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  1. Matty brought this up to me since I am a community manager on PRTA and an admin there, I've gotten the chat logs and the disconnect/connect logs to check for what was thrown out in this [URL="https://pastebin.com/c1WkrNfP"]pastebin[/URL].
  3. The rules for PRTA were changed on the 12th of November when we changed our ruleset on PRTA due to issues like these and we were planning this for a while.
  5. Now the old ruleset from this [URL="https://web.archive.org/web/20170417180448/http://prteamwork.com:80/rules/prbf2/"]archive snippet[/URL] from April 17th.
  6. Here are also the [URL="https://pastebin.com/tjiRLVSC"]chat logs[/URL].
  9. Multiple MECH INF squads are permitted.
  10. MECH INF may claim an APC once it has more than 6 members.
  11. MECH INF choose which APC they want to use first, then the APC squad can use what’s left.
  12. MECH INF can only claim one APC per a squad at any time.
  13. MORTARS - It's prohibited to lock MORTARS squad with less than 4 players.
  14. APC:
  15. MECH INF choose which APC they want to use first, then the APC squad can use what’s left.
  16. APC squads must abide by the decisions of MECH INF squads regarding which vehicles they may use when both squads are in a position to claim an asset.[/QUOTE]
  18. Now looking at this you may think the rules are clear on this right? The APC should have gone to the MECH INF squad. BUT then you look at the example.
  20. [QUOTE]If only APC squads are initially present and they have legally claimed all available vehicles, then later on one or more MECH INF squads gain enough members to be able to claim a vehicle, but all vehicles are already in use:
  22. The APC squad is not required to surrender any legally claimed vehicles to the new MECH INF squads.
  23. The new MECH INF squads might not have access to any vehicles until the APC squad either loses one of theirs or voluntarily donates one.
  24. Any new (re-spawning) vehicles may be claimed by the MECH INF squads first, with the APC squad being allowed to take any remaining vehicles.
  25. If enough new MECH INF squads are created that they can claim all vehicles between them then the APC squad may not have any available assets after re-spawned vehicles have been claimed.[/QUOTE]
  27. The APC squad was initially created first before MECH INF when looking at this example and after they died then MECH INF can have it.
  29. Which adds up to what this said.
  31. [QUOTE]Those players were playing on the same team as me and some oter RPX guys on november 10th at PRTA.
  32. They opened an APC squad on Kokan (only one stryker), [B]right after that[/B], [RPX]mr.vdHeide opened an MechInf squad and after that we realised, that we are allowed to claim the APC:[/QUOTE]
  34. [QUOTE]We tried to talk to them, but bigboi started insulting us quite fast and made clear that he will not return it. [B]we reported both players to the admins which warned them and told them, we are correct and claim the APC.[/B] they still refused to bring it back. Akiba was in that squad as well and because i know him quite good, i tried to ask him to talk to his squadmates, but he just said something like "i am not squadleading, i tried but hmm..."[/QUOTE]
  36. WeedT0aster1 is the admin that was present at the time and he said this in chat.
  38. [QUOTE][22:11:53     GLOBAL] [X-GM] WeedT0aster1: who created the squad first APC or Mechinf?
  39. [22:11:56   TEAMKILL]  moffe [inslat_rpg7_pg7vm]  Sirske
  40. [22:12:01       KILL] =51ST= Evilangel_19 [killed]  [PR]RPX|Smiddey
  41. [22:12:02     GLOBAL]  [PR]VOG|Puden: apc
  42. [22:12:03       KILL] Space piratepengu [insgr_g3iron] [DPRC] Fuller
  43. [22:12:04 T2 SQUAD 8]  [PR]RPX|Filamu: !admins
  44. [22:12:12     GLOBAL] [X-GM] WeedT0aster1: apc claims the apc then
  46. He repeated it again
  47. [22:12:40     GLOBAL] [X-GM] WeedT0aster1: f APC want to take the APC they can take it with out any discussion
  49. He also kept saying
  50. [22:15:40     GLOBAL] [X-GM] WeedT0aster1: let me tell you what, unless your squad leader of apb says give up the apc, then the apc is yours!
  52. [/QUOTE]
  54. I am looking at the chat logs now, bumbi did not keep disconnecting and reconnecting. There was no big chat drama as that pastebin is trying to make out things to be that never happened.
  56. [21:59:03 DISCONNECT] ' [PR]VOG|bumbisaft' disconnected with IP:
  57. [22:40:29    CONNECT] ' [PR]VOG|bumbisaft' connected with IP:
  58. bumbi only reconnected when the map ended.
  59. [21:51:26 DISCONNECT] ' [PR]VOG|BigBoi_-UK-' disconnected with IP:
  60. [21:52:13    CONNECT] ' [PR]VOG|BigBoi_-UK-' connected with IP:
  61. [21:59:40 DISCONNECT] ' [PR]VOG|BigBoi_-UK-' disconnected with IP:
  62. [22:06:05    CONNECT] ' [PR]VOG|BigBoi_-UK-' connected with IP:
  63. [22:25:10 DISCONNECT] ' [PR]VOG|BigBoi_-UK-' disconnected with IP:
  64. [22:25:52    CONNECT] ' [PR]VOG|BigBoi_-UK-' connected with IP:
  66. hairy only kept reconnecting to report them for stealing the apc which the example says that the APC squad was initially there before MECH INF.
  68. The only small malicious thing that I can see is this
  69. [22:09:16     TEAM 2]  [PR]VOG|BigBoi_-UK-: guess whomst is back bitches
  70. which I guess is justified but this should have been handled by the ingame admins and not the PRT staff and the way they completely botched this.
  72. [22:11:03     TEAM 2]  [PR]VOG|BigBoi_-UK-: oi mech cunts give us our apc
  74. and getting angry over someone saying "oi mech cunts" seems grasping at straws to be malicious against the other team.
  76. The other thing is just this which seems like a joke since gregjlanders calls him THICC BOI.
  77. [22:16:40     GLOBAL]  gregjlanders: BF sounds like Big boi doesn't understand how MANNERS WORK JUST EXPLAIN IT THICC BOI
  78. [22:16:52     GLOBAL]  [PR]VOG|BigBoi_-UK-: shup greg you inbred turd
  80. [QUOTE]of course they rejoined over and over again and even when we had hands on the APC, they didn't stop getting on our nerves, even used allchat and said stuff like "this is more like PRTshit". this continued up into the next round.[/QUOTE]
  82. Seems like lying to me here, only hairy rejoined after he got kicked to keep doing !r to get his apc back and he did not say PRTshit.
  84. [21:57:07     TEAM 2]  [PR]VOG|BigBoi_-UK-: more like shit rta
  86. prta more like shit rta. made out to be something else lmao.
  88. I am reporting this because in my opinion this is not the behaviour that the other team should take by being malicious, grasping at straws, blatantly lying and omitting facts which should be brought up by PRT players.
  90. I don't see why this gets brought up after the other team loses the battle, this seems like a misunderstanding that one admin handled badly from our(PRTA's part) and I apologize on how badly it was handled.
  92. This is a non-issue and I don't get why it's being brought up with lies and omitting facts.
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