody saw that, you could get arrested for indecent exposure or something. You leave the phone on the ground and get your naked ass into the closet, walking with much more dignity than you feel. You start putting some clothes on, still blushing and wondering how the hell you never noticed your nudity until then. You really hope there weren't any passerby's at the time. What would the neighbors think if they saw you like that? You didn't really know any of them, but still. You scold yourself quietly under your breath as you finish getting dressed. How the hell could you have possibly forgotten to put on clothes? That was something that senile old people do.
  20. "Today has been a really strange day." You say to yourself as you step out of your closet and into the bedroom again.
  22. You put the phone back together and into the pocket of your jeans right this time, and head back downstairs into the garage. With a small grunt of effort you pull yourself back up into the car and move to turn it on, not even bothering to strap yourself in, but the keys aren't there. You look around for them, a bit of worry beginning to gnaw at you. What could possibly happen now? Were they stolen? Did you forget something again? You almost start to feel the beginnings of panic in your gut as increasingly wild and unlikely explanations begin popping into your head.
  23. Then you remember you put them in the glove compartment. You sigh and shake your head, dismissing all of today's events as some sort of weird coincidence. Its just been one of those days. You worry too much. You just had some bad bacon and forgot to put your clothes on. No big deal, you're pretty sure that happens to other people occasionally. Sometimes.
  25. Then your fingers fumble the keys as you try to put them in the ignition and they fall to the floor. Everything seems to become really quiet right about then. For some reason everything about this moment feels oddly significant. You tip your head and stare down at the keys for a while, as if everything that has gone wrong recently is their fault. They quaver under your harsh glare. With unusual slowness, you reach down and attempt to pick them up.
  26. You fail, and they slip through your fingers for a second time.
  27. With an imagined 'click'; all of your fears suddenly come rushing back, and you stare at your hand. It looks the same as it always has.
  29. What the fuck is wrong with you today?
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