Escape Attempt

Mar 17th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Your sense of control wavers as you sprint down an empty alley, taking a sharp turn as you attempt to create as much distance between you and Botan as possible. You made the fatal mistake of trying to slink away after work, when she gave you specific instructions to meet up with her after. You refused to be her prey...only to end up enraging her in the process, foolishly locking yourself into this situation. The streets are empty. You are alone. As you clear the alley, the clattering of trash cans behind you fills you with even more panic.
  3. You are being hunted.
  5. Sweat pours off you as you pant, quickly moving into another alley as you do everything you can to keep the sight-lines between you and your pursuer broken, trying to wring out any advantage you can over one of Hololive's apex predators. Your ears ring. Your lungs burn. Your legs start to cramp. Bursting through the narrow area between buildings once more, you hastily move up the street, trying to find another spot you can slip through. The skidding of shoes behind you gives you a pretty good idea of the distance between you and Botan. Not enough. You turn at the bend ahead of you, but just before clearing it, burning pain erupts across your back, causing you to scream out in pain as the lioness narrowly avoids grabbing you, landing a swipe across your shoulder blades instead. You look back at her, gritting your teeth in agony as you continue to try and run.
  7. Her eyes are focused into pinpricks, with her mouth curled into a wild grin. Droplets of your blood slowly slide off her nails as she twinges in excitement, letting you get a head start...before she resumes her offensive, bounding after you. Further stress fills you. She's *fucking toying with you!*
  9. Terrified beyond all rationality, you sprint in a panic, clumsily avoiding everything you can while you struggle to maintain control of your faculties. Another alley ahead of you catches your eye - one of the several dozen in this awful, winding city - and you all but dive into it, desperate to get away from Botan. As you head deeper and deeper into the alley, you turn at an end of be greeted by a brick wall. The ringing in your ears grows louder as your heart somehow beats even faster. With a loud roar, Botan pounces. You slam into the wall back first as she pins you there. Your sense of control breaks completely as the lioness laughs, digging her nails into you painfully. Her tail swishes behind her as you begin to tear up.
  11. "Please," You wheeze, trying to avoid breaking out into sobs. "Please! I'm sorry!"
  13. The lioness wordlessly takes a hand from your shoulder, curling it into a fist and sending it directly into your stomach. You dry heave, tears leaving your eyes alongside spit from your mouth, before she repeats the action, this time grinding the fist into your stomach. You nearly vomit, before Botan sending a knee into your groin causes you to dry heave a second time, assuring you that there's nothing you could expunge even if you wanted.
  15. "I said that I'd see you after work, didnt't I? We could've done this real easy...real nice. But no, you couldn't do that, could you?" She asks in an almost mocking voice. Her anger isn't exactly veiled. "You tried to run. You tried out to run from *me*."
  17. You can't respond through the pain. Botan retracts the fist from your stomach...only to lean into your shoulder, sinking her fangs into you. Oh, God, please no! You wheeze out a scream of pain as she gnaws on you, struggling against her grip ineffectively. When she pulls away - luckily without a chunk of you in her teeth - she grins at you. Blood drips from her jaw as her smile grows, showing off the red teeth within her mouth.
  19. "Now we have to do this...could've had a nice, relaxing night at my place...but I guess I need to remind you that you're owned now..."
  21. The lioness removes the hand keeping you pinned, only to settle on grasping you by your throat rather than your shoulders. Your hands rush up to grip at her wrists as she effortlessly lifts you, holding you above her while she giggles. Botan uses her free hand to all but shred your top, exposing you to the air. Holding up her hand, she stretches her fingers for but a moment...before putting her index finger out, the nail glinting deviously. Humming, she jabs the nail into your chest, forcing out another choked scream from you...before she begins to drag it, letting you gurgle ineffectively in her grasp as she slices you, seemingly enjoying taking her time to make you spasm in pain.
  23. "B..." She trails, seemingly finished as she pulls the bloody digit from your body before jabbing it back in. "O..."
  25. Your vision darkens as your pain threshold is breached over and over again. The lioness continues to drag her finger in patterns you can't see before stabbing you again, cutting your chest over and over again for what seems like ages. Though you can't see it, you're sure you're losing a lot of blood...
  27. "...N!" Botan proclaims happily, releasing the grip on your throat without warning. You crumple to the ground in a heap as you gag for air, sputtering through cries of anguish. She pays you no mind as you pathetically struggle to stand, instead taking her phone out. You hear her tapping on the screen as you look at the wound on your shoulder, vision blurred. You can see the bite marks pulsing in a weak stream of red down your entire arm...and the puddle below it. The clicking of a shutter and the flash of light catch your attention as you look back over to the lioness. Seemingly satisfied, she turns the phone to face you.
  29. Crudely scrawled across your chest in jagged, uneven letters, is 'BOTAN'. The wounds burn somewhat worse.
  31. "Now you won't forget. Right?" She asks. Without waiting for an answer, she leans down, grasping you by your waist. You try to let out another scream of protest, only for it to come out hoarse and quiet. Botan laughs as she lifts you up...slinging you over her shoulder.
  33. "Yelled yourself hoarse? That's fine. Just means I won't have to hear you complaining. Come on. Let's get you patched up at home."
  35. With a content huff, Botan begins to carry you out of the alley. Though you struggle and fight her grasp, she doesn't bother to even react to the movements, keeping you restrained effortlessly. Despite your best attempts, the lioness has claimed you.
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