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  1. Discount tickets to a massage parlor...!
  2. AND a Monkel drink...
  3. On top of that, she's drinking Monkel Royal, marketed by the industry to people in their fifties...!
  4. I'm so glad I've graduated already...
  5. But why is the scent of chocolate wafting out of the curry...?
  6. I-It's not hidden at all!
  7. Rather, it's actually manifesting itself all over the place...
  8. He saw me!
  9. He's from Mayama's company, he'll figure out that this is Mayama's coat!
  10. What should I do? I'm so uncool!
  11. How should I smooth this over?
  12. I ended up going out wearing Mayama's coat...
  13. Is her painkiller wearing off?
  14.  田 Taken advantage of by his smiling face
  15. Stimulated by the alcohol she drank
  16. The tear that wells up when she's shown otherwise
  17.  田 She'd alredy become all for it
  18.  田 Holding her head
  19.  田 Holding her head
  20.  田 Even if she tries to pretend that it was a dream
  21.  田 His paper tells a different story
  22.  田 Becoming white and discolored
  23.  田 Ascending above the clouds
  24. The silvery summer's night she was picked up on
  25.  田 She's being constricted by a mistake that won't go away
  26.  田 waratta kao ni tsukekomare
  27.  田 Monkel  田 is a pun on a Japanese energy drink called Yunkel.
  28.  田 The  田 7-3 split  田 is a stereotypical Japanese old man hairdo when they split 70% of their hair one way and 30% the other.
  29.  田 All sorts of deities currently visiting
  30.  田 Ceramics Second Department
  31.  田 Fresh Soba
  32.  田 Ceramics Dept.
  33.  田 Inflammable
  34.  田 Flammable
  35.  田 Yamada Liquor Store
  36.  田 I looked up at the night sky after slipping away
  37.  田 From that room painted over with my lies and dull bluffs...
  38.  田 Jumping over the bent chain-link fence like always,
  39.  田 I run on the hard pavement.
  40.  田 The two of us, so dissimilar, are connected by a slender thread...
  41.  田 Though it's not the common red one.
  42.  田 The place we met was quiet, with even the rustling of the large trees still.
  43.  田 The air was permeated with only the sound of our breaths.
  44.  田 I play with you in the deserted district...
  45.  田 And we laugh everytime our eyes meet.
  46.  田 We're running through the night, please don't shoot us just yet.
  47.  田 Breaking our doomed fate, we run...
  48.  田 We're running through the night, please don't shoot us just yet.
  49.  田 Towards the far-off light, we run...
  50.  田 Send the lost promises to the stars
  51.  田 My memories won't fade away
  52. I steal a glance at you as we look for four-leaf clovers,
  53. But then divert my eyes
  54. The gentle rain falls above our heads
  55. as it becomes as dramatic as the number of people passing by
  56. I wonder if we'll ever be able to
  57. reunite with those precious things that were broken
  58. The scars that were left behind won't go away
  59. Now we must depart
  60. To our own separate ways
  61. It's dawn...
  62. What nice weather...
  63. Although this light is already torturous...
  64. Mayama, please close the curtain! I'm going to turn into sand!
  65. I can't see the screen...
  66. I'm back!
  67.  田 "Oh, this voice is...!"
  68. Oh, man! That totally woke me up.
  69. Massages sure are nice.
  70. What's with all the tired faces?
  71. You should go get a massage.
  72. I have discount tickets.
  73. Now, let's aim for another lively day of work!
  74. That feels good!
  75.  田 "You're wonderful, Miwako-san ☆"
  76.  田 "You're very manly"
  77. My goodness, what's the matter, Leader?
  78.  田 "That (7-3 split ☆) is very cool also"
