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Answer TO Xbox One fanboy

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  1. Answer TO Xbox One fanboy (calling himself Xbox one engineer, http://pastebin.com/uCmdh9jB )
  3. So pure fanboys name himself now Xbox One engineers? Ok this is not change point that what he wrote here is big BS! And funniest part is that Steam part CAN ANYONE check and verify! So why posting LIES here? Let's see..
  5. DISC SWAPPING - It is really so hard to swap your discs? LOL! Stop being lazy, it's only good to move yourself little bit. So I am not lazy person, so I really do not care about it. You can keep it yourself!
  7. SCRATCHED DISCS - All my discs are perfect. Never scratched any disc. So again I really don't care about it. And persons who like to scratch and broke discs, for them there already exist system for that. It called insurance. You can buy it for 1 euro from every gaming shop. And whn you broke or scratch your disc they change it for new one for you.
  9. YOU DO NOT NEED BRING DISC TO FRIENDS HOUSE ANYMORE - Ohh yes! That's the good point. Let's see how the REAL LIFE looks today. I am going to friend house for one or 2 hours. We want play some my game. My friend have 8MB ethernet. Same time my firend other family members want use internet too. Now we take 40GB game and we start download it. :) Let's calculate now how long it takes until this game is downloaded. Do we have chance to play that game at all? probably not. :) :) :) So I better take disc with me. :) :) :) Because this digital option is totally useless with that example. :)
  11. TRADE-IN SHIT VALUES - What? You call that 50-80% back is shit value? You are most greediest person I have ever seen. And same time strangely stupid. 50-80% is shit value, but 0% is ok for you? You are weirdo! I prefer anytime this 50-80% than 0%.
  13. NOTHING GOING BACK TO DEVELOPERS - And you think that if I can't sell my game back then developers see more money? You do not have any idea about how this business works, right? :) Let me show you something. I buy new 0day game. I pay for it 50 euros. Then I sell it back later. I get for it 35 euros. Now I need for new game +15 euros and I buy new game. And again. But if you eliminate used games business. Then what happens. After I used my game, it's useless for me now. I can't sell it. It means I do not have that 35 euros. For new game I need now 50 euros not 15 anymore. It means I probably skip new game. So your developer earns less money now. Today I buy 10-20 console games per year, + from Xbox Live arcade games. In future I wull buy max 3-5 games. Because I am looking more carefully what I buy. And I buy only very very very good games which offering me over 100 hours gameplay (single player). So are develoeprs really win more money then? Answer is NO. :)
  15. IF YOU WANT CHEAPER GAMES, YOU HAVE TO LIMIT USSED GAMES SOMEHOW. STEAM'S MODEL REQUIRES A LIMITED USED GAME MODEL. THINK ABOUT IT, ON STEAM YOU GET A GAME FOR THE TRUE COST OF THE GAME, 5$-30$. - This is biggest LIE ever! And it's very easy to check and show you that this is BS! let's go to http://store.steampowered.com/. Now let's look these supergood prices for us. Total War: Rome II price is €55. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! Where is your promised $30 (€23) is? Ok, let's take another game - BioShock Infinite, €50. What???? You are telling me that this is good price? This is this cheaper price because Steam using limited used game model? Same time BioShock Infinite Xbox360/PS3 version is in shop 40-45 euros. So if blocking used games is so good and benefits gamers, tell me why Steam selling tht game with higher price than game shops selling xbox 360 and PS3 games? Ok let's take one older game. Let's see Borderlands 2 was good game. Nice Steam offering us special cheaper price, Let's see this price. OUCH, Borderlands 2 price in Steam is €40. Same time game shops selling Borderlands 2 (Xbox360/PS3) for 20-30 euros. Looks like Steam price is 2x higher than console version. So tell me WHERE IS STEAM SUPER CHEAPER AND BETTER PRICES?
  17. And now let's go and look Total War: Rome II prices in Amazon - £30 (€35). Do you see difference? Amazon price is €20 cheaper than Steam offering! So where is this super cheap offers which is good for gamers? Steam selling games with higher price than anyone else. And same thing will happen with Xbox One prices too. They will increase prices, instead of decreasing them.
  19. To prove my point I want to show you another thing from gaming market today. Let's look digital games prices in PSN and Xbox Live and let's compare these prieces with shop prices. PSN and Xbox Live selling games with much higher prices than any high street shop. You can buy same games from shop 10-20 euros cheaper. Why? You cannot sell today your games what you bought from PSN or Xbox Live. Following your logic and your promises, these prices need to be much cheaper than shop prices. But they are higher than shop prices. So when you are going to eliminate pre-owned games, you are eliminating one choice. Less choices means always HIGHER PRICES! History confirms that.
