Taggart losing a friend

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  1. (2:03:07 AM) Dexanote: You reappear, Devlin's body falling beside you.
  2. (2:03:20 AM) Dexanote: You're on the shore of the Pool.
  3. (2:04:07 AM) padri: Is Devlin's head anywhere?
  4. (2:04:44 AM) NAC: Cameron continues praying in latin, collecting Devlin's headless corpse and walking out of the shore. He's untouched, bloodless, and the girl he was charged to protect is dead and headless.
  5. (2:06:47 AM) padri: Renee heads inside. She goes to her room, then to the rec room, carrying a little slip of paper.
  6. (2:06:50 AM) NAC: Tears roll down his cheeks and he radios ahead. <<Adam. Body for you.>> He radios, somberly, as he walks forward.
  7. (2:07:04 AM) NAC: redact second radio, insert states
  8. (2:07:52 AM) TheRaven: Taggart is sitting there, sipping a coffee.
  9. (2:07:54 AM) DrSavage: <<Cameron...who?>>
  10. (2:08:09 AM) padri: "Taggart. . . We had a death." She turns off her radio.
  11. (2:08:15 AM) TheRaven: "No..."
  12. (2:08:23 AM) padri: "You might want to turn off your radio for a moment."
  13. (2:08:44 AM) TheRaven: "Nonononono..."
  14. (2:09:08 AM) padri: She is somber and serious. She waits for him to be able to hear it.
  15. (2:09:26 AM) NAC: Cameron cradles the girl, making sure not to fumble her corpse. He lifts that one hand that keeps falling back to the ground. <<Devlin. I'm bringing her in now.>> He warns, before finding a gurney and laying the girl down on it, placing a sheet over her severed stump of a neck.
  16. (2:09:40 AM) padri: Does Taggart hear over the radio?
  17. (2:09:58 AM) TheRaven: "God dammit!" He stands, and absolutely /roars./
  18. (2:10:19 AM) padri: She doesn't cower, but it takes a /lot/ of effort.
  19. (2:10:24 AM) padri: A lot.
  20. (2:10:44 AM) DrSavage: <<...What?>>
  21. (2:11:32 AM) TheRaven: He brings his rifle around, holding it in a white-knuckle grip. "What happened."
  22. (2:12:38 AM) padri: She can't keep from cowering now. "A guillotine. We didn't find the head."
  23. (2:12:46 AM) padri: It's very visible.
  24. (2:13:24 AM) TheRaven: He's shaking. "I'm going in."
  25. (2:13:33 AM) NAC: <<I'm bringing her in now.>> Cameron repeats, slowly walking down the halls, ambling his way to medical with her corpse.
  26. (2:13:44 AM) padri: "Taggart, you can't, it's already gone . . ."
  27. (2:13:49 AM) NAC: He walks slowly, purposefully.
  28. (2:15:34 AM) DrSavage: Adam sits in the middle of a now messy Medical. Papers and gauze and more are all over the floor.
  29. (2:15:40 AM) Ravinoff [~Ravinoff@C9EE857B.E17024EA.3EBEA5DF.IP] entered the room.
  30. (2:15:41 AM) DrSavage: His head is bowed.
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  37. (2:18:10 AM) TheRaven: Taggart walks up to the roof without a word.
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  39. (2:18:36 AM) padri: Ren sits on the couch, alone, and hides her face in her hands while she cries.
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  41. (2:19:22 AM) NAC: Cameron wheels the corpse into medical and stops. "This place is a mess." He mutters, eyes red as he wheels the corpse to Adam.
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  43. (2:20:15 AM) DrSavage: "It's my fault..." Adam mentions it as if he doesn't care. "Sheet off. Cause of death."
  44. (2:20:57 AM) DevilAngel [] entered the room.
  45. (2:20:59 AM) TheRaven: The sound of gunfire rings out across the landscape. A single long burst of 20 rounds.
  46. (2:22:17 AM) NAC: "Guillotine. Decapitation. Time of death was..." Cameron checks his watch "Around 30 minutes ago." He mumbles.
  47. (2:22:36 AM) NAC: "Maybe less."
  48. (2:22:38 AM) padri: Renee just sobs when she hears the gunfire.
