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  1. A transferee from his second year, Yuuna is a calm, collected young man who seems capable at most things he handles and always brings a playful yet suave smile in his face in most situations. As Mamoru was often sick and often has to stay at hospital for his medications, he entrusts Yuuna the role of temporary leader for MAISY, in which he (reluctantly) accepts with one condition; he won’t accept any work that involves acting on stage. Despite being a natural acting prodigy, he seems hesitant on working on theater stage, and although he’s generally level-headed at most situations, there are times where his vulnerable emotions gets better of him, such as shouting at Tsubaki when being pressed by him during Valentine event. He’s also, quite surprisingly, more often than not doubts his leadership skill and capabilities, especially as it was something entrusted on him instead of anything.
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