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Jan 6th, 2020
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  1. D o c t o r ' s H e c k
  3. <color=red>Rule 1.</color>
  4. Do not cheat or exploit in any way or form, this is a permanent ban and a report to the global moderation team.
  6. <color=orange>Rule 2.</color>
  7. Do not use offensive speech. This includes racist or homophobic slurs. This is a day ban. Repeated attempts afterwards will be a week, and then a month ban. If you keep doing it even after that, you're getting a permanent ban because something is wrong with you, you mess of a human.
  9. <color=yellow>Rule 3.</color>
  10. Do not spam your microphone with anything annoying that may cause harm to our ears or is unpleasant to listen to. Music or soundboards are allowed, but do be aware that people will mute you. You may mute staff members if they are spamming their microphones, but if you are told to unmute them, you must comply.
  12. <color=green>Rule 4.</color>
  13. Do not teamkill with malicious intent. If someone is closing doors or being annoying, go ahead. If you wish to do so just to be annoying or hurt gameplay, you will be given a 15 minute ban. Repeated attempts will result in longer bans until you are permanently banned. Kills with SCP-018 do not count unless it is clear that they were intentionally trying to kill you with it. D-Class personnel are exempt from this rule unless it is overdone.
  15. <color=#ff3399ff>Rule 5.</color>
  16. Do not reveal personal information of other users without their consent, aka doxxing. Do not harass using this information, or any information at all.
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