Sweet mornings (SBxAnon, >nohooves, preteen, smut&fluff) wip

Oct 14th, 2017
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  1. >It stinks
  2. >It stinks so much it stings
  3. >As if something was burning
  4. >Something's burning
  5. >OH SHIT
  6. >Your eyes fly open as you sit up
  7. >And you see her
  8. >That pure white skin only covered by one of your shirts that's way too big for her
  9. >That sheepish smile
  10. >That apologetic look
  11. >That plate of...
  12. >Something black and smoking
  13. >It takes you a couple seconds to realize that the burning stench comes from whatever that is supposed to be, but you finally calm down
  14. >And she simply stands there, next to the bed, anxiously waiting for you to say something
  15. >You sigh in relief that your house is safe, as you fall backwards into the mattress
  16. >And you groan
  17. "What's this supposed to be?"
  18. >You're tired, but you still manage to turn your head and smirk at her
  19. >"Uhm... Pancakes?"
  20. >You blink
  21. >Pancakes?
  22. >'?'
  23. "You mean, you don't know what you cooked? Or rather, tried to..."
  24. >Her cheeks puff out and she scowls at you
  25. >And you can't keep your chuckle from coming out
  26. >"I-I tried my best, you know! It's not my fault your stupid microwave doesn't work like the one at Rarity's--"
  27. "Wait wait wait, you tried to make pancakes using a microwave?"
  28. >"Well duh, it cooks stuff so much faster than using a stove!"
  29. >Forget the chuckle
  30. >This needs a good old guffawing
  31. "Holy shit, Sweetie! Ahahah!"
  32. >And she somehow finds a way to pout even more than before
  33. >She's so adorable
  34. >A bit silly at times, but so adorable
  35. >"Okay, I get it, I'm horrible at this!"
  36. >Her voice cracks at the end, signaling the emotion behind it
  37. >Ouch, here comes the guilt
  38. >You do your best to contain the last bout of laughter still in you and regain your composure
  39. "Now, now, it's okay, you're, huh..."
  40. >You can see her face lighten up as you search for the right words
  41. "A work in progress?"
  42. >She raises an eyebrow and harrumphs, before placing the tray down on the bedside cupboard and making a show of pouting once again, crossing her arms and turning her back to you
  43. >And plopping down on the edge of the bed
  45. >You can't help but roll your eyes at her antics
  46. >She's still young after all, so it's to be expected
  47. >Not like you don't find that part of her extremely endearing anyway
  48. >And if she really was mad she would've stormed off
  49. >Her sitting there means she's looking to be comforted
  50. >And you're more than okay with obliging
  51. >So you rub the sleep from your eyes and scratch your head to try and shake it awake, before you start to shift and scooch closer to her
  52. >You're not trying to be sneaky or anything, your weight is sinking into the mattress and making her bounce slightly, but she completely ignores you, she doesn't even turn to you to see what it is you're doing
  53. >Or maybe you're doing exactly what she wanted you to do
  54. >That could be it
  55. >But you don't care about that, not now, and you turn to face her back, spreading your legs on each sides of her and hop one last time as you wrap your arms around her
  56. >She still stays silent, even as she leans into you more and more, as she lets go of her entire weight and lets you do as you please
  57. >Your mouth instantly finds the side of her small neck and you kiss it
  58. >And you do get a response from that, a low appreciative hum coming out of her lips
  59. >You slip your arms under hers and she shivers as your hands caress the soft skin of her abdomen
  60. >That's enough to make her disentangle her arms so she can place her hands on top of yours, her fingers instantly starting their well oiled routine of tracing the ridges of your knuckles before sliding their way between yours
  61. >Your hands dwarf hers in comparison
  62. >One of the many reminders of this forbidden relationship you share
  63. >It's easy to forget about it when you're so close, when you love and kiss and caress and hug
  64. >But it's still always there, in the back of your head, nagging you, eating you, making you remember
  65. >And another hum passes her lips, and you push all that bullshit in the back of your head
  66. >She needs you right now, more than you need to be reminded
  68. >"It's just..."
  69. >She hesitates for a bit
  70. >And you tighten your hold on her, and it gives her the courage she needs to keep going
  71. >"I-it's just that Rarity said that it's expected of a lady to know how to cook for her beau, and that men love to eat so..."
