190501 The editor and the policeman,

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  3. The editor and the policeman, Andrew Edwards first story for @dailysf, posits an interesting and unique conjecture which like so many interesting and unique conjectures seems obvious once posited.  
  5. Thus. Commissioner Gordon and Perry White have been on to their respective superheroes’ secret identities for a very long time. Obviously.  They'd have had to be total incompetents to have not caught on.  So they take care of their assets and cover for them and worry about their mental health and keep their alter egos under  observation.  Just in case.
  7. The story is nicely done. The author relating to the audience what has transpired, and the superheros' impact on the lives of their two guardians, as they discuss matters in their annual meeting. Exposition, yes, but the conversation flows nicely, with a nice touch at the end about a recipe.
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