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Apr 24th, 2022
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  1. I’m starting OSS, what should I buy?
  3. Priorities:
  4. S: Essential to list building. You can avoid this purchase but you shouldn't.
  5. A: Staple for good reason but not strictly required
  6. B: Common choices but situational or down to preference
  7. C: Thematic and flavorful but not as powerful as other options. Nomads wish their best units were this good
  8. D: Not Recommended, with explanation
  9. + Favored units within tier, though this is often aesthetic
  11. S Tier:
  12. +OSS Action Pack (OSSAP) - Starter, everything useable as itself or as proxy
  13. +Dakini Box - dakini SWC weapons & Spitfire Deva
  14. 1st Rebots box - Basic Faction REMs. Build as lamedh & daleth, run both as lamedh to start. (Conversion tip: Rebot gun mount matches Rudras gun mount, can give OSSAP Rudras a different gun during assembly.)
  16. Starter List using above boxes
  18. Proxies:
  19. OSSAP Deva & Naga as mk1 & mk2
  20. Shakti as Yadu hacker
  21. Rudras as probot.
  23. Expansions:
  24. A Tier:
  25. Probots - EVO hacker good, rest are C tier
  26. +Dart - Great midfield hunter
  27. +Asura Hacker - The SHODAN Terminator. LT profile is OSS exclusive
  28. 2nd Rebots box- 2nd box to build zayin & samekh. Alt: O-12 Copperbots are similar chassis but better gun position
  29. Danavas - Top tier Hacker. Karkata is for Marut, can be any peripheral or HVT
  30. Posthumans 2G - Mk4 & Mk5 bodies, good posthumans starter
  31. Aleph Support Pack - older pack, netrods are S tier & yudbots are doctor or engineer peripheral. Sophotec has fallen off, but is a useful proxy
  32. +Marut - TAG for OSS. New model looks great
  34. B Tier:
  35. Parvati - Top linkable engineer/doctor, her points make her expendable if you don't use both skills
  36. Naga Hacker - for Naga or Daysu non-sniper profiles
  37. +Garuda (BSG or Spitfire) - OSS Combat jump unit, only need 1
  38. Motorized Bounty Hunter - great cheap striker. Has a model, I use +Penthesilea Special Edition as Aleph MBH.
  39. CSU - Cheap dakini team filler, any semi-civilian model will work. Ex: Leila Sharif, Securitates, Dire foes 9
  40. Warcor - cheap deployment guard/final 3 points. Official model, or a HVT can do double duty
  42. C Tier:
  43. +Andromeda - Great model, now nerfed. Can terrify opponents, but takes finesse
  44. Arjuna - high price, single wound, and unique weapons leave them niche
  45. Yadu box - high points/model skews lists. Use the OSSAP Yadu & Shakti to try before buying
  46. Miranda/Sforza/Bounty Hunters - interesting options. Can use same models as CSUs
  47. Aleph High Functionary - good HVT or proxy
  48. Posthumans 1G - older box, models are finicky. Profiles are all useful, but easily proxied. Ex: Mk1 (OSSAP Deva, Sophotec) Mk2 Sniper(Naga Sniper, Mk5 w/Mk12) Mk3 (Deva Spitfire, Shakti) There’s no Mk2 hacker model
  50. D Tier:
  51. Deva & Devabot Box - old & outdated, Devabots hard to assemble. New Devabots seen with O-12 Raptors, so box's days numbered
  52. Asura spitfire - Old model, significantly smaller than the hacker, basic spitfire can feel like shooting nerf darts. Use Deva Spitfire to try (edited)
  53. [11:03]
  54. There we go, completed what to buy guide for OSS
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