Diary of Chaos - (Anon Colt Prologue)

Jun 25th, 2016
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  1. ɟlәsɯᴉɥ soɐɥɔ ɟo poƃ puɐ ʎuoɯɹɐɥsᴉp ɟo ʇᴉɹᴉds ʎluo puɐ әuo әɥʇ ʎq uәʇʇᴉɹʍ – soɐɥɔ ɟo ʎɹɐᴉp
  3. Diary of Chaos – Written by the one and only Spirit of disharmony and God of Chaos himself
  5. Day 1
  6. >Dear dairy…
  7. >Today is a MAGNIFICENT day.
  8. >The clouds are pink, the sky’s green, everypony is screaming for their lives…
  9. >Nothing is as good as a day full of chaos.
  10. >Right now I’m writing this from the very top of Canterlot, the new underground city! The princesses sure made a big act about me being on control of everything, they sure did a good spectacle against me! But fighting me is useless because they can’t expect me what I shall do next. Neither I do know what to do.
  11. >Okay, you’ll give Celestia a point, she is strong and persistent. Buuut, her sister isn’t as much as she.
  12. >Right now they must be searching for a way to defeat me, a trick or maybe somepony as powerful as I.
  13. >What a joke! Nothing can stop this eternal wreck of chaos!
  14. >Well, only you of course. But why would you stop yourself from this amazing show?
  15. >Is time to keep spreading the chaos in town! I might make this dairy write itself… since I’ll be busy trying to make as much places chaotic as I can! Ta-ta!
  17. Day 3
  18. >So I made the diary write by itself after one day of exhausting chaos making.
  19. >Right now the dairy must be in some random dimension.
  20. >Today I’m in a place called Saddle Arabia. Ugh, the place is just a boring desert! So… with my ultimate powers I turned the whole place into a big dessert! Ice cream and candies all over the place!
  21. >So beautiful, but not as beautiful as myself.
  22. >Next place…!
  23. >Well, I don’t know.
  24. >I’ll just teleport and see what place I mess with.
  25. >Which ponies will be the lucky ones next?
  27. >Day 42
  28. >It’s been a magical and chaotic week!
  29. >Part of Equestria is covered in chaos, thanks to me!
  30. >Now, now. All I need to do is to rename some city as the name of ‘Discordia’ and everything shall go well.
  31. >Which city would do? Vanhoover is pretty chaotic, and it didn’t need that much of the help you gave them. Then there is Griffonstone… their king wouldn’t mind as you gave them some gold or something that looks of high standards for them, maybe make him a gold statue.
  32. >OR…. You could take each city and make a mixed town with buildings! The houses of the towns will be floating around upside down /and/ inside the houses there will be the buildings of cities!
  33. >Discord, you are a genius.
  35. Day ㄥ9
  36. >I felt something great, some… magic… powerful enough to do… bad things to my creations.
  37. >Ugh… the chill it gives me makes me feel sick.
  38. >Maybe the princesses aren’t as silly as I thought.
  39. >Whatever have they bought… I’ll have to think about something as good as that magic.
  40. >Hmm… the magic comes from not so far.
  41. >Good thing you can trace magic in a radius as big as Celestia’s butt.
  42. >Hmm. A forest, eh?
  43. >Is not that far away and it doesn’t appear to have any defenses…
  44. >Well that is just too easy now; I’ll just fight magic with magic.
  45. >Magic seeds to be more precise, the vines shall contain any magic that it has.
  47. Afternoon ôĂ®
  48. >They finally came back. The atmosphere of the place was lacking some two party poopers.
  49. >And speaking of parties…
  50. “Oho! Oho! This is so much fun. How about a game of pin the tail on a pony?”
  51. >Now it doesn’t appear to be like that, but Celestia’s tail is heavier than I thought. And it still moves after I grab it! You need to know which conditioner she uses.
  52. >”Playtime is over for you, Discord!”
  53. >The princess said with a determined look, they sure were thinking they could win.
  54. >Yeah sure, as if.
  55. >Too bad they didn’t want any of the seeds. They’ll get vines instead.
  56. >Just look at them! Not even a grin… they are really sure about whatever they bought with.
  57. >And whatever they pulled were called the ‘Elements of harmony’. How funny! Simple stones? That’s the big deal? Hilarious!
  58. >There is no way they can---
  60. Day----
  61. >…
  63. Month----
  64. >…..
