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  1. : really wanna play borderlands
  2. Exton: but dont wanna buy it
  3. Teutonic: You on Xbox? Or?
  4. Exton: i do one have yes but i wanna do it on pc
  5. Exton: hav eone*
  6. Exton: have one*
  7. Exton: omg
  8. Exton: cant type
  9. Teutonic: Oh I was gonna say I got 300+ games just use my account lmao
  10. Exton: o
  11. Teutonic: I got all the borderlands
  12. Exton: 3
  13. Exton: ?
  14. Madisyn: meg
  15. Madisyn: he rich
  16. Teutonic: I have all of them.
  17. Exton: oooo
  18. Exton: gimmie
  19. Madisyn: he had it before it was even out
  20. Exton  makes grabbyhands
  21. Madisyn: lmao
  22. Exton: i have xbox one s
  23. OxTheMoron: i'm waiting for cod
  24. Teutonic: I’ll dm you my acc info if I don’t pass out
  25. Exton: ok
  26. Xarpus: ew console
  27. Teutonic: I got the x
  28. Xarpus: fps limit
  29. Madisyn: i want a sugar daddy
  30. Xarpus: gag
  31. Exton: >_>
  32. Madisyn: so i can get the s
  33. Madisyn: :(
  34. Exton: only because he has the gameeeee
  35. Xarpus: G A G
  36. Exton: but i like both console and pc
  37. Exton: smh
  38. Xarpus: ruin such a great game by a console
  39. Madisyn: my friend had one
  40. Teutonic: I might have 3 on steam....
  41. Xarpus: isnt a thing
  42. Teutonic: Idk if I bought it or not...
  43. Madisyn: butit was to just talk
  44. Madisyn: and be there for him
  45. Xarpus: steam isnt out for another 6 months
  46. Madisyn: and she got 800 dollars for two weeks
  47. Xarpus: its only on epic game store at the moment
  48. Madisyn: which is what my ex makes in the oilfield BUT YA KNOW
  49. Madisyn: z
  50. JeffXXXII: i make 1600 every two weeks
  51. JeffXXXII: wait two weeks of what
  52. Teutonic: I’m an apple dev... I’ve got it on steam bro lol
  53. Madisyn: working LMAO
  54. JeffXXXII: and cyber punk 2077
  55. Xarpus: ok
  56. Xarpus: sure
  57. Xarpus: ok
  58. Exton: ooop
  59. Madisyn: z
  60. Exton  sips tea
  61. Madisyn  coughs
  62. Madisyn: i thought you quit apple>
  63. Teutonic: I did, they wanted me back
  64. Madisyn: and went to an andriod
  65. Madisyn: cause your pics
  66. Madisyn: suck
  67. Madisyn: when you try to send selfies
  68. Teutonic: Nah I got the X
  69. Teutonic: It’s just cracked lmao
  70. Madisyn: MHMM
  71. Teutonic: It’s running beta 13.5
  72. Madisyn: wit lotsss of pixles
  73. Teutonic: The camera cracked nigga lmao
  74. Teutonic: Whatcha expect
  75. Mouthymutt has left the chat
  76. Teutonic: nah apple asked me to come back to work after like.. 2 weeks of me being gone
  77. TeutonicTeutonic WhisperAdd Friend: They needed a new lead software developer so I took the job.
  78. Xarpus  > Exton: I feel like hes lying through his teeth x:
  79. Teutonic: The 11 is pretty badass imma get it next week
  80. Exton  whispers: same
  81. Exton  whispers: e. e
  82. Madisyn: so i got a different nose ring
  83. Madisyn: and idk how i feel about it
  84. Exton: 11?
  85. Teutonic: iPhone 11
  86. Exton: thought it was just the 10 coming out
  87. Teutonic: No lol
  88. Madisyn: the 11 i think
  89. Madisyn: z
  90. Exton: idk
  91. Exton: i hate iphones
  92. Madisyn: i just paid off my phone
  93. Exton: only good thing about it, is the cam
  94. Madisyn: and i wanna get the 11
  95. Madisyn: tru
  96. Madisyn: and the emojis
  97. Teutonic: I get it weeks before it’s publicly released
  98. Madisyn: dont look ugly
  99. Xarpus: ok
  100. OxTheMoron: iphones are overhyped
  101. Exton: mhm
  102. Teutonic: Not the 11 man.....
  103. Teutonic: If you knew all the specs you would be shocked maybe
  104. Madisyn: i do cause my ass gets emails from them
  105. Teutonic: Nahh there is something I know that y’all don’t yet ;)
  106. Xarpus: apple is shit to start with
  107. Teutonic: It’s got a hidden feature
  108. Teutonic: Lol
  109. Madisyn: oop
  110. Exton: i just like the cam
  111. Madisyn: i just like it cause i bought my first one when i was 13
  112. Madisyn: and since then
  113. Madisyn: ive used apple
  114. Madisyn: idky
  115. Teutonic: iOS 13 is amazing
  116. Xarpus: lmfao.
  117. Madisyn: but i guess cause i was the only one in my friends group who had an adriod
  118. Teutonic: But iOS 14 bout to beat the fuck out of 13. I’m ready for the beta for that 🤔
