a poem by me patrick star

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  1. coffee burns my lips before it ever touches them.
  2. and they do burn.
  3. blood sits closer to the surface
  4. of my mouth
  5. than anywhere else,
  6. always ready to spill,
  7. never ready to speak.
  8. my mom always listens so well
  9. even though i dont know what to say
  10. and my jaw clenches
  11. before i speak
  12. and my eye twitches
  13. when anyone looks at me.
  14. but my mother taught me
  15. to treat strangers like friends,
  16. to howl among wolves,
  17. that when wolves howl
  18. they are not simply
  19. teeth gnashing
  20. gums bleeding
  21. mouth full of blood
  22. they are singing the moon to sleep.
  23. please god
  24. may my tenderness be infinite
  25. may my lips be burnt
  26. and they do burn
  27. my lips burn
  28. before yours ever touch them
  29. and your hands
  30. hold mine
  31. before they are close enough
  32. i will let your fingerprints
  33. turn to flower petals
  34. on the branches of thin muscle
  35. and sore bones
  36. and old scars
  37. of my arms
  38. i wish i could be less wolf.
  39. i wonder if i can fabricate angels
  40. from the inside out
  41. cover my lungs with down
  42. grow feathers from flaws
  43. turn swan
  44. maybe my teeth are not yet too sharp
  45. to be filed down
  46. maybe when i scream
  47. people will know
  48. i intend to be gentle
  49. i intend to be a howl among wolves
  50. i intend to turn my shaking hands
  51. from fawns legs
  52. newly born
  53. into hands capable
  54. of holding my life in both hands
  55. and saying
  56. this is it
  57. my caucophony
  58. i will try to live
  59. i will keep reaching my hand
  60. into the cage
  61. you may bite it off
  62. a hundred times
  63. before i learn to step back
  64. please
  65. let me cradle the wolf out of you
  66. let me invite your teeth to bed
  67. let all of the blood on your hands
  68. mix with mine
  69. may our jaws intertwine
  70. may all of our flesh
  71. be mud
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