  49. (2:24:14 AM) DrSavage: Adam looks to the corpse. ~Fruit man. Smiles. Devlin. Randy.~ Standing up, he looks to him. "I assume nothing could be done?"
  50. (2:26:00 AM) NAC: Cameron's relatively unharmed. He looks over himself. All the blood on him isn't his. Most of it's Devlins."..." He walks out of the room without another word.
  51. (2:26:37 AM) DrSavage: <<Taggart. Is your radio on?>>
  52. (2:26:48 AM) TheRaven: <<What.>>
  53. (2:26:59 AM) DrSavage: "Cameron, don't leave. Not yet."
  54. (2:27:09 AM) padri: Devlin didn't bleed.
  55. (2:27:12 AM) NAC: Cameron pauses in the door way.
  56. (2:27:22 AM) NAC: Devlin bled from the previous shrapnel wounds.
  57. (2:27:29 AM) NAC: When she died the first time.
  58. (2:27:30 AM) padri: Oh.
  59. (2:27:30 AM) DrSavage: <<You are needed in Medical.>> ~I'm making a mistake.~
  60. (2:27:40 AM) TheRaven: <<What the fuck for.>>
  61. (2:28:45 AM) DrSavage: <<I have work I have to do. I think you know on who. It's my /job/. I think you should pay respects before I do what the Foundation hired me for.>>
  62. (2:29:46 AM) TheRaven: <<Touch her and you'll be the next one on the slab.>>
  63. (2:30:07 AM) DevilAngel: When Taggart arrives, or Adam for that matter, they'll notice her necklace is missing.
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  65. (2:31:39 AM) DrSavage: <<I don't want to. Devlin was my /friend/, not just a patient. Me not working on her does her no favors.>>
  66. (2:31:52 AM) DrSavage: Adam looks to Cameron. "This is why I need you here."
  67. (2:32:01 AM) NAC: Cameron's still in the doorway, fist clenched.
  68. (2:32:09 AM) NAC: He just waits there.
  69. (2:32:59 AM) TheRaven: <<I am personally seeing to it that she gets a proper burial. You don't touch her.>>
  70. (2:33:13 AM) DrSavage: <<That's /not/ your call. I'm sorry.>>
  71. (2:33:17 AM) padri: She pins Devlin's name up onto the Board and returns to her room where she sleeps oddly peacefully.
  72. (2:34:01 AM) TheRaven: <<I am /making/ it my call. Fuck the regulations.>>
  73. (2:36:11 AM) DrSavage: <<Don't, Taggart. I need to work on her. Where would we bury her anyway?>>
  74. (2:37:08 AM) TheRaven: <<We're in the middle of nowhere. Where the fuck do you think?>>
  75. (2:38:01 AM) DrSavage: <<And run the risk that this soil or the pool would use that against us? Against /you/?>>
  76. (2:39:37 AM) TheRaven: <<I know a place.>>
  77. (2:39:38 AM) padri: Renee will turn her radio back on when she wakes up in the middle of the night feeling off, and then she'll sleep peacefully until morning.
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  80. (2:41:20 AM) DrSavage: <<Name it. Or I can't trust you in this state. And I /want/ to trust you.>>
  81. (2:42:24 AM) TheRaven: <<The gorge. Where Don ran into that throwing creature.>>
  82. (2:43:37 AM) DrSavage: <<Which implies even that place isn't safe. I'm sorry.>>
  83. (2:45:22 AM) DrSavage: <<Come to see her before or I work, or it's going to hurt that much more. I'm expecting your hatred. And I accept it. My job is a dark one, but it is /needed/ so that others may continue on...>>
  84. (2:45:53 AM) TheRaven: <<Do what you have to. But at least give me something to remember her by.>>
  85. (2:45:56 AM) NAC: Cameron begins walking out of medical, sitting on the ground outside.
  86. (2:46:03 AM) NAC: Outside the door*
  87. (2:46:42 AM) DrSavage: <<Taggart, I will. But...come see her...or you may regret it...>>
  88. (2:47:09 AM) TheRaven: <<No. I want to remember her how she was.>>
  89. (2:47:29 AM) Noble: Paresse heads down the corridors, noticing Cameron outside of medical. "Yo! Cameron. What's wrong?"