  119. Madisyn: andriod*
  120. Xarpus: apple is just an over hyped company.
  121. Teutonic: I’ve been on beta 13 to long lol
  122. Xarpus: so what else do you have that the public doesnt
  123. Madisyn: i dont
  124. Madisyn: im stuck with the 8
  125. Exton: omg
  126. Exton: maddie
  127. Madisyn: lmaoo
  128. Madisyn: yess
  129. Exton: im lurking through your gallery on here, and aw the memories
  130. Madisyn: i know bitch
  131. Teutonic: Maddie your iPhone won’t be able to run iOS 13
  132. Madisyn: no shit i tried
  133. Teutonic: Peep snap lol
  134. Madisyn: :(
  135. Madisyn: ughhh
  136. Teutonic: The 8 gonna be dropped a few weeks after the 11 comes out just a heads up
  137. Teutonic: Meaning we gonna start crashing it
  138. Madisyn: NO
  139. Madisyn: WTF
  140. Teutonic: Yep.
  142. Madisyn: :(
  143. Madisyn: Z
  144. Teutonic: We are gonna cut off from the 8 and earlier
  145. Madisyn: well, since you telling me you willing to buy me a new one?
  146. Madisyn: mr. rich dude
  147. OxTheMoron: imma bounce, goodnight
  148. Teutonic: I’ll send you my x when I get the 11
  149. Madisyn: nightt
  150. Madisyn: bet bithc
  151. Teutonic: I’ll have it fixed
  152. Madisyn: you know my address
  153. Teutonic: It’s a red X
  154. OxTheMoron has left the chat
  155. Teutonic: Yup
  156. Madisyn: oo
  157. Teutonic: I should be getting the 11 in a week or two I’ll lyk
  158. Teutonic: Developers get them first, before the public does
  159. Exton:
  160. Exton: omg
  161. Exton: how we use to dress
  162. Exton  gag
  163. Madisyn: OMG
  164. Exton: but
  165. Exton: years ago
  166. Exton: that was the style
  167. Exton: zzz
  168. Madisyn: bitch
  169. Teutonic: I need a long fucking pole to turn off the lights cause my ass lazy and don’t feel like moving
  170. Madisyn: remember when we dated
  171. Exton: LMFAOOO
  172. Exton: YESSS
  173. Madisyn: LMAO
  174. Exton: oh lawddddd
  175. Madisyn: and you dated logan asf
  176. Madisyn: aswell*
  177. Madisyn: z
  178. Teutonic: HOLD THE FUCK UP.
  179. Madisyn: LMAO
  180. Exton: wait
  181. Exton: i did
  182. Exton: i dont remember
  183. Exton: LOL
  184. Madisyn: yes LMAO
  185. Exton: omggg
  186. Exton: i dont rememberrrrr
  187. Exton: ahh
  188. Madisyn: yall like roleplayed after i got off skype with you two
  189. Teutonic: Nigga is that....
  190. Madisyn: yall were assholes back thne :(
  191. Madisyn: but its cool now
  192. Exton: megan
  193. Exton: hi
  194. Teutonic: Oh goddam it is.......
  195. Madisyn: LMAO
  196. Madisyn: OMFG
  197. Exton: LOL
  199. Exton: suh
  201. Teutonic: Bruh I’m fucked up
  202. Madisyn: "SHIT THATS MEGAN"
  203. Teutonic: Nope
  204. Exton: LOLLL
  205. Exton: stoopid
  206. Madisyn: Waitt
  207. Madisyn: meg
  208. Exton: ?
  209. Madisyn: can jeff and i get the other throneee
  210. Exton: sure
  211. Madisyn: jeffff
  212. Teutonic: Goddam...... my head hurt now that just mindfucked me
  213. JeffXXXII: YESSS
  214. Madisyn: lmao
  215. Madisyn: comeee here babeee
  216. JeffXXXII: cs3
  217. Madisyn: yay
  218. Exton: omg
  219. JeffXXXII: cs3
  220. Exton:
  221. Teutonic: Lol that lyric... “bitch my life is great diamond Frosted Flakes” lmao
  222. Exton: i forgot we had matching names
  223. Exton: like Virse
  224. Exton: Vurse
  225. Exton: and zue
  226. Madisyn: yes
  227. Madisyn: lmao
  228. Madisyn: then i moved it to harrier
  229. Exton: damn
  230. Madisyn: which i think is a type of dog
  231. Exton: 6 or 7 years
  232. Exton: phew
  233. Madisyn: since i started youtube
  234. Madisyn: WAIT
  235. Madisyn: TF
  236. Madisyn: WHY DID I SAY YOUTUBE
  237. Madisyn: LMAO
  238. Madisyn: Z
  239. Madisyn: started IMVU*
  240. Teutonic: Maddie you know if you try and take acadamei on Xbox, it still won’t let you lol
  241. Teutonic: I bought that gamer tag from Xbox lol nobody can ever have it
  242. Madisyn: my username is
  243. Madisyn: acadamai
  244. Madisyn: on instagram and on xbox
  245. Teutonic: I can take it, but nobody else can lol
  246. Madisyn: well dont
  247. Xarpus: lmfao
  248. Madisyn: i actually like it
  249. Xarpus: youre like my lord..
  250. Teutonic: Same with imvu, If I ever get rid of this user nobody else can use it
  251. Madisyn: wicked
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