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EtherSec Press Release: Operation Monarch |#MillionMaskMarch

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Oct 8th, 2013
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  1. A new world has emerged out of the ashes of the old. Life as we once knew it will be changing for the better. The signs are all around us. You may see them on the internet as the global mind processes information at a faster pace than ever before in human history. You may see it in real life as your fellow human beings march in the city street demanding change, and collectively organizing to build new structures. You may see it with your friends and relatives as they increasingly become aware of the true nature of our tyrannical structures on this planet.
  3. Yes, the interconnected consciousness of our home planet has awoken. This change however has not come about by it's inhabitants passively standing by. This change has come from those who have awoken; the ones who have dared to push humanity forward. We as a whole have now entered a new Aeon where all has been revealed, and within this revelation is the true power of the human mind. That which you feed grows and the events you tune into are events you have contributed to by simply allowing the information to have been collected and stored within your mind.
  5. A sec within Anonymous has emerged which actions are directed towards the collective consciousness of our planet. We work within the etheric plane; influencing and guiding our brothers and sisters towards a brighter future. Meditation, magic(k), and empowering messages have been our weapons of choice. We now invite all reality hackers to join our cause to give shape to this new world. Working through #Ethersec operations we will analyze events, distribute information, dissect disinformation, and use guided meditation to enhance our cause and ensure epic win.
  7. Follow these hastags to keep up with #Ethersec Ops:
  8. #Ethersec
  9. #OpEPOCH
  10. #OpOct22
  11. #PM2020
  12. #PM2045
  15. #Ethersec will be engaging in it's largest operation yet, #OpMonarch; this will be a GLOBAL operation to guide #MillionMaskMarch which will take place on #Nov5th. On the days leading up to the #MillionMaskMarch event #Ethersec will be conducting psychological operations which will include: eliminating disinformation that is being circulated. Circumventing negativity, targeting, and raising energy through group meditations. Spreading empowering messages/symbols into the collective mind, and of course other useful tactics. This message will be spread by various #Ethersec agents, and we hope you will participate in this operation. We are the monarchs of our own reality.
  17. BEE the Ether.
  18. BEE the Sec.
  20. We are Anonymous.
  21. We are everywhere.
  22. We do not forgive.
  23. We do not forget.
  24. Operation Monarch, Engaged.
  25. ƸӜƷ
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