World LORE

Jan 11th, 2017
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  1. Colors: Brown.
  2. Ursangro: A land of dense forests and fertile plains, it was the first country to be established by humans, led by Cyrus the Great. It was a prosperous country that made its fortune on its lumber industry. However, since its founding, it has been forever on a slow decline due in part to incompetent heirs and too little long-term groundwork laid down from the beginning. Now it is apter to call it an abandoned country, or as other countries have taken to calling it, a kingdom of bears due to the large population of bears inhabiting the forests. Few humans continue to inhabit the land and what little do are found in small settlements across the land.
  4. Colors: Blue and White.
  5. Ludoh: Considered the successor country to Ursangro, Ludoh is the longest standing (currently governed) country. It is run by a council of nobles that rotate every fifth year, an attempt to prevent any one family from gaining too much political power. The system works fairly well; however, there have been several times that through backroom deals and alliances one noble family has gained control of more than half of the council. It is usually during such times where the country faces radical change. For example, the ban placed on magic has been repealed and reinstated multiple times over the years. Currently the ban is lifted; however, the cycle is almost up and mages everywhere across the country have begun to make preparations to leave at a moments notice.
  7. Ludoh is also in a cold war with neighboring Eslana over the island on their southeastern border. Originally it was considered a holy land for magical ceremonies, but after the first ban on magic it was quickly sold to Eslana. During the next cycle, the council tried to reclaim the island with force. They would have succeeded if not for the, then relatively unknown, Thalian strategist Mark Vinduous, who managed to exploit the Ludohans overconfidence and push them back to what is now their half of the island.
  9. Colors: N/A.
  10. Ostil: The Ostili are made up of tribes of nomadic plains dwellers with little interest in the world beyond the plains. They are ignored by the majority of the world as there is not much to gain from forming an alliance with the Ostili. The only exception is Lodoh who, depending on the current council, either war with them or occasionally trade with them. Originally thought by Lodohans to be weak pacifists, they have proved themselves as powerful warriors, excellent scouts, and masters of deception over the various conflicts throughout the years. "It is easy to fight an army, but impossible to fight a country" is a popular saying amongst the Ostili.
  12. Colors: White and Purple.
  13. Ilim: The kingdom of Ilim is a country focused on the pursuit of science, magic, and even magiscience. The country itself is like that of an impenetrable bastion due to their stance on passivity and experimental technology. As of late, they have become reluctant peacekeepers between Ludoh and Eslana. King Milnoir the Wise often receives requests for validation and support from the two countries, all of which he readily declines, no matter what he is offered.
  15. Over the years the people of Ilim have developed a superiority complex in regards to their fellow Misrothans, viewing the warring countries as squabbling children who need to be supervised. As such, depite Milnoir's wishes, sentiment grows for Ilim to conquer its neighbors and bring about peace by force.
  17. Colors: N/A.
  18. Eslana: Eslana is a country founded, composed of, and governed by merchants. The people are of a mindset that anyone and everyone can become successful if they work hard for it. As such, being poor is considered one's own fault and no fault of anyone or anything else. As a result, thievery is treated with the same severity as that of murder, no matter how valuable the stolen item is. Eslana has no standing military so they are forced to hire Thalian mercenaries to sustain their cold war with Lodoh.
  20. Colors: Red and Brown/Rusty Red.
  21. Astrasia: Astrasia a militant country with a thriving war industry; there is never a shortage of weapons to craft, armor to forge, or even battles to be fought. If an Astrasian isn't a blacksmith, they are likely to be a soldier loyal to the crown. As such, loyalty is considered the most valuable trait an Astasian can have and loyalty to the Emperor and his Council is instilled within children at a young age.
  23. Despite this, numerous rebellions have broken out since the current Emperor's, Astrali IV's, crowning; all of which have been put down with brutal displays of force. Often the village of origin is destroyed in an attempt to set an example for the rest of the population. Much of the population live in fear of what the future holds if Astrali IV is left unchecked.
  25. Colors: Green and White.
  26. Thalis: Thalis is a country that is lacking in most natural resources. The land is mostly devoid of fertile soil and what little crops can be grown are not nearly enough to feed the entire population. As such, many of its citizens are forced to become skilled mercenaries to feed their families; usually sending most, if not all, of the money they earn back to their families.
  28. Colors: Yellow.
  29. Republic of Brinhor: The Republic of Brinhor is a new addition to the countries of Misroth. Using Thalis' depleted forces from supplying Eslana with much more mercenaries than ever before to his benefit, Nat Pagel, originally just a leader of a fishing community, managed to split away from Thalis and form the Republic. It is mostly a country of people seeking either a safe haven or who simply want a peaceful life. Most of the population are farmers and fishermen, but there are still a good amount of skilled laborers and even some left over Thalian mercenaries to keep the peace.
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