  66. Year----
  67. >…….
  69. Year 45-
  70. >T…S….
  71. >……
  73. Year 690?
  74. >TESTING
  75. >TEST
  76. >ING
  77. >Ok, it works.
  78. >My magic should be recovering little by little…
  79. >They could have defeated me once, but if chaos is around Equestria, so I will.
  80. >Eventually I’ll be back, with black glasses, a black jacket and a bicycle.
  81. >I need a lot of puns, jokes, and rhymes to prepare against the two princesses.
  82. >Hrmm… I can’t find where my body is… I can’t even feel anything… all is black instead of pink.
  83. >I’m still in Equestria; I can feel some chaos around me.
  84. >Not my chaos.
  85. >Maybe Celestia will know that I’m coming back soon.
  87. Year 743??
  88. >So… I did a research.
  89. >First of all, I finally can “see” but not as I would like.
  90. >I can hear events around me or from ponies that guard me.
  91. >I can’t believe I’m a statue now… at least my pose is gorgeous.
  92. >Totally meant to do that…
  93. >That princess… those elements of, ugh, harmony…
  94. >First thing I’m doing whenever I get free is…!
  95. >Get to a bathroom.
  96. >Then vengeance.
  97. >But I won’t turn them to stone, ohh no… that would go as low as them.
  98. >I shall make them look like the global clowns of Equestria… Clowns with crowns.
  99. >Soon my dears, soon.
  101. Year 999!?
  102. >My energy… my magic… is finally coming back!
  103. >Maybe one more year and I’ll be free.
  104. >I wonder if Celestia miss me. Cause I sure miss her.
  105. >Just turn the next page! I should be free by then.
  107. Year 1000!
  108. >I finally woke up from my slumber.
  109. >Everything looks… so dark in here… how many years I was out?
  110. >Oh yeah, the page says one thousand years.
  111. >Is this really Canterlot? It looks very… spooky.
  112. >Did the young sister felt like decorating most of Canterlot with moon altars and blue flags? You don’t recall her being in /this/ control of the city.
  113. >Hmmm… maybe a few things happened as I was in stone!
  114. >Time to investigate undercover…
  116. Hours later
  117. >Whatever happened here, now I know.
  118. >Celestia and her sister had a fight to see who was in control of all of Equestria.
  119. >And wouldn’t you guess? Luna won!
  120. >Some ponies in the cities say that her reign started few months ago. 5, 6 months? Whatever, it doesn’t matter.
  121. >There can be only one ruler.
  122. >And that ruler is you of course.
  124. That night
  125. Get it? Cause is night!
  126. >So… it appears that the Elements of Harmony stopped working for some reason you don’t really care.
  127. >Princess Luna or how she calls herself now, “Nightmare Moon”, lives in that old castle of the two sisters.
  128. >That castle which is in the zone I felt the elements of harmony in the first place.
  129. >She has guards, security and of course, some dark power with her. As dark as her flank I believe.
  130. >Maybe I’ll need some intelligent and cautious plan to ruin everything to her…
  131. >Hah! Like I need a plan, I’ll just act like myself.
  133. Inside Lulu’s castle
  134. >Ohh, this part needs a recording!
  135. >Is good that this Diary comes with one.
  136. >Initiating recording. . .
  137. “Good day, your highness! Or should I say, good night?”
  138. >”You! Who are you and what are you doing in my domains without my consent!”
  139. “Oh, you don’t remember me? The God of chaos? Does that ring a bell? Anything?”
  140. >”I don’t recall ordering a buffoon tonight! Guards!”
  141. “Don’t you worry about your guards; I gave them the day free. Well, night to be more precise.”
  142. >”What you did to my guards?”
  143. “Nothing, nothing! They were too scared to see me that they ran away. Although, shouldn’t you call them knights? You know? Cause night! Hah.”
  144. >”If a duel is what you want, a duel you will have!”
  145. “Yes, yes. But first, wouldn’t you mind me if I turn on the light?”
  146. >”Turn on the light? What do you mean by….Wait… don’t you dare! You can’t!”
  147. “Too late! Lights up!”
  148. >”You fool! You might have reversed my magic by giving back these ponies their precious light! But you won’t stop me from defeating you!”
  149. “You think /I’m/ scared? Give me your be-“
  150. >. . .Recording stopped.