  79. Oh, so these are what you made the other day?
  80. They're nice.
  81. That's our Nomiya.
  82. You sure are dextrous for a first timer.
  83. On the other hand, your earlier work was better, Mayama.
  84. I just wasn't in the groove that day...
  85. It's because you were too busy getting in our way.
  86. That's right!
  87. I wanted to talk with Yamada-san more.
  88. Yamada is...
  89. You see, she's, well, how should I put it...
  90. A naïve girl, the type you don't see very often these days.
  91. Please don't make any moves on her unless you're serious.
  92. Man, that doesn't sound nice...
  93. He's totally treating us like germs. How rude!
  94. If you're going to say that much, then why don't you make an attack on her?
  95. It seems to me that she likes you, Mayama.
  96.  田 "Miwako-san, "Attack ☆" is an obsolete word"
  97. Ah, well, that's...
  98. Then why are you getting in our way?
  99. Why?
  100. Well... I've known her for a while, so...
  101. That's not a valid reason.
  102. That's right! That's right!
  103. Oh, I'll make us some coffee.
  104. Yamada is like a precious friend to me...
  105. So I can't...
  106. Why don't you forget about that and just date her?
  107. You must like her as well, if you think of her as so precious.
  108. You can't share a futon with Takemoto-kun forever.
  109. We sleep in different futons!
  110. Anyway, I'm...!
  111. Aiming for Rika-san?
  112. N-No, I'm not.
  113. First of all, if I was, I would've just stayed there.
  114. Even if it was just part-time or something...
  115. T-That's true...
  116. I mean, if that was the case, you wouldn't have quit Harada Designs to come here...
  117. Could it be that an issue arose relating to that?
  118. You got too close to Rika-san, things got uncomfortable, and you couldn't stay around anymore?
  119. Ridiculous!
  120. W-What are you trying to say, Yamazaki-san...?
  121. I-It wasn't like that...
  122. So, please...
  123. P-Please quit already...
  124. Bingo.
  125. Mayama!
  126. What in the world are you thinking?
  127. Rika-san is my idol!
  128. Moreover, how dare you... when she's been depressed about her husband...!
  129. G-Give up! I give up!
  130. But I don't get it.
  131. Why are you interfering with us when you're interested in somebody else?
  132. Even we could figure out Yamada-san's feelings, so there's no way you haven't noticed, right?
  133. And you're not pushing her away, but rather, you're tormenting her.
  134. Maybe it's that you want to keep her "on the bench", in case your first choice doesn't work out?
  135. What do you mean by that?
  136. "I'll take the unspoiled Yamada-san if Rika-san doesn't work out."
  137. Thinking something like that?
  138. I'm not.
  139. Really?
  140. Not at all.
  141. You said it.
  142. You said that you're not.
  143. I'm going out.
  144. And I'm going straight home from there!
  145. Nomiya-san, where are you going?
  146. Dear me, you should know already without me having to tell you.
  147. I know. Of course I know.
  148. But I'll ask anyway!
  149. Hey! You two! What about your assignments?
  150. They're finished.
  151. By the book, at that.
  152. So fast!
  153.  田 "Miwako-san, hey, feed me... ☆"
  154. Oh, Mayama. And Nomiya-san...
  155. What's the matter?
  156. The photo shoot suddenly got bumped up.
  157. It's kind of soon, but are the potteries from the other day finished?
  158. I'm sorry that we came up without warning.
  159. It's okay.
  160. Oh, they're over there.
  161. Gotcha.
  162. That's quite an amount.
  163. They're everyone's presentations for the school festival.
  164. School festival, huh?
  165. I'm sorry for coming when you're so busy.
  166. Oh, no, I'm just helping everyone out.
  167. All right.
  168. How's Takemoto doing?
  169. I haven't been going back to the apartment lately.
  170. He's been running around looking for jobs.
  171. And every evening he comes back looking depressed.
  172. He's obsessed with making some tower-like object...
  173. I-I see...
  174. Oh, yeah! And how's Hagu-chan?
  175. Hagu-chan...
  176. All sorts of people are observing her everyday.
  177. It's a little difficult for me to approach her...
  178. But she's still Hagu-chan on the inside.
  179. I'm sure things will calm down once the Hamabi Festival ends.
  180. Oh, but we still eat together.
  181. We bring the ingredients and cook them here.
  182. I-I see...
  183. That's right! I cooked curry today! Have some with me!
  184. Well, I...
  185. How about you, Nomiya-san?
  186. Oh, can I?
  187. Boy... this is...
  188. Ta-daa!
  189. And now, the question of the day!
  190. This special curry has a certain hidden ingredient in it to give it more presence!
  191. I wonder what it could be?
  192. Ta-daa!
  193. The answer is: "chocolate"!
  194. Surprised?
  195. So, would you like to have some?
  196. No...
  197. Please don't worry about us...
  198. I see...
  199. That's unfortunate...
  200. And there's so much...
  201. We'll have some!
  202. If it's your home cooking, Yamada-senpai!
  203. I'd like to eat it even if it kills me!
  204. Really?
  205. How does it taste?
  206. I-It's piercing!
  207. It wells up inside me!
  208. I-It surpasses my wildest expectations!
  209. "Piercing"? "Wells up"?