  90. (2:48:01 AM) NAC: Cameron looks up at Paresse, he stands up and walks away.
  91. (2:48:57 AM) Noble: Paresse blinks. "What did I miss?.."
  92. (2:49:02 AM) DrSavage: <<Taggart. Remember your happy times with her. I believe very much that's what she'd want. Grieve...but do not dwell, yes?>>
  93. (2:49:09 AM) DrSavage: Adam looks to the door. "Come in."
  94. (2:50:22 AM) Sleeping_Wilt: A voice crackles up on the radio! Who can it be? You're not quite sure.
  95. (2:50:28 AM) Sleeping_Wilt: <<The gorge is gone.>>
  96. (2:50:51 AM) DrSavage: <<...I'm sorry, Taggart. I'm so sorry...>>
  97. (2:52:17 AM) TheRaven: <<What's done is done. Leave me alone.>>
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  101. (2:53:31 AM) Noble: Paresse heads into Medical with a sigh.
  102. (2:54:01 AM) TheRaven: He switches off his radio and lies down on the roof.
  103. (2:54:24 AM) DrSavage: Adam strokes the arm of the corpse gently. Mortician Adam has work once more.
  104. (2:54:47 AM) DrSavage: "Devlin did not make the last mission."
  105. (2:56:24 AM) TheRaven: He stares up and the stars. A single tear is shed.
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  107. (2:58:39 AM) NAC: Cameron makes his way to the gym. He gets on a treadmill and runs all night.
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  113. (3:15:10 AM) Noble: Paresse blinks, still for a moment. "What..
  114. (3:18:51 AM) DrSavage: "She didn't make it." Adam looks to him.
  115. (3:19:12 AM) DrSavage: "...Must I say it in a less soft manner?"
  116. (3:20:34 AM) Noble: "I got it... It's just taking a few seconds for me to register it... Shit."
  117. (3:22:09 AM) Noble: "We're all either dying or keep coming close to it.."
  118. (3:22:09 AM) Noble: "Everything's going to fuck lately."
  119. (3:23:37 AM) DrSavage: Adam /immediately/ grips him by the collar. "If we lose hope, you might as well jump in the pool now."
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  121. (3:27:11 AM) Noble: Paresse frowns. "I refuse to lose hope... I thank Stephi for giving me more hope then I've ever felt in the last ten years.. I'm not going to lose it if you won't Adam... We've lost too much to not go on. Please let go of me now."
  122. (3:28:31 AM) DrSavage: "People die. It is sad. They will be missed. We must live on to honor them and keep things moving. Grieve. Grieving is normal." Adam's eyes are brimming with tears. "She was my /friend/, as was Randy. And now I have to /cut/ her open." Adam releases him. "I am sorry."
  123. (3:30:11 AM) Noble: "I'm going to miss them too Adam.. At the moment... I'm here to help a guy I consider my friend." Paresse looks at Adam. "I'm not going to let you do this alone."
  124. (3:37:04 AM) DrSavage: Adam strokes the corpse's arm gently. He says a prayer in Gaelic.
  126. ---
  128. (5:00:43 PM) TheRaven: Taggart walks into the rec room and grabs a coffee. He sits in the usual corner. Is anyone else there?
  129. (5:01:34 PM) DrSavage: Adam is sitting against the wall. It's not clear if he's asleep or not. His hat obscures his eyes.
  130. (5:05:47 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs as he finally finishes and stands. He decides to head fro Rec.
  131. (5:06:24 PM) Halvors: *for
  132. (5:07:50 PM) Vol [] entered the room.
  133. (5:08:26 PM) Halvors: Sverre walks in to Rec. He takes a seat and idly glances around.
  134. (5:09:08 PM) TheRaven: Taggart is sitting there. He looks...different, somehow.
  135. (5:09:41 PM) DrSavage: Adam is sitting against a wall, on the floor. He's wearing a flatcap, which is covering his eyes.
  136. (5:10:54 PM) Mere_Observer: Max stops working and walks to the Rec for a cup of coffee.
  137. (5:11:32 PM) Halvors: Sverre spots Taggart. "Oh..." He walks over and wordlessly gives him Devlin's hat and necklace. "She told me to give these to you, if... well."