  151. >Missing data.
  152. >Last sound recorded was a cat scream.
  154. Dawn of a new day
  155. Day 1
  156. >So the fight got a little bit out of claw…
  157. >She really did a good show of dark magic, but her power wasn’t as strong. Maybe because it was day? I don’t know.
  158. >My powers weren’t that strong too, as I’m not the big of a fighter and more of the trickster…
  159. >What is important is the pony that appeared out of… the sun… to aid me in the fight.
  160. >It was Celestia herself.
  161. >Was the sun her prison? Hmm…
  162. >At first I thought she went crazy or had something against her sister.
  163. >But no, that wasn’t what she wanted. What she wanted was to make her sister come back to reality.
  164. >That dark magic “Nightmare Moon” had? It was just a costume, something to disguise the envy, anger and everything else of Luna against her sister.
  165. >And as much as I wanted to see both of them fight to see who the winner was… I had to intervene.
  166. >So I used some of my chaotic powers to get some of the “dark” magic of Luna.
  167. >I’m not really the big of a collector of magic, there are creatures that do this more perfect than you, but I had to try.
  168. >Besides, Luna as the villain looks silly. All that blue and dark… eugh. What’s next, a black and red villain?
  169. >After the fights of the two sisters, the youngest sister was back to normal, but exhausted. So was her older sister.
  170. >Celestia couldn’t believe I helped her; maybe she was desperate to get any opportunity to get her sister back to normal?
  171. >Well, too bad I had still a business with her.
  172. >The dark magic from Luna’s evil form was in your claw and paw. I really didn’t have an use to this thing, maybe for later.
  173. >So I kept it in an orb until I had any idea what uses to give it.
  174. >Blablabla… let’s get to the point.
  175. >Celestia was weak and her sister immobile on the floor.
  176. >It took just minutes to Luna to recover and see her sister.
  177. >”I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Were the words she gave to Celestia.
  178. >Celestia, still weak but with a big heart, gave her a hug and some words of kindness.
  179. >Egh, it makes you want to throw up.
  180. “Ladies, I sure hope you know what time is.” As you say it, they broke the hug.
  181. >You snap your talons and the chaos start to spread inside the castle.
  182. “Chaos o’ clock.” You smirk along with an evil laugh, then disappear in front of them.
  183. >The skies turn pink; thunders can be heard and a storm starts… a storm of chaos.
  184. >I appeared floating near the city of Canterlot, place of my old prison.
  185. >With my chaotic magic I started to raise the grounds of the city.
  186. >The rivers started to cease, the ponies ran in fear from the city. Pegasi flew in fright.
  187. >From far away, I start grabbing with my claw and paw the city of Canterlot as if it was just a toy.
  188. >With one eye closed I raised my claw and paw into the sky, the city starts to elevate slowly, little by little.
  189. >Until it finally arrives into the sky, where everypony can see it from the ground.
  190. “I WIN, I HAVE WON! HAHAHA!” I majestic yell my victory into the skies so everyone in Equestria could hear me.
  192. Week 2
  193. >They just accepted it.
  194. >I’m the king of Equestria and they don’t care.
  195. >Celestia was happy with her sister at her side, no matter the world was in chaos.
  196. >So tenderly…
  197. >And so boring!
  198. >Maybe I should hurt somepony to see them worry about them.
  199. >Hmm… maybe I should open the gates to Tartarus and see what happens.
  200. >…On better thought, I don’t want any competition. The least I want is somepony to give me war.
  202. Week 4.5
  203. >I’m out of ideas!
  204. >I did everything I had in mind.
  205. >Flooded the Frozen North, burned the sun, made Celestia and Luna dance for three days unstopping for me, wrote a book about a bat pony that shines in the daylight and made a lot of ponies to read and rate it, Griffon Kingdom decided to leave the rest of Equestria by themselves…
  206. >And a lot more of things.
  207. >Is hard to think for flesh ideas nowadays.
  208. >And even when I’m trying to think for more ideas, the sisters want to talk about me and my chaos issues.
  209. >No matter how much they talk, they won’t change the fact that I won and is done.
  210. >What’s done can’t be undone.
  211. >As simple as that.
  213. Month 1 and cheese
  214. >There is a rebellion against me.
  215. >Why can’t they accept it? Is just chaos, chaos never hurt someone!