  72. >You couldn't help your smirk from growing with every words that came out after Rarity
  73. >It's funny how important Rarity is to Sweetie, even though they keep fighting all day long
  74. >You close the distance and plant another kiss on her neck, but you linger for a bit
  75. >And she tilts her head, as if to ease your access
  76. "I do love to eat,"
  77. >Your lips part from her skin, but only just long enough for the words to come out
  78. >And she tightens her hold on your hands as you start peppering her exposed skin with soft pecks
  79. >You know how much she loves that
  80. >But she still needs to hear what you have to say, so you lean back once more
  81. "But I love you more,"
  82. >Her reaction is exactly what you want, and more
  83. >Her lips part to let out the shortest of gasps, barely audible over the sounds of your heart beats, and her whole body melts onto yours, every muscles relaxing and losing any strength they still have, knowing, trusting that you'd be there to catch her if she fell
  84. >You see her trying to catch your gaze from the corner of her eyes but the rest of her body is betraying her, her neck obviously asking for more attention
  85. >And you're more than happy to oblige
  87. >And how much you love that part of her
  88. >Her beautiful neck
  89. >Her petite shoulders
  90. >Her feminine jaw and pierced ears
  91. >And her hair
  92. >You lean into it and inhale deeply, to show her how much you do
  93. >To prove her that all those times you said you loved her shampoo weren't just wind coming out of your mouth
  94. >She squirms as your hands start caressing more area and lightly stroking her sides, and her lower half inches backwards, enough to press against your morning wood
  95. >Enough to squeeze it against her soft flesh
  96. >And she once again doesn't react
  97. >She doesn't even look surprised, showing that she's doing it on purpose
  98. >You remember of the first moments of intimacy you shared, and all the anxiety and fears coming from her, fear of messing up or doing things you wouldn't like or wouldn't want her to do
  99. >Moments you'll cherish until you drop dead, you're sure
  100. >But she doesn't stop there, even as you lose yourself in thought and into her touch, and her legs get sent into play
  101. >And you can't contain the content sigh from coming out as she starts using them to caress yours
  102. >Her hairless and slender legs, as well as her small and delicate feet you kissed and loved more times than you can count
  103. >Such a stark contrast with yours
  104. >It makes her all the more beautiful
  105. >And in a bold move, something you didn't quite expect, she lifts your right hand upwards
  106. >And up
  107. >And up
  108. >Until your thumb finally reaches its target
  109. >She's just barely burgeoning
  110. >She only just started wearing bras last year, after all
  111. >Another reminder
  112. >You don't keep her waiting, and you brush against her mosquito bite
  113. >She shivers once again, and her breath quickens ever so slightly
  114. >And she presses backwards some more as she rolls her hips against your pride
  115. >And you groan
  116. >And her smirk widens
  117. >She perfectly knows where this is going
  118. >She's looking forward to it, even
  120. >Saying that you're not would be a lie
  121. >She's got all the proofs she needs
  122. >The hard, throbbing proof
  123. >But you're not to be outdone by something as tame as a little grinding
  124. >So you move your fingers to your target, and you pinch
  125. >Not enough to hurt her, of course
  126. >But enough to make her lips part as she lets out a surprised moan
  127. >You're as surprised as her, to be honest
  128. >You thought she'd expect something like this with how close your hand was
  129. >And with how many times you did this in the past
  130. >The small nub of flesh instantly hardens under your touch, and you rub, and pinch, and roll it between your thumb and your index, and her fingers clenches around the back of your hand, as if unsure if she wants you to stop teasing or to keep going
  131. >And you keep your eyes on her face as you do it all
  132. >You're not sure if she realizes how sexy she is to you
  133. >How hot it is for you to look at her as you play with her sensitive spots
  134. >How hot it is to see her breath visibly quicken and to see her bite her lip to try and stifle another moan
  135. >"Anon--"
  136. >Her voice dies in her throat as you give her bud a slightly sharper tug, and her back arches ever so slightly to try and ease the discomfort
  137. >Or maybe to try and coax even more pleasure from it
  138. >But your left hand still placed against her stomach keeps her in place, keeps her from going anywhere
  139. >And her left hand leaves yours, instantly rushing downwards to try and relieve some pressure, you believe
  140. >But you don't let her anyway
  141. >Your hand shoots for hers not a second later to yank it away from her crotch
  142. >"A-anon!"
  143. >Her little whine makes you throb
  144. >A part of you tries to convince you that you should feel horrible for teasing her like that, and for liking it so much
  145. >But the one in control has other plans
  146. >You let go of her wrist and your fingers pass the hem of her panties before she even realizes you're not holding her hand captive anymore
  147. >And she moans
  148. >And you grin
  149. >She's already wet
  151. >You're supposed to be comforting her anyway
  152. >Right?
  153. >Yep, totally not doing this because you love it
  154. >The sparse hairs of her mound caress your palm as your digits find her clam
  155. >"Ahn~!"
  156. >And her hand finds its place back on top of yours
  157. >Or at least on top of her panties
  158. >And she presses down, and you oblige
  159. >You trace the ridge of her lips with your fingertips as you lean your head in to kiss the neck you neglected for far too long
  160. >"Please Anon,"
  161. >You hum in response as you tease her opening using your middle finger
  162. >And the feel of her hammering heart against your now still hand reminds you that you're still holding her bosom hostage, so you get it back to work, groping and massaging at the flesh
  163. >"O-oh fuck!"
  164. >She blurts it out as a first inch sinks into her
  165. "Language,"
  166. >You half groan half tease
  167. >This is yet another reminder
  168. >The Sweetie you met wouldn't have ever used this word
  169. >That's how much you corrupted her
  170. >"Please--ah!"
  171. >And you hilt
  172. >And she gasps
  173. >And her hips roll forward trying to find even more of you to devour
  174. >You sadly cannot give her the inches she's looking for, so you have to resort on pushing your palm harder against her mound
  175. >"Yes there!
  176. >The soft skin of her fingertips leave place to her sharp nails and they sink into your flesh as you do as she commands, fastening your hold onto her and pressing her button using your palm and pulling your finger out before plunging in again
  177. >She's already so close, you can feel it
  178. >In the way she squirms against you
  179. >In the way she holds onto you
  180. >In the things she tries to say
  181. >You can take pride in that
  182. >And you teased her enough already
  183. >For now, at least
  184. >She moans louder than ever before as your teeth find her flesh
  185. >You think about asking her to keep it quiet, but you really don't feel like letting go of her right now
  186. >Better finish her, you'll talk about your neighbors later
  187. >So you prepare accordingly, and your index follows its brother inside of her on its next thrust
  188. >And she comes
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