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IDM RePack - Command Line Options

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Jun 13th, 2016
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  1. Usage:           idman625b21_RePack.v3.exe [switches] 
  2.                All switches are optional.
  4. -----------------
  6. ------------------
  7. /SILENT: Passive mode, basic GUI & shows only progress. No user input required; and does not show any error/warning boxes.
  8. /VERYSILENT: Fully silent mode, no user input required. No GUI at all.
  9. /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES: Instructs Setup to suppress (decrease) message boxes. Only has an effect when combined with '/SILENT' or '/VERYSILENT'.
  10. /NORESTART: The Setup Will not restart automatically & also will not show a prompt for restart if required; when this switch is used.
  11. /LOG: Creates a detailed installation log in the user's temporary directory. It is usually at "%temp%"
  12. /DIR="Full\Path\where\IDM\should\be\installed": Tells setup where to install IDM. A full path name is required. See examples below.
  13. /NOICONS: The start menu folder for IDM will not be installed if this switch is used.
  14. /NOCLOSEAPPLICATIONS: Prevents Setup from closing applications using files that need to be updated by Setup.
  15. /RESTARTAPPLICATIONS: Instructs Setup to restart automatically closed applications, if possible. If Setup didn't close these applications (for example because /NOCLOSEAPPLICATIONS was used), this command line parameter is ignored
  16. /TASKS="!desktopicon": The desktop shortcut to IDM will not be installed, if this switch is used. Please note that the desktop icon is installed by default (checked). If you want to install the shortcut, then don't use this switch. This switch is for disabling only.
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  21. Install IDM at "C:\Program Files\IDM", fully silently, without restarting automatically and create an install log at user's temporary folder:
  22. idman623b6_RePack.v2.14-_-niTe_RiDeR.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /DIR="C:\Program Files\IDM" /LOG /SP-
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