Shrunk with Korra

May 9th, 2017
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  1. >End up tiny because of spirit bullshit
  2. >The Avatar gets called in to help
  3. >She... doesn't do the best job
  4. >Spirits aren't causing trouble anymore
  5. >But you're still tiny
  6. >Feeling bad about her fuck up she offers to take care of you
  7. >She does a good job
  8. >At first
  9. >She quickly loses interest and mostly just makes sure you won't starve and leaves you to your own devices in her room
  11. >It's not too bad actually, though Republic City is quite a bit warmer than where she's from
  12. >Which led to some awkward moments when she tried to beat the heat
  13. >The first couple of times she got hot enough to strip down she seems to just plan forget you were there
  14. >But as that summer got hotter she just seems to stop caring, other than occasionally teasingly asking you if you enjoy the view
  15. >(You'd be lying if you said you didn't, though you doubt all the times she "accidentally" sat or laid on you right after stripping really were accidents)
  16. >You do get a burst of attention when you mention you're a healer after she comes home covered in bruises one too many times
  17. >That just led to you getting shanghaied into patching her up
  18. >Between using you as her personal pocket healer and her casual disregard for your presence, you end up seeing a LOT more of the Avatar than you expected
  19. >Particularly when probending season started up again
  20. >Those days she just comes home, strips down, and drops you on her sweat coated abs telling you to get to work
  21. >You always knew when she won
  22. >Ridding the high of victory she's usually end up moving you between her breasts or thighs before she decided her "healing" session was done
  24. >Things got a lot more ....complex when she moved in with Asami and her new girlfriend realized you were roughly the size of Future Industry's new "vibration aids"
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