  21. EVERY 24h AUTHORIZATION - This is because they want check that you are not sold your game to GameStop, and not playing your game offline after that. How we can prevent that every 24h online reuirment. Easypeasy, if you want play offline, force us to use game disc. If we do not want use game disc, force us to online. Simplest and easiest way. And everyone WILL BE HAPPY with that! Gamers who want play offline, gamers who do not want chage disc, developers, publishers and Microsoft. Everyone is HAPPY!
  23. COMPETITION IS THE BEST MAN - I am agree that. But I think that problem is - you dont understand what competition means. Eliminating other choices and competitors is not good for competition. It's bad! :) What you are suggesting is against competition! :)
  25. COLD WAR and USSR - After that comparison I am 100% sure, you are american. Arrogant selfish american who does not know anything about COLD WAR and living in USSR, or living in east-europe after USSR collapsed. Your statement is rude, selfish and arrogant.
  27. ZOMG THEY (SONY) ARE TRYING TO FUCK US FOR NO REASON - What??? :) :) :) Microsoft have tried to eat Sony out from console market, how long now? And what Microsoft doing today? Putting money to publishers mouth. Buying core games from market to prevent Sony get any of them. Pushing Sony to situation when Sony can offer you only some mobile games and some Sony games. And when Microsoft trying to ignore customers and prefers publishers instead of gamers. And when Sony using this wonderful opportunity what Microsoft gave them on golden platter. Then you are accusing that Sony is trying fuck Microsoft without reason? :) :) Lol You really are blind. :)
  29. THE GOAL IS TO MOVE TO DIGITAL DOWNLOADS, BUT GAMESTOP, WALMART, TARGET, AMAZON ARE KIND OF FUCKING ENTRANCHED IN THE INDUSTRY. - LOL, who have that goal? Microsoft? Did you ask what gamers think about it? Of course not, like always! We do not need your digital downloads goal. Keep it yourself. We prefer boxed games. And world is not ready anyway for digital downloads. Most eeurope ISP's offering internet with bandwith limits (30-50GB). So like you see we can't download many games from your Xbox Live. And even if we can there is another problem speed. How long takes to download one 50GB games. It takes long long time. And when our ISP's is ready to offer betetr speed, then next thing what we have is 4K content on Xbox One. So we are back to beginning, because how big is one 4K movie today? nobody have internet for that. :)
  31. And when you are accusing amazon and gamestop and others. Please go look in the mirror. Xbox Live digital releases is coming after 3-6 months. And even then prices is much higher than in shop! This is amazon and GameStop fault? Really? :) If you want push Gamestop and amazon out rom gaming market start offering to us 0day digital releases (yes I know Microsoft promised that it's coming to Xbox One), AND offer us new games with 20-30 euros! if you can do it, you can step another step forward to digital world! If digital games will cost us only 20 euros then we are going to prefer your digital download. :) But until you are offering games for 60-65 euros , we are going to buy our games from amazon for 45 euros. And then we sell it back, and we can get 30 euros back, add +15 euros and buy new game from amazon.
  33. MICROSOFT IS TRYING TO BALANCE BETWEEN CONSUMER DELIGHT AND PUBLISHER WISHES. - Not true. Most gamers know that today that it is not true. Microsoft ignoring customers. they do not ask what we want. They do not even speak with us, they just ignoring us.
  35. Xbox One FOR PUBLISHERS (let publishers play alone there)!
  36. PS4 and WiiU FOR GAMERS!
  38. WE BASICALLY MADE A HUGE CLOUD COMPUTE SHIT AND MADE IT FREE - Not true AGAIN! Xbox live Free users cannot use cloud services. To use cloud services you need Xbox live Gold!
  40. SMARTGLASS + IE IS GOING TO BE PRETTY FREAKING SWEET. 1 FINGER CURSOR, 2 FINGER DIRECT MANIP - This is pure fanboy text. What's wrong with you? Why the fuck I want use over my tablet IE on Xbox One??? I can run any browser on my tablet and use web. I do not need turn on my tablet and Xbox one to use IE over tablet. This fanboy text about using IE on Xbox one makes me ROFL!
  42. HONESTLY IF YOU CARE ABOUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN PURE GAMES AT ALL. Xbox 1 > PS4. IF ALL YOU DO IS PLAY GAMES, AND NOTHING ELSE, PS4. - Actually PS4 have most these things what Xbox one have. Netflix, Sky, BBC, unlimited music, unlimited videos. So If you want mroe than games you still can use PS4. Ooo, right you mean you shitty ESPN + additional features for ESPN. LMAO! I am living in Europe. So I give no shit about your stupid ESPN functions! You can keep it yourself! :)
  44. It means if you live in USA and you are big ESPN fan > Xbox One.
  45. If you live outside USA > PS4.
  47. Thank you for explaining it for us! :) Dear Microsoft you can keep your Xbox One yourself then if you do not like us money! Let's see will you win new generation console war without europe and asia customers money? NO! :) :) :)
  49. Guy you are simple minded and very short sighted!
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