Teddy Bear

Mar 26th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. A shiver trickles down your spine as you focus on your surroundings, listening for anything out of the ordinary as you walk. As you continue down the street, you hear a second pair of footsteps uneasily attempting to sneaky, keeping pace with you. You're being tracked. Hunted down. You don't try to give the fact you know you're being pursued away. That's a bad idea...even if there's still people on the street. The sun is just starting to set. There's a turn up ahead, though. Your resolve ignites.
  3. Turning the corner, you quickly press yourself into the curve. Sure enough, steps start to rapidly approach you, catching up to you. Bounding the corner in hot pursuit is...
  5. Nene. Holding up two leafy branches as if she's convinced it makes her invisible. Your expression falls flat.
  7. "The Hell is this?" You ask your girlfriend, who is currently cosplaying as a bush. She freezes.
  8. "...Fsssswhhh..." She mutters in response, blowing into the leaves, pursing her lips as she begins to sweat. "Fwsshshsh..." Your eyebrows slowly rise, unable to fight the growing smirk. No fucking way.
  9. "Oh, it must've just been the wind," You mutter, heel turning back in the direction you planned on going anyway. Nene lets out a nervous 'whew' as she continues to follow you, barely peering through the leaves of her camouflage. You barely hold back laughter as she continues pursuing you, relaxing your pace as you continue on your way.
  11. Nene's...strange. But not in an off putting way, by any means. More in an incredibly endearing way. Though, this sort of behavior isn't standard Nene protocol. This started fairly recently. Nene was always somewhat protective of you, but she got more and more so as of late. You aren't exactly sure why, you aren't sure what you did...but here you are. Your very own stalker...whom you share a home with. You've a sneaking suspicion that Polka was responsible for it. You aren't going to point fingers, but the yandere crap DID start after the pair of them had a slumber party at Polka's place. As nice as she is, Polka...isn't entirely all there, you wager. You've heard stories of her boyfriend. Allegedly it was a black ops job. But back onto the topic of Nene, being followed by her isn't uncommon, now. You've caught her in several disguises - one of which was actually just a pair of Groucho Marx glasses - yet she's never owned up to it. Hell, at one point you walked into the hall and found her threatening the mailwoman to stay away from your apartment, saying that you moved. It caused an awkward talk at the post office to convince them that it was just a misunderstanding, that you aren't Nene's 'handler' or 'emotional support human', and you do in fact still live there. That incident aside, being followed around doesn't bother you much at all. It's just one of her little quirks...though you wish she'd just do it at your side, rather than whatever the hell she's doing now. As you begin to approach the apartment building, the sadistic side of you awakens.
  13. "Boy," You say out loud, giving enough volume to your voice so the shrub monster behind you can hear you. "I sure can't wait to see Nene when I get inside. She said she'd be waiting for me. I'd be sad if she were gone!"
  14. "FfffSSSSSHWHHHHH--" The 'wind' picks up as the shrub behind you breaks out into a panic-driven sprint, bolting ahead of you while whistling the entire time. Your heart swells with joy. God, you love this idiot. Giving the bushwookie a minutes to get into position, you shove your hands into your pockets, chuckling the entire way up to your apartment.
  16. Stepping in doors, Nene wastes no time sidling up to your side, grasping at your wrists. She seems just the faintest hint out of breath.
  18. "Where were you? Nene was getting so worried, you took so long this time!" She says, trying her best to sound menacing. If it weren't for the bush incident, you would actually be concerned. "Y-You didn't get distracted by something else, did you? Or...some*one* else?"
  19. "N-No, Nene, of course not!" You stutter, playing along. A smirk forms at the very edge of her lips as you take on a terrified look. "I just got caught up outside! I wasn't talking to anyone, honest!"
  20. "Liar! You have the scent of another woman all over you," She declares somewhat dramatically, jabbing at you with her finger as she begins to scowl. "Who is it!? Who are you cheating on Nene with?!" She yells, walking forward as she begins to back you into a corner. Being so much taller than her, combined with the fact that she's far too cute to be intimidating at all, makes you feel more like she's pouting than actually threatening you.
  21. "No one! I swear! I only love you!" You retort as the girl gets closer, letting her pin you in. The closeness of this is...probably not having the effect she wants. You start to flush. This is getting a bit uncomfortable. "Why would I cheat on you??"
  22. "Because, those horrible other women," She steps in, pressing her breasts to your body. Your blush deepens. She's trying to be scary right now, but instead she's just enticing you. "They know you're they want to steal you from me! But you belong to Nene, right? Right?!"
  23. "Of course I do, Nene..." You trail, stopping your brain from running off too hard. You lean forward a bit, pressing your lips to her cheek. Her dedication to trying to haze you seemingly cracking, she lets out a squeak of embarrassment. "You're perfect as you are. I don't need anyone else to get what I already get plenty of from you; love."
  25. Nene pouts as you dote on her, leaning into you as she tries to keep herself together, holding you to her.
  26. "...Promise?" She mutters, rubbing her cheek into your chest. The girl is fighting the smile growing on her face.
  27. "Promise," You reply, giving her a tight squeeze. Nene melts into your embrace, letting out a content giggle as she snuggles you.
  29. This idiot has nothing to worry about it. You truly love her. Though you tell her this every time, she'll always follow you out 'sneakily' wonder if you should just give up the ghost and get her a ghillie suit for your anniversary...
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