  138. (5:11:47 PM) Halvors: -worlessly DERP
  139. (5:11:50 PM) Halvors: *wordlessly
  140. (5:13:15 PM) padri: Renee goes to the roof. She knows better than to go to rec after there's been a death.
  141. (5:13:45 PM) Mere_Observer: Max walks into the Rec and fixes his coffee.
  142. (5:14:00 PM) TheRaven: He takes them and heads up to the roof.
  143. (5:14:24 PM) padri: She turns around when the door opens. "Hey Taggart."
  144. (5:14:27 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs as Taggart leaves. "Ach." He slumps down in a seat.
  145. (5:14:57 PM) TheRaven: "Hey."
  146. (5:15:35 PM) padri: She smiles sympathetically at him before turning out to look back over the pool.
  147. (5:17:07 PM) Halvors: Sverre's wearing something simple- a tank top, brown, tucked into his jeans. He's wearing a small amulet, and his belt has a polished brass buckle.
  148. (5:17:47 PM) NAC [] entered the room.
  149. (5:22:15 PM) TheRaven: "You ever think about just leaving it all?"
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  151. (5:23:55 PM) DevilAngel [] entered the room.
  152. (5:23:56 PM) padri: "Sometimes. But do you honestly think we can? That it won't just follow us? The things I've seen here, the people I met. . . I'm not sure it's possible to leave."
  153. (5:26:24 PM) TheRaven: "I just...what's the point of it anymore? They sent me here to protect people, but that's not even happening anymore."
  154. (5:26:47 PM) padri: "I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, Taggart."
  155. (5:28:17 PM) FlyingIcarus [] entered the room.
  156. (5:28:35 PM) DrSavage: Adam stands up quietly, walking over to Sverre.
  157. (5:29:15 PM) TheRaven: He sighs. "I guess. But the bastard with the coin still got to you."
  158. (5:29:43 PM) Halvors: Sverre looks up to Adam as he comes over. He looks at Adam, wondering what he has to say...
  159. (5:30:44 PM) padri: She looks away from Taggart, a hand going to the tattoo. "Nobody could've done anything about that."
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  162. (5:33:15 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry sits in his room, looking out of his window.
  163. (5:33:56 PM) padri: "I just wish I didn't have to look at that tattoo every morning and evening. It's. . . it's. . ."
  164. (5:34:30 PM) DrSavage: "Death comes to us all. I have prayed to /all/ of them that guide those after we leave this world...she is being cared for, just as Randy is. She will be missed, but we must live on. For her. For Randy." Adam pats his shoulder. "You did what you could. We cannot save them all."
  165. (5:35:13 PM) Halvors: Sverre stands and abruptly embraces Adam in a (manly[?]) hug.
  166. (5:35:25 PM) Halvors: "I appreciate the sentiment kamerat."
  167. (5:35:25 PM) FlyingIcarus: "I have an odd feeling that I missed something important..."
  168. (5:36:54 PM) TheRaven: "It's hell."
  169. (5:38:03 PM) padri: "I was going to say more invasive than anything else, but that sums it up quite nicely. It sums all of this place up quite nicely."
  170. (5:39:12 PM) DrSavage: Adam embraces Sverre and pats his back. "I could not save Randy. You could not save Devlin. But now they no longer suffer. They would want us to continue on, and remember our time with them fondly."
  171. (5:39:28 PM) FlyingIcarus: He exits his room silently.
  172. (5:39:37 PM) Mere_Observer [] entered the room.
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  174. (5:41:19 PM) Halvors: "Ja... ja." Sverre clutches Adam close for another moment before releasing him and patting him on the back. He looks at Adam for a second... "And we must seize life by the horns, nicht wahr?"
  175. (5:42:16 PM) Halvors: Sverre looks like he's about to do something... but then he closes his eyes for a moment. When he opens them, whatever it was is gone.
  176. (5:42:23 PM) TheRaven: He sits down on the roof and stares at Devlin's locket.
  177. (5:43:53 PM) Halvors: "Well then." Sverre clears his throat a little and glances down at his feet.
  178. (5:44:45 PM) padri: Ren leans on the railing.
  179. (5:45:56 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry approaches the rec room.