  210. Those are some dubious expressions, but I sense something sharp coming out...
  211. Now then, let's wrap it up.
  212. Yamada, can you hold it up at that end?
  213. You're really wrapping it up carefully.
  214. Well, these things have no replacements.
  215. I see.
  216. No, Mayama. That goes in B.
  217. Oh, I see. Thanks.
  218. You're really hopeless, Mayama.
  219. Sheesh, you're so much trouble.
  220. I apologize.
  221. That's the last of them.
  222. Oh, it's Miwako-san.
  223. Yes, this is Mayama.
  224. The model?
  225. I'm sorry, Mayama. The leg on the desk in the meeting room buckled...
  226. So please come right away!
  227. Nomiya-san, there's an emergency situation for the meeting at nine.
  228. It's being held at Yotsuya, right?
  229. The train would be quicker.
  230. I understand. I'm off.
  231. All right, I'm counting on you.
  232. See you, Mayama.
  233. And why are you so amicably waving your hand with her?
  234. What the hell? I get it already!
  235. Damn that Mayama, he sure is persistent or something...
  236. Huh? Uh oh, Mayama forgot his coat.
  237. Will he be okay?
  238. It gets pretty chilly at night...
  239. Sorry, I forgot my lighter.
  240. Oh, here it is.
  241. Good. I thought I'd lost it.
  242. Um, Yamada-san.
  243. Say, are you hungry?
  244. I'm getting hungry.
  245. If you don't mind, will you accompany me?
  246. B-But...
  247. I also want to talk to you about payments, okay?
  248. Okay then...
  249. Right then, let's go.
  250. I should get my coat...
  251. You're already wearing it.
  252. Yamada-san, do you prefer soba or udon?
  253. Soba, I guess.
  254. Soba, is it?
  255. I know a good place then.
  256. It's a little far, so I'll go by highway.
  257. Oh, okay.
  258. It smells like Mayama.
  259. The scent of other people is mysterious.
  260. It's not like he wears anything special, like cologne...
  261. But I know straight away.
  262. The scent of his shampoo, laundry detergent...
  263. And a little bit of...
  264. This must be tobacco...
  265. U-Um...
  266. I was asleep this whole time so I wasn't aware...
  267. B-But where is this place?
  268. We're in Tateshina.
  269. And that lake that we can see outside is Lake Megami.
  270. Ta-Tateshina?
  271. Yeah, I guess it's in the Nagano prefecture.
  272. I came here once for work.
  273. Now, go ahead and eat.
  274. The soba here is really good.
  275. U-Um...
  276. Er...
  277. Here's a souvenir.
  278. Oh, soba? That's nice.
  279. Looks like we're having soba for lunch.
  280.  田 "Miwako-san, what is that? Is it meat?"
