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  1. [22:13:10] TTarSweep: fuck you
  2. [22:13:20] Edjeanerations~: Are you alright
  3. [22:13:29] TTarSweep: no
  4. [22:13:37] Edjeanerations~: Please don't be rude to me
  5. [22:13:39] Edjeanerations~: It's only a game
  6. [22:14:24] TTarSweep: why did you lynch me?
  7. [22:14:36] Edjeanerations~: Because I thought you were scum
  8. [22:14:42] TTarSweep: no shit sherlock
  9. [22:14:49] TTarSweep: wh ydid you think i was scum
  10. [22:15:08] Edjeanerations~: Mainly because of the fake log regarding Mafia Oracle.
  11. [22:15:38] Edjeanerations~: That's the reason most people lynched you, I assume.
  12. [22:15:58] TTarSweep: it might've been fake, but he said it and the only way i could have gotten it was to fakelog because i dced
  13. [22:16:05] TTarSweep: i explained this many times
  14. [22:16:14] TTarSweep: but nOoOOoOO
  15. [22:16:22] Edjeanerations~: You could've checked his ISO and copied it from there.
  16. [22:16:29] TTarSweep: iso?
  17. [22:16:54] Edjeanerations~: Pm Universal Backup .i [name] and it gives you logs of everything that person has said in the current game
  18. [22:17:12] TTarSweep: i didnt know that
  19. [22:17:21] Edjeanerations~: Well now you do
  20. [22:17:33] Edjeanerations~: Good luck in your next game with that new information
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