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Dec 11th, 2019
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  1. What would life look like in 2030 with technology?
  3. Think for a moment of how life used to be when our parents were young. Travelling to school for hours from home, learning via borrowing books from the library, writing letters that would take weeks to reach to your loved ones, doing so many paperwork to do bank transactions are no longer burdens in our lives any more. Instead, nowadays students can learn staying at home via distance learning, they can learn on their own via e-learning, your mails would only take a few seconds to be sent to the other corner of the world and you could do all your bank transactions via your mobile phone online without bothering to fill in a single paperwork.
  4. Taking one step backwards, the term Technology came into existence with the invention of the steam engine in the early 1800s with the start of the Industrial revolution. Since then the technology has been developed by people all around the world and the evolving technology has been changing the lives of people everywhere.
  5. As the saying goes, the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. The world has been changing very rapidly and the changes that have been achieved during the last few years have been a very steep one. In the years to come, the changes that are to come will be steeper and humanity will reach heights which are beyond imagination.
  6. Let me walk you through a beautiful scenario that would depict how future technology might have been embedded in our daily lives.
  7. Nancy woke up on a weekday, perfectly rested, refreshed and ready to start her day. She woke up to a gentle nudge on her wrist by her newest smartwatch. Ever since she started using the perfect sleep time prediction application that mined data from her schedule, health monitoring devices -- her smart watch, shoes and the whole lot she has lost count, she experienced perfect sleep. Humans sleep in cycles of time periods characterized by a lot of physical and mental attributes. Sleeping at the perfect moment to gain an integer number of sleep cycles. People wake up from this perfect sleep for a minimum disturbance. Waking up has never been this "easy" or "perfect" ever before. Waking up is the best when she did not have any reason to wake in the morning before she had to go to school. Every kid has to wake up to leave for school for more than a decade. Waking up for school is torture! Looking back, it was not all torture. There was mother's love waking her up, mother's tea "really" waking her up and sometimes her dog's wet sniffs on her soles. And then there was alarm clocks. Sonorous beating of metallic drums, beeps in digital clocks and artificial rooster sounds on mobile phones. Clocks had sound but that was all. She bought her first smart band a little before a decade. It could nudge her wrist rather without the rooster in the mobile phone having to shout -- not irritating, but not perfect either.
  8. This seemed like the best waking up could be. But things changed with the sleep monitoring feature update. App let her know if she slept enough last day, or if she had deep sleep and whatnot. She tried her best to sleep early so that the app will show "enough sleep" the next day. Three other smart bands and millions of scientific breakthroughs in health sensing and pattern recognition later -- sleep was perfect now! So perfect that she no longer missed her mother nor the dog. Given the choice, no one would have chosen the messy, late waking up. Almost no one would. XX would. Or may would not. It didn't matter because there was no choice. Perfect sleep was there. Her mother nor the dog was not. Mother -- back at far away nursing home with the best health facilities and the dog -- in the infamous barn where all dogs go to spend their eternal lives once the veterinary surgeon decides to. At least when the prediction algorithm in the veterinary surgeons workstation decides to. Sometimes, XX wonders if her mother's doctor's workstation will be able to calculate the exact break event point of life's worth and suffering to decide a perfect time as to when she should go knocking on pearly gates. She wishes it would not happen in her mother's natural lifetime. Just like she sometimes wished the veterinary workstation was at least a little late so she could have woken up to the wet sniffs of her dog for a few more times -- neither perfectly rested nor full of energy to face the new day.
  14. Life in 2030 will be more safe and secure as the healthcare field will be revolutionized by the real time patient monitoring systems in 2030. In 2030 all the humans will have a sensor or a chip implanted in their body or in their blood and it will continuously monitor the person’s body and check for any abnormalities. The monitoring system will also monitor the lifestyle of the person including the physical activities, sleeping patterns and diet patterns of a person and notify the person in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The monitoring system will also update the doctor and the patient himself with continuous data and notifies them both only when an abnormality has been predicted or diagnosed. Most of the abnormalities will be predicted before by the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big data using all the medical data collected from people all over the world over the years and stored in cloud computing platforms. The physicians will be just needed to confirm the diagnosis or prediction and to provide further treatment for the diagnosis for the patient. And the hospitals will only be used as treatment centers as diagnosis and channeling parts will be carried out from homes using advanced communication technologies like advanced video conferencing facilities using smart screens. And most of the treatment procedures will be automated by 2030.Most common and simple medical procedures will be done by AI powered robots. And the physicians will be only needed to perform complicated treatment procedures. In 2030 hospitals will have facilities to perform surgeries and complicated treatment procedures using remote access methods. So that the physicians from various parts of the world will be able to perform surgeries to a patient in some other part of the world. And this would make access to advanced healthcare to people in every nook and corner of the world. Almost all parts of the healthcare will be automated in 2030 including emergency responding services. With the sensors and chips and implanted in the bodies of the people whenever an emergency medical need like an accident, a stroke or a heart attack occurs the emergency responders will be automatically notified and they will immediately attend the situation. So all these development in technologies used in healthcare facilities will help to save a lot of lives all around the world.
  16. Nowadays most people use "smart" words for everything, like smartphones, smartwatches, and smart homes. When does the "smart" word come from? When you can connect your phone and watch with your home sensors and other appliances that will become a "smart home".
  18. Smart light, tv, Security camera, locks, speakers and digital assistants are the best smart home devices in this era. We can only do some little functions from using these devices. Power failure, hackers, lack of data, were the treats for this opportunity. But these days a lot of smart home providers like Google, Amazon, and Huawei are on the way to reduce threats and make ourselves easier than it was using 5G with AI.
  20. As more people think about 2030 smart home appliances will be more powerful and more reliable. The smart home assistant can do everything for you without your orders. They will identify if you woke or not by motion sensors and if you are woke they will make a cup of coffee while arranging the best way to your office reducing traffic with all your needs. They will set the best temperature using collected data and they will identify very sensitive needs. if you are using a smart fridge it can detect what is missing in the fridge and it will add those missing items to the shopping list. now comes the best part. how many of you waste your time for cooking. In the future, it will end. Because if you are using smart kitchen appliances it will automatically begin preparing your preselected meal. If you want any assistance for your recipe you can ask it from the digital assistant. Security is the
  21. main thing that we are looking at these days. In the future, you can monitor via webcams when you need it.
  23. When we are stepping forward to the future, we will leave the historical ways of banking behind and move to more smarter and personalized applications while adopting greater levels of automation. Confirming the personal details will be omitted since the customers will be identified by using face recognition and voice recognition. Combination of finance and technology which is known as "Fintech" is playing a major role in present time as well. As an example we can take Paypal and Applepay. With the enhancement of the technology, within the next 20 years each and every consumer product will be related to "Fintech". Open banking with the blockchain technology will be used for a connected network of financial service providers which will be a help to enable the virtual banks. The security and transparency of the data will be ensured via blockchain while following Artificial Intelligence authenticating and verifying. Therefore the future of banking will be "Invisible banks". The virtual wallet will be managed with the prediction of how we might allocate our money. Not only that, the paper currency will become history because cryptocurrency Bitcoin or digital currency will take its place.
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