Dec 29th, 2021
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  1. "OK, Master!" The girl nods and something begins to crawl out of her shadow. A familiar creature soon takes shape from her shadow, and you recognize it straight away, the dozen chitinous tentacles and the beaked mouth of the bizarre eldritch animal make you feel unnerved even now. "Go on, see if you can find anything!" Betty talks to the creature with a voice of endearment. Like she's talking to something like a dog and asking it to do something for her. Of course, she also summons up two bird creatures, which also fly off with great haste.
  3. "I think I'm going to be sick." Lugh has a queasy expression on his face, and Arcueid's own expression is also fairly queasy, though not nearly as much as the small wolflike boy. "What the hell were those things? Just looking at them made me feel like I was going to vomit." Lugh doesn't sound very happy as he looks at Betty with an incredibly suspicious gaze.
  5. "They... did?" While you never thought that Betty's creations were visually appealing at all, and were quite horrible to look at, they've never really made you queasy like both Lugh and Arcueid seem to be acting right now... could this be a result of the two of them being Nature Spirits connected to Gaia? Is there something about Betty's summoning abilities that has a greater effect on the two of them due to their connection to Gaia and the planet? You might have to test this out at a later date. Though only with their permission of course, you're not stupid enough to purposely distress either Lugh or Arcueid like that. Doing something like that would just be immensely idiotic.
  7. Part 18
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