Sophie + Soleil C-A Support

Jul 6th, 2015
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  1. [Please read]
  2. Sophie + Soleil C-A Support
  5. Soleil: Hey Sophie.
  6. Sophie: Oh , Soleil, did you need something?
  7. Soleil: It’s not important whether or not I need anything. Laying eyes on a flower as beautiful as Sophie is more than enough reason…
  8. Sophie: Yes, yes. Thank you.
  9. Soleil: EHHHHHHHHHHH!? Wait a second Sophie, you’re being too cold.
  10. Sophie: Because you’re saying such embarrassing thing Soleil. In order to become a great knight I must stay devoted. I don’t have time to play along with you.
  11. Soleil: Even though you spoil your horse so much?
  12. Sophie: Ahhhh, you’re mean! Avel is healthy thank you!
  13. Soleil: Sorry, sorry. I was just teasing. A great knight eh? Well then how about we have a competition?
  14. Sophie: A competition?
  15. Soleil: Yea. Let’s put our bets on doing some knight-like manoeuvres in the next battle. If you can fight convincingly, it’s your win Sophie.
  16. Sophie: Are you going to be judging Soleil? That’s so one sided and unfair….
  17. Soleil: What this? You’re not confident? “Actions that will convince a thousand people”, isn’t that what a knight does?
  18. Sophie: Guh. You really hit where it hurts don’t you…by the way what happens when I win?
  19. Soleil: How about I’ll do anything you ask me to?
  20. Sophie: That sounds good. What if I lose?
  21. Soleil: The same, you do whatever I tell you to do.
  22. Sophie……….I have a bad feeling about this.
  23. Soleil: I won’t do anything weird to a good friend of mine. Or could it be that you’re scared?
  24. Sophie: O-of course not! I’ll take you on!
  25. Soleil: Well then my great knight. Till the next battle.
  26. Sophie: I won’t lose to you!
  30. Sophie: Soleil, Soleil!
  31. Soleil: S-Sophie….
  32. Sophie: Did you watch me in that fight? You saw it didn’t you? Since you were reeeeaaallly close!
  33. Soleil: …………………..
  34. Sophie: What’s wrong? I think I did pretty will if I could say so myself.
  35. Soleil: Uuuughhhh, you win by far.
  36. Sophie: What is it? I can’t hear youuuu?
  38. Sophie: But of course!
  39. Soleil: Awwww…If it weren’t for your flashy moves we could have spent some time together chatting…
  40. Sophie: Ehehe… what a shame. Then again, as expected of Soleil. Not twisting the truth to win the bet.
  41. Soleil: Of course I wouldn’t use such underhanded tactics on a friend. What do you want me to do now that I’ve lost?
  42. Sophie: For the time being stop trying to sweet talk me.
  44. Sophie: But if you come as my mercenary next time and show me what you can do, I’ll let you off.
  45. Soleil: ………..This is the opposite of last time.
  46. Sophie: Yup. Come watch won’t you, Miss mercenary.
  47. Soleil: Leave it to me! If it’s for Sophie I’d burn myself to ash….
  48. Sophie: I thought I told you sweet talking was prohibited.
  49. Soleil: …kayy.
  53. Soleil: Sophie! Sophiee! Did you see my recent battle?
  54. Sophie: Ugh… Soleil. Of course I saw…
  55. Soleil: Of course you diiidd. Since you were reeeeaaallly close~ Well, whats wrooong? I thought I did pretty weeeellll.
  56. Sophie: ………………… you did…. You acted as a very good mercenary…..
  57. Soleil: !! does that meannn….
  58. Sophie: Yes. You pass. It was magnificent.
  59. Soleil: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I’m so happy! So, so happy…….
  60. Sophie: Oh my, could it be that you felt ignored. Did you get upset that I didn’t call out to you?
  61. Soleil: Yea…. That was hell for me. Such a beautiful flower such as yourself, right before my eyes, not calling out to me.
  62. Sophie: Sure, sure. It’s always this once we finish. But you were honestly really good last battle. If you always fought like that I wouldn’t mind being sweet talked …..
  63. Soleil: Hmph. Doesn’t that mean you think I’m not good normally?
  64. Sophie: Your uncool side is so embarrassing. Getting changed on the spot-
  65. Soleil: Ughh!! B-but but in regards to your words of praise, I must thank you. Praise from a girl is worth more than any treasure….but I’m sure you want to talk about something different.
  66. Sophie: Talk about something different?
  67. Soleil: Yeah. It’s always about repairing weapons or how practice went…. Watching each other fight from nearby and talking about how we thought it went, stuff like that.
  68. Sophie: That kind of talk is super welcome! Let’s go have some tea straight away! So we can chat!
  69. Soleil: Woahhh I got invited to tea by Sophie! I’m so happy! Please let me hear all your stories.
  70. Sophie: You too Soleil~
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