  180. (5:47:21 PM) Lurker is now known as Lurk_Outie
  181. (5:47:30 PM) TheRaven: Actually, redact, Taggart leans on the rail as well, because I forgot it was there.
  182. (5:48:25 PM) FlyingIcarus: He goes inside, with nary a sound.
  183. (5:48:46 PM) DrSavage: Adam nods, and pats his shoulder. "You will be alright. As will I." He smiles, though his eyes remain hidden.
  184. (5:49:26 PM) Halvors: Sverre hesitates. His mouth opens, then closes. "Were you and Biffy... close?"
  185. (5:50:28 PM) FlyingIcarus: He takes a seat in the corner, alone.
  186. (5:51:36 PM) padri: "She shouldn't have died."
  187. (5:51:40 PM) DrSavage: "We were good friends. Found out he was in love with me. So...yes. Why?"
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  189. (5:52:45 PM) TheRaven: "No..."
  190. (5:53:07 PM) Kens_Away is now known as Butt_Ghost
  191. (5:53:10 PM) Halvors: "I was just... uh. You two weren't... uh, /together/?"
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  193. (5:53:36 PM) padri: "I mean, I should've been able to save her. I was all ready, I should've pushed her out of the way, but then I got scared."
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  195. (5:53:50 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry pulls out a small book, and begins to read.
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  197. (5:54:25 PM) padri: "And it's so. . . so /dumb./"
  198. (5:54:42 PM) padri: The word dumb doesn't really fit well in her mouth.
  199. (5:55:49 PM) DevilAngel is now known as FoodPrep
  200. (5:55:49 PM) TheRaven: "It's okay."
  201. (5:57:00 PM) DrSavage: "No. Only friends, why?"
  202. (5:57:33 PM) Halvors: "Ah. It is just my curiosity. I apologize if it's intrusive of me." Sverre shrugs.
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  204. (5:57:42 PM) thedeadlymoose [] entered the room.
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  206. (5:58:25 PM) padri: "Thank you. Taggart, could I. . .?" She holds out her hand hesitantly.
  207. (5:59:06 PM) FlyingIcarus: He suddenly stops reading, and looks around the room.
  208. (5:59:25 PM) TheRaven: He hands her the locket.
  209. (5:59:43 PM) DrSavage: "Seems more than curiousity. Why?"
  210. (6:00:18 PM) Lurkbot: Tam drinks on the job. He sits in his office sipping at a Guinness.
  211. (6:00:58 PM) Halvors: "I just..." Sverre almost maybe blushes. "Ach. This is so damned unprofessional of me."
  212. (6:01:09 PM) padri: No, like she was going to touch him, not like she wanted the locket.
  213. (6:01:22 PM) NAC is now known as NAC|Vidja
  214. (6:02:00 PM) FoodPrep is now known as DevilAngel
  215. (6:02:04 PM) FlyingIcarus: He stands up, grabs a coffe, and leaves the rec room.
  216. (6:02:07 PM) FlyingIcarus: coffee*
  217. (6:02:31 PM) desert_derelict [] entered the room.
  218. (6:02:45 PM) TheRaven: Oh, derp. Redact.
  219. (6:02:50 PM) TheRaven: "Yeah."
  220. (6:03:04 PM) DrSavage: "Tell me."
  221. (6:03:07 PM) padri: What's he wearing?
  222. (6:03:52 PM) Halvors: "Well. You're straight, aren't you? You kinda... send off certain vibes. I was uncertain."
  223. (6:05:23 PM) TheRaven: The usual outfit. Jeans, t-shirt, chest rig.
  224. (6:06:25 PM) padri: She reaches out and gently tugs at the sleeve of his t-shirt before yanking her hand back. It takes her a while; he might find it awkward.
  225. (6:06:52 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry walks about the base for a while.
  226. (6:09:33 PM) TheRaven: He raises an eyebrow, but doesn't say anything.
  227. (6:10:10 PM) padri: She goes back to looking over the pool, keeping her hands to herself.
  228. (6:12:15 PM) Lurkbot: Pretender is a giant green caterpillar again. "And she's purchasing a broken escalator to the afterliiiiiife~"
  229. (6:12:32 PM) padri: After a moment, she walks back inside.
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