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Jul 2nd, 2010
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  1. tl;dr: We only solve certain translation problems. We're too good and too busy to translate for free for you. Don't waste our time. Go to #tl and chatter away there, that's our spam channel.
  3. Rules:
  4. Welcome to #translators, patient reader! This is a narrowly specialised channel by translators for translators Japanese/Chinese/Korean->English, and we can translate for you what we deem interesting translation-wise. No, not plot-wise. Not art-wise.
  5. Already a translator willing to find smart and anal colleagues? :D Just say so, you'll get voiced.
  6. Otherwise, we suggest that you stood by the following procedure:
  7. <you> Hi, this page /direct link to picture here/ causes me trouble at frame N bubble M
  8. (optional) <you> the context to this is /explain your context/
  9. (necessary) You sit back and wait, we're international and somebody should be around at any time.
  10. <we> /explain explain consider discuss solve/
  11. <you> thank you, that solves it.
  12. (necessary) you do one or more of the following: leave; go to #tl; lurk and learn.
  13. --
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