Another Man's Wife 01 - 02

Jun 27th, 2019
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Another Man's Wife - Shitty Recap (01 - 02)

So MC lives with his wife, they have been together for a couple of years and they're married since 6 months, he was very happy with his wife but recently he has some erectile dysfunction and doesn't know why because he's still attracted to her and wants to have sex with her. He's stressed recently because he can't satisfy his wife sexual urges.. He's ashamed of himself at night when he hears his wife touching herself and he wants to change the situation before she cheats on him. The next morning he goes to work with his wife and in the elevator they bump into their new neighbors, he finds the man creepy and wife sexy (Brunette), he's wondering how this fatty can be with such a beauty.. Fatty tells to MC that he's lucky to have such a gorgeous wife, MC's wife is happy hearing such a bold praise.. After that he has a little argument with his wife about the way he was looking at Brunette..
He goes to a doctor, the doc tells him that it's a psychological problem and to try something new with his wife or to directly try to have sex with another woman. MC can't do that to his wife and wants to find another solution.

After returning home, he jerk off looking at a picture of his wife and he doesn't know why he can't get hard when he's with her.. Someone knocks at the door, it's Brunette..

Brunette offers him some fruit and she wishes that they will have a good relationship as neighbor in the future. He asks her if she wants to eat something she refuses his offer telling him that her husband will come home late tonight and she's on diet recently.. He tells her that he's the same his wife attends to a meeting tonight so he's alone and have no appetite.. He thinks that she's a mother because she offers him some fruit and finds it abit weird for a married to be alone with another woman.. He offers her a cup of coffee, she likes the smell and love the bittersweet taste.. She asks what coffee did he uses.. He tells her that it's a Kopi Luwak coffee and it's a bit special but he loves it.. She knows this coffee and she's happy because she wanted to taste it for a while..

MC doesn't know why but he finds Brunette really attractive, he gets a hard on looking at her freaks out about that.. She spills her coffee on MC's crotch and she wants to clean up the mess. She notices his boner, it surprises her.. They apologize to each other.. Someone knocks on the door startling both of them.. He heads toward the door in hurry, its Blonde (Wife's coworker) she greets MC and tells him that she's sorry for wife.. Wife is drunk asf and tells to MC that she loves him.. He asks to blonde why they're already back. SHe tells him that Wife was pretty drunk so she brought her back home.. Wife apologizes to MC, he thinks that it's not good situation for him because Brunette is here and Wife can misunderstand something about this..
He brings Wife toward the bed and doesn't know where Brunette goes because she's not in the living room anymore, he doesn't really care about that and he's happy because no misunderstanding with wife..

Brunette is hiding in the wardrobe, she makes some noises and MC notices her.. He doesn't understand why she's here.. Wife jump on MC and gives him a kiss.. A deep kiss.. He wonders why he's feeling so excited tonight and that he needs to stop his wife because Brunette is still there.. Wife goes wild on him and want his dick he tells that he doesn't feel well today and wants to do it another time.. She touches his erect dick and tells that he wants it too. She gives him a blowjob.. He cant' stop thinking about the pleasure invading his body.. He thinks it's not really good for brunette to do this sort of thing in front of her but he need to please his wife because he doesn't want to lose her..

He tells to his wife that it's his turn to please her, he eats her pussy, she loves it.. He thinks that having Brunette watching him awoken a hidden pleasure inside him.. He likes this thrilling situation.. Brunette begins ti feel hot watching making love to his wife.

MC fucks his wife, she screams of pleasure.. He thinks that it's feeling really good.. Meh talk about feeling a deep connection between the three of them..


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