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'Truth about Fodder' by Rizla Hemingway

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  1. *Brace yourselves, this is gonna be a long one*
  4. This is going to be a topic containing truth and only truth but the evidence will be insufficient, considering I had to format last night out of nowhere and apparently I missed a lot of awesome stuff. So, in this topic, we will discuss and reveal the truth about Fodder.
  6. First of all, I'd like to address another issue and that is the issue of confusing me with Fodder. I'm Nodder, otherwise known as Rizla. I enjoy manipulating or exploiting people online, only the ones that deserve it of course. It's funny enough, although I never proceed in actions that would financially damage them (scamming etc). I thoroughly enjoyed being lectured about Organner, looks like you kids have more information than we do, we should mod you as soon as possible. I also enjoyed watching nerds fight for hours about things they shouldn't give a shit in the first place. Anyways, you can find me here: http://forum.organner.pl/member.php?19382-Rizla
  8. Now, the reason I supported Fodder and the reason I was aliasing as Nodder will be discussed in the following paragraph. Let me say that you are all dumb skids in my book, so I'm doing you a favor you certainly don't deserve. But, here we go.
  10. Fodder has been a ridiculous cheater since I can remember being involved in the cheat scene in 2009. I have been a respectful LAN CS player back in 2005-2006. Later on, in 2009, I started cheating sporadically and learned bunch of shit as time passed. Now, Fodder was always a cheater as passionate as I was. Meaning, he would try to find ways to justify every possible cheated action and pose as a legitimate player. He would try to perfect aspects of the game that made cheating better and pose as a professional. Recent example is the map he made, which actually helps a lot if you are aimbotting the way he does and apparently the way I used to. Long story short, Fodder tried to be the perfect cheater and so did I. So, I took an interest in his actions and tried to approach him. My intentions were pure at first, I was actually more or less undecided.
  12. As soon as I approached him, I opened my cards. I said I'm this guy, I do this, I cheat, you cheat, let's talk. I thought this guy must be kinda 'big case' etc. What I saw was a tiny delusional kid, talking a ton of shit. First, he talked about CS and the no-shake no-spread cheats he used, which he bought from [ain't gonna tell] and [ain't gonna tell]. Later, he showed me one of his contacts, a guy named [ain't gonna tell] who later became a friend of mine. He kept going on and on about it on team-speak server and later on we slowly got to know each other. He told me about his Over-watch ban, his goals and I also found out some personal stuff that I won't disclose here or any place for that matter. Bottom line is, shit was on.
  14. Later, I decided to help Fodder rise both in popularity and regarding his stream. What I did was very simple. I created a similar alias, causing confusion, therefore more idiotic posts and bumps by the average HLTV user. Then, I started defending him as best as I could about the accusations etc, only by provoking with few valid points. This resulted in massive walls of text being produced, attracting a huge number of viewers on his stream (although he may have bot-viewed it a bit dunno). I also made a 50$ donation to start things and later I kept donating 2$, with the anticipation that other morons would donate as well (and they did, a lot). So far, he was on his way to not only attempt an Over-watch ban reversal in his main account but, also start performing as a streamer. You know, after you hit 3000 viewers, it's only growing. So far, so good.
  16. A thing I started to notice - and frankly I anticipated it - was that Fodder is a total douche. Meaning he neglected the donations, he would pretty much assume I was a fan-boy or assume that he's the one 'tricking' people into all this. When in fact, the only person moving the strings was me and only me. So, that convinced me to keep on going with my plan and fuck him over when he would reach his peak (netex take notes). Since I was out last night and just came home, I saw that moron was VAC banned and I thought I'd share. We shouldn't let him get all the fame of his ban, right?
  18. So, Fodder has been using a 'troll' version of a 1.6 private cheat that [unknown], [unknown] and [unknown] have been coding, just a simple fov+smooth+aimtime cheat but, internal and well-built. All his frag-movies in YouTube are with that cheat. His ESL frags are with the usual 'double PC' wire thingy, even a 10 year old can cheat on ESL anyways. He has no ESEA frags, although he mentioned something about his friend cheating with a public cheat on ESEA for 5 years without facing a ban. But, he was talking so much that I fell asleep and lost that part. Moving on.
  20. For CS:GO, he has been using another 'troll' version (troll version meaning less features than the ones they sell and the ones I was about to purchase). Just a simple fov+smooth without any visibility checks (which is the one that banned him, funny shit). The way he was aim-botting (NOT TRIGGERBOTTING for fuck sake) I think it was with mouse5 as aimkey, automatically walking (pausing) and 'locking' then shooting with mouse1. Also, it's fairly easy to learn how to tap and use that aimbot method with it. Or perhaps he was aimbotting with another key, i dont give a shit and neither should you tbh. He also begged one of the coders to build him an ESEA proof cheat for 250$ (which is just disgraceful, who the fuck demands this for 250, it's peanuts). Moving on.
  22. Now, my plan was to expose him and then simply charge-back my donation, leaving him stunned. But, I see he has done it himself. The only reason I hide the coders' names is because 1. I respect them, as they haven't done anything bad to me 2. I know one of them and 3. all you skids are gonna just add them and beg for a cheat, so fuck off and play clean. It won't happen.
  25. In the end, all this will serve him well, since he will get his fat ass out of his chair and go do something productive with his life. Let this be a memory: http://gyazo.com/55114aa22a93001c15a2a72c22895f69
  27. Well, that should cover every last bit of your lust for answers. If you want steam chat screens and that typical teenage shit you tend to do, it won't happen. I never do that and I never will. He knows, I know and now he will live with the regret that everyone else knows, although I still give him enough space to dribble his nonsense and defend it (which will backfire I assure you) or he can just admit what he was, what he is and what he won't be (and just make a fresh start).
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