  281. But why a souvenir?
  282. I thought you went with Mayama to go get the potteries at Hamabi yesterday, Nomiya...?
  283. It says "Tateshina" on it.
  284. That's right. I went there.
  285. With Yamada-san.
  286. Yamada!
  287. What's wrong, Mayama?
  288. I hear that you went to Nagano with Nomiya-san last night?
  289. Y-Yeah...
  290. Why would you do such a thing out of the blue?!
  291. B-But...
  292. He asked if I wanted to eat soba.
  293. I thought that it would be a soba restaurant nearby...
  294. But then I got into his car...
  295. And...
  296. And... I fell asleep...
  297. Y-Y-You fell asleep?!
  298. In a car driven by a guy that you don't really know?
  299. In that dangerous man's car?!
  300. Why are you always so naïve?
  301. You shouldn't show an opening so easily in front of people you don't know very well!
  302. Mayama, you idiot!
  303. So what? It's none of your business what I do, Mayama!
  304. A-Ayu...!
  305. Yamada-san!
  306. The heels on western boots are dangerous!
  307. I hate this!
  308. I don't care about you anymore!
  309. Hello? Mayama-kun?
  310. Yamada-san said that she doesn't care about you anymore.
  311. Youngsters these days give up on things at the most inconvenient times...
  312. I did it again...
  313. U-Um, thank you for the meal.
  314. Was it good?
  315. Ah, yes.
  316. Really? I'm glad.
  317. I see, so your family runs a liquor store, Yamada-san.
  318. I'll come buy something later.
  319. Then, good luck with the school festival.
  320. Oh, that's right, the coat.
  321. I'll return it to Mayama for you.
  322. Yamada-kun, the tea! The tea!
  323. Professor... what happened to Yamada-san?
  324. Maybe we should leave her alone for now...
  325. That guy is so mean!
  326. The whole time he must've been snickering at me!
  327. I can't take this anymore...
  328. I hate Mayama and that guy... I hate everyone!
  329. Poor thing.
  330. Yamada-san got one hell of an in-law.
  331. You're too protective.
  332. Yes...
  333. Give her a little more space...
  334. Yamada-san is a grown adult now.
  335. Yes...
  336. Senpai, please do your best!
  337. Please have some of this.
  338. Hey, you freshmen! Return to your stations!
  339. Don't bring gifts without my permission!
  340. She's in the middle of her work right now!
  341. If you have some business with her, put it through me!
  342. W-W-We're sorry...
  343. Scat, scat!
  344. Sheesh.
  345. I look away for just one second...! Stupid brats.
  346. Sensei...
  347. I-I know!
  348. Oh, yeah, Rika mentioned that she saw you a little while ago.
  349. W-Where? When?
  350. Well...
  351. I think she said during the summer.
  352. Could it have been at Hibiya Park?
  353. What, you knew?
  354. I knew it!
  355. So it was her, after all!
  356. You haven't seen her since you quit working there, right?
  357. How long has it been now?
  358. But Rika noticed you as well, huh?
  359. No, it's okay.
  360. I haven't seen her face in over a year.
  361. If I was to meet her suddenly...
  362. I'd probably force myself onto her.
  363. F-Force yourself?!
  364. Mayama, you b-beast!
  365. Say what you want.
  366. Well, but maybe that's okay?
  367. Rather than having this standstill continue,
  368. it might bring a chance to the situation...
  369. And if Rika doesn't like it, then I'm sure she'll punch you and flee...
  370. Sensei, I'm going home!
  371. D-Don't take any rash actions!
  372. I'll cool my head as I go home.
  373. One moonlit night, in the summer of two years ago...
  374. I carried her to her bed after she collapsed in the shower after work...
  375. And just spent several hours looking up at the sky.
  376. Rika-san, are you all right?
  377. R-Rika-san?
  378. I was having a scary dream, Harada-kun...
  379. I'm so glad that you're by my side...
  380. And then...
  381. As she awoke from her dream, her eyes became more and more transparent...
  382. For the first time in my life...
  383. I heard the sound of someone's heart being crushed.
  384. Yes, this is Mayama.
  385. Asai-san?
  386. But it really surprised me to hear that you've been admitted to a hospital.
  387. It seems I've shocked Rika-kun as well.
  388. She's taken care of all the preparations, registrations, and my treatment.
  389. I'm very thankful, since I don't have any family.
  390. She's here today as well.
  391. I asked her to run an errand for me.
  392. She should be downstairs.
  393. Mayama-kun...
  394. Will his hospitalization last a while?
  395. Yes...
  396. Rika-san, will you let me work for Harada Design again?
  397. I think I can be of more use now.
  398. I think that Fujiwara Design is a good company.
  399. It's full of young people and works swiftly.
  400. With Asai-san's assistance, I've been able to finish all the jobs that have been asked of Harada Design.
  401. So now I want to have the opportunity to take care of Asai-san.
  402. I knew it...
  403. That's why...
  404. I tried my hardest to stay away from her, to avoid her.
  405. I knew that if I approached her again without adequate words, she'd just increase the distance between us again, like now.
  406. I'm going to his room.
  407. Stay well.
  408. I knew this.
  409. I need to start over.
  410. Again, from the beginning.
  411. How much longer do I have to...?
  412. I'll drive you home.
  413. It's raining pretty hard.
  414. Where did you get this car?
  415. It's a rental car.
  416. You borrowed it?
  417. Your motorcycle?
  418. I can't ride it in this rain.
  419. I'll pick it up tomorrow.
  420. Please get in.
  421. Mayama-kun... you're going the wrong way.
  422. Please let me drive for a little bit.
  423. Taking advantage of her immobility...
  424. My selfish self takes the wheel.
  425. The wiper stirs up my heart...
  426. And repeats its dull sound.
  427. And so...
  428. Amidst the orange lights, I was slowly sliding down the large spiral of Daikoku Pier.
  429. Next episode: The moon is calling for her.
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