Jan 27th, 2022
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  1. Loaded 27 mods:
  2. AntiSocial NPCs 1.0.2 by Super Aardvark | Allows modders to create NPCs that the player can't befriend.
  3. AutomaticGates 2.5.3 by Rakiin aKa ScheKaa | Opens and closes gates automatically
  4. CJB Cheats Menu 1.29.3 by CJBok and Pathoschild | Simple in-game cheats menu!
  5. Console Commands 3.13.4 by SMAPI | Adds SMAPI console commands that let you manipulate the game.
  6. Content Patcher 1.24.8 by Pathoschild | Loads content packs which edit game data, images, and maps without changing the game files.
  7. Custom Furniture 0.12.1-unofficial.1-strobe by Platonymous | Helper Mod for Custom Furniture creation.
  8. Custom NPC Exclusions 1.3.1-beta.1 by Esca | Allows modders to exclude custom NPCs from quests and events via Content Patcher.
  9. CustomMusic 1.8.2-unofficial.1-d235j by Platonymous | Changes the games music
  10. Dynamic Game Assets 1.4.1 by spacechase0 | Lets content packs add custom content to the game.
  11. Error Handler 3.13.4 by SMAPI | Handles some common vanilla errors to log more useful info or avoid breaking the game.
  12. Expanded Preconditions Utility 1.0.1 by Cherry | A condition checking system designed for use by other mods, in the format of event preconditions
  13. Farm Type Manager 1.15.0 by Esca | Allows custom spawning of content from each farm type: forage, large objects, ore, and monsters
  14. Generic Mod Config Menu 1.8.1 by spacechase0 | Adds an in-game UI to edit other mods' config options (for mods which support it).
  15. Harvest With Scythe 5.5.0 by bcmpinc | Allows you to harvest all crops and forage using the scythe. They can also still be plucked.
  16. Json Assets 1.10.3 by spacechase0 | Lets content packs add custom content to the game.
  17. NPC Map Locations 2.7.2 by Bouhm | Shows NPCs and farmers on a modified map page for accurate tracking.
  18. Prismatic Tools 1.7.1-unofficial.9-pathoschild by stokastic | Adds prismatic tools and sprinklers to the game.
  19. PyTK 1.22.9-unofficial.1-strobe by Platonymous | Platonymous Toolkit
  20. Ring Overhaul 1.3.1 by Goldenrevolver | Changes the ring progression to how it always should have worked
  21. Save Backup 3.13.4 by SMAPI | Automatically backs up all your saves once per day into its folder.
  22. SpaceCore 1.8.1 by spacechase0 | A framework mod used by some of my other mods.
  23. SpriteMaster 0.13.0-alpha.4 by mkukli | Resamples sprites on the fly using xBRZ to improve resolution and crispness.
  24. Stardew Valley Expanded 1.13.18 by FlashShifter, Esca, and super-aardvark | Adds coded elements to the game
  25. StardewHack 5.2.0 by bcmpinc | Transpilation library used by my other mods. Doesn't do much on its own.
  26. TMXL Map Toolkit 1.22.2-unofficial.1-strobe by Platonymous | Load TMX Maps into the Game
  27. UI Info Suite 2 2.2.0 by Annosz | Adds a useful information to the user interface. Based on Cdaragorn's excellent UI Info Suite.
  28. Winter Grass 2.0.3 by Cat | Grass will stay around in winter.
  30. Loaded 15 content packs:
  31. [CP] Deluxe Rarecrows 1.0.0 by violetlizabet | for Content Patcher | Makes all rarecrows function as Deluxe Scarecrows (either always or only once you collect them all).
  32. Bouhm Pet Dogs 1.2.2 by Bouhm | for Content Patcher | Changes dog to a Shiba Inu, Shepherd, or Husky
  33. Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters for Content Patcher 2.0.10 by gizzymo (dialogue), paradigmnomad (coding), and various translators. | for Content Patcher | Adds about 2500 new lines of dialogue across all 34 characters who have a heart level
  34. Elle's Seasonal Buildings 1.3.4 by Elle/Junimods | for Content Patcher | A replacement for all buildings on your farm for each season!
  35. Grandpa's Farm 1.13.11 by FlashShifter | for Content Patcher | A small immersive farm map meant for single player gameplay.
  36. Grandpa's Farm Forage Locations 1.13.11 by FlashShifter | for Farm Type Manager | A farm map for Stardew Valley Expanded.
  37. HellsWind's Beehouses for Elle's Seasonal Buildings 1.0.0 by HellsWind, ExnoticTest | for Content Patcher | Beehouses to match the Elle's Seasonal Buildings
  38. New Objects for Stardew Valley Expanded 1.13.17 by FlashShifter | for Json Assets | Adds new fish, objects, weapons, and crops
  39. Seasonal Cute Characters 3.2.3 by Poltergeister with assets by various artists | for Content Patcher | Seasonal outfits with the slightly cuter character aesthetic.
  40. Siamese Cat Replacement 1.1.0 by redriott/peachpunk | for Content Patcher | replaces pet cat with a siamese cat
  41. Starblue Valley 1.5.1 by Lita | for Content Patcher
  42. Stardew Valley Expanded 1.13.18 by FlashShifter | for Content Patcher | A fanmade expansion for ConcernedApe's Stardew Valley. This mod adds 26 new characters, 34 locations, 220 character events, 850 location messages, reimagined vanilla areas, two farm maps, a reimagined world map reflecting all changes, new music, new quests, and many miscellaneous additions!
  43. Stardew Valley Expanded - PyTK 1.13.18 by FlashShifter | for TMXL Map Toolkit | Adds many new areas to the game.
  44. Stardew Valley Expanded Custom Music 1.13.18 by FlashShifter | for CustomMusic | Adds new original music to the game
  45. Stardew Valley Expanded Forage Locations 1.13.18 by FlashShifter | for Farm Type Manager | This FTM pack is for SVE!
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