  216. >Except for those who fall from the buildings in the skies. Although the sky is in gravity zero, so I have no idea how they get hurt.
  217. >Silly ponies…
  218. >Maybe is time to use that pearl of dark magic you have in your possession?
  219. >But for what? Hmmm…
  220. >Think, Discord, think…
  221. >…
  223. Same month, same chaos
  224. >A whole new world! I just discovered a new world!
  225. >Just imagine the probabilities! What kind of chaos this world has?
  226. >Maybe I can find someone as good as me in chaos to help me get more ideas.
  227. >Okay, there is nobody except myself that is good at chaos.
  228. >I’ll even bring the diary with me and take some pictures of the place!
  229. >Time to cast the spell.
  231. New world, day 1
  232. >This place… is as boring as Equestria when it didn’t have your decorations around.
  233. >The only difference being that this place is WAY more different than Equestria, starting with the dominant creatures.
  234. >They walk like minotaurs and look like apes.
  235. >Maybe I should bring one with me? Who wouldn’t want to follow a God of Chaos?
  236. >Besides, I can sense some chaos around this place…
  238. One hour later
  239. >My powers here are weak… I need to save energy to teleport me back to my world, but if I want one of these creatures, I’ll have to use more…
  241. One more hour later
  242. >I can’t with this; the power to travel between Equestria and this one is too big. I’m not used to this yet, so I’ll have to come back later.
  244. Equestria, that day and some hours later
  245. >Did you see how I write the date so normal?
  246. >There is a reason.
  247. >I’m not in the mood to.
  248. >I just got ATTACKED by that tiny rebellion of ponies!
  249. >I believe the pink pony who threw balloons filled with water, flour and rocks was the leader.
  250. >She aimed to my face! My dear eyes!
  251. >I don’t even know how they knew I was weak! If I make another big mistake as that, I won’t be the king of chaos anymore.
  252. >…If only there were ponies that could give me advice.
  254. Tree and a half nail
  255. >I used my powers to mix the memories of a pony in the floating city of Canterlot.
  256. >Raven is her name, a very good assistant with wise words.
  257. >Maybe she was Celestias’s assistant.
  258. >Well, no more!
  259. >I told her everything about the dark magic pearl I had in my power, the new world aaaand what should I do.
  260. >She said that maybe a pony could work in a method to travel between dimensions without the use of that of a much magic to travel.
  261. >I’ll give her that, that’s a good idea. But you had an almost idea as great as hers.
  262. >I’ll get a trip over that world, pick up a creature and make him or her do the tricks!
  263. >Some chaos magic shall do for the lucky individual I brought.
  265. A glass of chocolate milk later
  266. >I brought a creature, or how they were called, “humans”.
  267. >Quite the name for a new creature for my knowledge.
  268. >It was a male and his name isn’t important. Not as mine of course. Although he said he was a philosopher in his world.
  269. >As soon as I gave him the opportunity to come to a new world and forget his world, he accepted it.
  270. >I gave him the knowledge of this world and he gave me his about his world.
  271. >The name of the world was “Earth” and they had a little war… how curious.
  272. >As much as I like to hear stories of war, I didn’t have the time to hear that.
  273. >I told him what I needed and with a bow, he accepted it.
  274. >Now that is service.
  275. >All I need is to wait as he finishes an easier way to travel between worlds.
  276. >I even gave him a tiny studio to do whatever he pleases.
  278. Next day, a candy and half cloud of cotton candy later
  279. >Apparently the human has shown a really good use of chaos.
  280. >In a day he found a way to travel faster and without the need to use much magic! How? By crystal stones! He has three and they look very colorful. I gave it a test and… it really feels different, in a blink of an eye, I was in Earth.
  281. >And the best thing? He found more worlds! Or alternative dimensions as he calls it.
  282. >Maybe there is a world where Celestia is the baddie? Oh ho! Or maybe one where I’m the good guy?
  283. >…Whatever I just thought about that? Better scratch that in the diary.
  284. >Egh, just imagining me as the good guy makes me want to barf.
  285. >Point is that now I can travel to that human world with no problem whenever I want.
  286. >This philosopher is really amazing with chaos magic. Ponies would have gone insane in just hours, but he seems to… enjoy it.
  287. >Maybe I found a partner in chaos.
  289. Next day, day and a moon day
  290. >The human went insane.
