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  1. How did Timwi create that? Well, he doesn't actually want their relationship to start that way anyway, as his main reason is that the idea of a romantic relationship seems unrealistic to him (he's a total loser). In fact, there's a scene in his novel where he tries to explain how he can't understand why he should ever have a relationship with Timwi, because this would imply that he'd have to give up his independence for the good of all. The idea itself doesn't mean anything, but it's rather humorous in this sense--a writer using the fact there are no real boundaries to his relationships as a way to make fun of those he thinks are less noble. I'm not completely sold to the idea, but it seems like a rather lame example. I also thought Timwi didn't want to be on her side, since it would imply that she wouldn't treat him nicely or help him out in trouble. She also doesn't want to be with someone whose life she didn't really know, for the same reason she never wants to be with someone who has to work at a job she doesn't like. I guess that's a way of saying, "You're less important anyway" instead of "You're more important than me." The fact that "all women have been killed by husbands/lovers, in a tragic situation." means that Timwi wouldn
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