  291. >It didn’t stop with a few dimensional crystals, he wanted more. And more. And even more.
  292. >Alternative dimensions from his worlds, yours or any other in existence.
  293. >I tried to stop him, I really did. But he couldn’t stop making them one and another one.
  294. >I removed his powers from his hands, but that didn’t stop him! The magic he was using… got stuck with him.
  295. >I tried to use the crystal to make the human go back to his world. …It didn’t work. Maybe humans that come to this world aren’t allowed to come back? Gotta take a note about that.
  296. >And what the human did next impressed me, it really did.
  297. >He used a crystal and opened a dimension, one he called “pocket dimension”.
  298. >He entered the dimension and that’s all, he was gone.
  299. >A dimension where he could continue his job about creating more and more crystal dimensions until the end of times.
  300. >Such a lust for power the human had…
  301. >Maybe humans aren’t prepared to be in control of chaos.
  302. >Well, at least you got your way to travel across dimensions plus some other crystals he left behind.
  303. >Thank you whoever was your name, you will never be forgotten!
  304. >At least in this dairy.
  306. Day -245
  307. >It happened again.
  308. >That rebellion of ponies were trying to reverse my chaos.
  309. >Maybe I need something… someone at my side to back me up.
  310. >Eh… I don’t like to admit it, but one day I’ll be… gone.
  311. >I might look immortal but I won’t last forever.
  312. >Not every star shines forever.
  313. >Ugh… you blame Luna for that quote.
  314. >But…
  315. >Maybe you’ll need someone to… learn your ways.
  316. >The first human was weak… but there are others.
  317. >There will be others.
  319. Earth, day 2
  320. >That human was right, this world was in a war.
  321. >Red flags with a black symbol along hundreds of humans were marching towards a battlefield.
  322. >Now I would stay here and eat popcorn until something happens, but I don’t like this kind of violence.
  323. >So I searched for anyone to obey my treat and follow me to Equestria as my… pupil.
  325. Hours later
  326. >Is really a shame you can’t go in there without the humans trying to shot you with their barbaric weapons.
  327. >You could try a disguise, but what are the odds they find out is just a camouflage and shot you in the face?
  329. 30 minutes later
  330. >I watched as a human was being slain on the ground.
  331. >A blonde male human with blue eyes.
  332. >The poor thing was pleading for mercy, probably on his last moments.
  333. >There was a human that appears to be from the other side that wants to help him.
  334. >And would you look at that… the pleading human stabbed the other soldier with… whatever pointy weapon was that.
  335. >A bit of betrayal, huh? This one will do to your world.
  337. Back in best world
  338. >The human is with you.
  339. >He was bleeding and coughing at you, he thought he was seeing things back there, especially you.
  340. >So… I played along and told him this was the afterlife.
  341. >A second chance to do what he couldn’t complete back in Earth.
  342. >With a cocky smile the human laughed at me and fainted.
  343. >Now, this time I wouldn’t allow a human at my side, because of what happened with the other one.
  344. >As much as I like the havoc and all, I have my standards. Chaos standards.
  345. >So with my magic I changed the human into a pony.
  346. >The only thing that went a little off… is that the process turned him into a… mare.
  347. >A white mare with blonde hair, even her cutie mark was that flag of that world, how curious.
  348. >Maybe you can’t forget some things.
  350. keew txen ehT
  351. >The… “Afterlife” is doing weird things to this ex-human.
  352. >As the other human, I gave this now mare, a bit of the dark magic of my orb.
  353. >Orb… pearl… whatever, I gave her some of that power.
  354. >Mistakes were made.
  355. >She… brought an army of ponies against my will, waiting to attack me in the grounds of Canterlot.
  356. >Now I’m not impressed at anything, but a betrayal? Whoa, I didn’t expect that coming from her!
  357. >Well I did.
  358. >I always have a backup plan for betrayals.
  359. >…No, I don’t, I’m just messing with this diary as the ponies find a way to my floating castle.
  360. >She’s an earth pony after all.
  361. >I can hear that pony yelling from below the castle.
  362. >That’s some high pitch voice! That accent fits it.
  363. >But her wrath won’t do anything besides using that tiny army of hers.
  365. (Untitled date)
  366. >I got tired of her.
  367. >With my magic I teleported her in front of me.
  368. >She was yelling at me, demanding my throne.
  369. >Oh hoho, too bad this isn’t something you fight for, you need to earn it.
  370. >And this pony as much as I like her with that tiny bit of chaos she spread, she doesn’t really have good ideas.
  371. >And for opposing me she deserves a punishment.
  372. >So I used one of the crystals left by my old failure of human and teleported her to a totally new dimension, not after getting back the dark magic inside of her of course.
  373. >Too bad the crystal broke as she entered it.
  374. >Hundreds and hundreds of pieces of that crystal felt to the floor… with the image of that blonde pony in one, and each, of those fragments.
  375. >Maybe there is one more than her now thanks to you.
  376. >Who knows, who cares. Time for another subject, third’s a charm!
  378. Earth, Day 2 Chapter 1
  379. >War is over.
  380. >Everything is so peaceful it looks so disgusting.
  381. >Too bad you can’t apply your powers here.
  382. >One because you already have your own world and two because you don’t want to get hurt by any methods humans does.
  383. >This time… you’ll get two humans and see how it goes.
  385. N334A 900/11
  386. >At this point I don’t know what to put to date.
  387. >Moving on, I found two twin brothers that were young and willing to come with me.
  388. >This time I knew not to pick an old human, because of what happened with that philosopher aaand never pick up a soldier.
  389. >I gave them the will to choose which creature to be.
  390. >One brother chooses to be a dragon and the other a griffon.
  391. >This time you gave them just a tiiiiiny bit of dark magic.
  392. .There is nothing that can go wrong<
  393. >I’m not fixing that arrow.
  395. Date goes here
  396. >My “children” as I like to call them, are doing nothing but get goods in this world.
  397. >I sent a clone of myself to see how they were doing… and what a waste of magic I did on those.
  398. >The dragon proclaimed himself as Dragon Lord and now lives with all the food, all the gems and all the things in life he always wanted.
  399. >He got so fat that your mom’s butt is jelly about it.
  400. >For the griffon… he went as a criminal around Equestria, stealing what-not from any source.
  401. >He really wants everything, mostly gold.
  402. >What a greedy rat bird.
  403. >I said third’s a charm? I meant fourth’s a charm!
  404. >Who should I bring next?
  406. Earth, day 4
  407. >It seems time on Earth is… much different than Equestria.
  408. >Time here goes faster than I ever imagined.
  409. >That war that happened just weeks ago as I visited here? It’s been a few years after that.
  410. >Dimensional travels are interesting.
  411. >Well this time you might… take by force a human, this time a kid and see what happens.
  412. >You want a child after all. The reason? So he or she can become your inheritor and grow and get used to your magnificent powers.
  413. >The inheritor of chaos.
  414. >A legacy.
  415. >One day, you’ll have a backup plan.
  416. >For now… let’s see who’s the lucky human to come with you?
  418. Day 12 of the ball month
  419. >The human doesn’t stop crying!
  420. >She cries, cries and cries every often she sees me.
  421. >”Where is my mom? Who are you? Please take me back! I need my mommy!”
  422. >I don’t even know how old she is; I just saw a bunch of kids and throw a bone to one.
  423. >Literally.
  424. >One was too curious to see the bone… and grab it, then I pulled my fishing rod and went back to my dimension.
  425. >The human is now a diamond dog, bone side effects.
  426. >And doesn’t stop crying.
  427. >All. Day.
  428. >I had to stop her by using my hypnosis, so I erased some of her memories… it went good, the crying stopped.
  429. >Humans don't break, do they?
  431. Day next-next day
  432. >The diamond dog, who I call my daughter, is… emotionless.
  433. >Is so boring that I had the idea in mind to give her some of the dark magic from the same old orb I keep in my basement at home.
  434. >It did nothing.
  436. Nexxxxt day
  437. >My daughter is soooooo lazy.
  438. >She sleeps all day, if I give her food she eats it and goes to sleep again, she doesn’t want to go and do a little bit of chaos or even talk.
  439. >At least she calls me daddy.
  440. >N-Not that I enjoy that, it's disgusting.
  441. >Maybe erasing her memories was a bad idea.
  442. >Or maybe kidnapping a little kid was the central bad idea.
  443. >Who would have thought humans age acted differently from each other? Not you.
  445. The pages are moving.
  446. >The princesses alerted me about a threat for my kingdom.
  447. >Creatures called “Changelings”.
  448. >Now I really don’t care about them, but they sure are annoying bugs.
  449. >They only eat love and that’s all.
  450. >And… they do a big mess around town that nopony wants to clean.
  451. >With a snap of my talons I could stop and put them away, but combat isn’t my thing.
  452. >I might find another human to do the dirty work for me.
  453. >And what better creature this human can be but other than a changeling to get as a spy inside the hide of the changelings?
  455. Some hours later
  456. >I brought this time a human with average age and made him a changeling, he even had a funny accent that wanted you to have pizza or spaghetti every time you heard it.
  457. >As I taught him the ways to turn into different creatures, this time I learned my lesson and didn’t give him any dark magic from the orb.
  458. >He needs to earn it.
  459. >I told him already what his mission is; he is willing to do anything.
  460. >He even told me to use some things called “Cellphones” to communicate from far away.
  461. >This is technology from the human world.
  462. >They sure are more advanced than us.
  463. >Maybe is time to see the alternative dimensions and see what stuff you can get from them.
  465. Ashes to ashes
  466. >…
  467. >The page is missing.
  469. RAGE DATE
  470. >That little thief! That little raccoon! That griffon stole my orb and other crystals from me!
  471. >If he thinks he can escape with it… he is /so/ wrong!
  472. >You will trace that griffon and get him.
  473. >…
  474. >Weird, your magic tracker says he is right now in your throne.
  476. Chaos Throne room, midnight
  477. >The griffon for some reason knew the potential of the magic orb and tried to use it, but it didn’t have any effect on him.
  478. >I was just about to get my orb back, but I got a cell phone call from the changeling I hired from the human world.
  479. >His words were “Don’t move”.
  480. >I looked around and I was surrounded by thousands of changelings.
  481. >I give him the power to transform into anyone he desires and he does what in return? Bring company to my house.
  482. >He turned himself into a lion and went directly to attack me.
  483. >And with a snap of my talons, he stopped in front of me.
  484. >He backed up and tried to change into another creature, but surprise, surprise… as I was the one who gave him the powers, I can take them back any time I want.
  485. >He remained as a lion.
  486. >He didn’t like it.
  487. >He saw an opportunity, a tiny one. I don’t know how he thought taking by force the orb of dark magic was a good way to go back in changeling form…
  488. >The lion and griffon started to fight.
  489. >You didn’t really care because as you said before, fights aren't your forte.
  490. >As for the changelings? One by one were retreating from my throne.
  491. >It seems the mother changeling didn’t come to the party.
  492. >Well… you really needed more decoration in your castle after all.
  494. Chaos Throne Room, morning
  495. >The fight is over.
  496. >Both the lion and griffon lost.
  497. >What was the saddest of things was the accident that happened.
  498. >My poor… little and lazy daughter was in the throne, sleeping as always… until the orb fell into her head.
  499. >The griffon and lion with their remaining strength went towards her.
  500. >I don’t know how to explain what happened, and I’m the master of randomness!
  501. >Let’s just say that… they… did a fusion.
  502. >The result? A horrible looking chimera, with the head of a lion, a griffon, and a dog.
  503. >They had big intimidating wings.
  504. >They were confused, although the dog head didn’t mind at all, but rather looked sad.
  505. >She called me, her voice sad telling me “Dad..dy”.
  506. >So… creepy.
  507. >The lion and griffon heads looked at me with anger, asking me what I had done to them.
  508. >Me? Do something? It was their fault to play with dark magic.
  509. >They flew, trying to attack me.
  510. >Useless failures of children.
  511. >I snapped my talons and a painting appeared in front of me. They jumped into the painting, unable to move anymore.
  512. >Hey, at least they aren’t statues in a garden.
  513. >So… I removed the dark magic in them and throw the painting to somewhere I don’t remember.
  514. >The magic trash? Eh… whatever.
  516. Last page
  517. >I’m so bored of these failures of children.
  518. >One last search.
  519. >One last human.
  520. >This human… needs to be ideal.
  521. >I’ll teach him the basics of chaos… I’ll make him an earth pony as challenge… He’ll grow up and will get used to it.
  522. >I’m not giving freebies this time.
  523. >Maybe I could use him to sneak in other dimensions?
  524. >Hmm haha… wouldn’t it be funny that there were other versions of me that also adopted a child for reasons?
  525. >I need to do a last study with those dimensional crystals.
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