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  1. Ubuntu comes with a package manager (aptitude) so I guess I'm not sure why you got Apper?
  2. You should just clone Git directly, though
  3. like the one you pasted
  4. what happened after you cloned?
  5. gespinoz2019 11:45:10
  6. Yes, I tried that route.
  7. nasamuffin 11:45:23
  8. if you just download the package, you won't have the source to modify :)
  9. gespinoz2019 11:45:29
  10. I tried to go into Makefile via Vim. I had to install Vim so I did.
  11. I then tried to just do make
  12. but then i got an error. I opened this chat in my windows os and the virtual machine with ubuntu has the error
  13. so Im going to try and open the IRC in ubuntu real quick so I can copy/paste the error i got
  14. nasamuffin 11:46:27
  15. ok. Again, please use a paste tool like pastebin or git
  16. IRC mangles it on every newline
  17. gespinoz2019 11:46:38
  18. ok
  19. nasamuffin 11:46:53
  20. Try this: sudo apt install libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libexpat1-dev
  21. and then try to make again
  22. gespinoz2019 11:48:55
  23. ok the error i had received was along the lines that I was missing an .h file. I looked for a solution. he fatal error was that <oppenssl/ssl.h> didn't exist and it was line 297 in the Makefile #include <openssl/ssl.h>
  24. gespinoz2019 11:50:30
  25. So i looked through the entire computer to see if it was somewhere odd. The documentation suggested that sometimes some files are in other folders and I was just gonna move it. I didn't find it. So i think maybe I can just delete that line from the Makefile itself. But then it would be missing things so I didn't know.
  26. Let me try that sudo line you gave me first though!
  27. nasamuffin 11:51:49
  28. yeah, that sounds like missing deps
  29. gespinoz2019 11:51:57
  31. nasamuffin 11:52:13
  32. Yeah. That is exactly what that is
  33. is that make error from before or after you tried to install deps
  34. (the 'sudo apt install' line i sent)
  35. gespinoz2019 11:52:33
  36. before
  37. Im trying what you sent now thou!
  38. nasamuffin 11:52:59
  39. What that line does is 1) shift you into superuser mode (sudo) and 2) install a bunch of packages using the package manager (apt)
  40. libssl devkit, zlib devkit, curl devkit, expat devkit
  41. devkit means it has the headers so you can build against them :)
  42. so I think this will get you a lot farther
  43. gespinoz2019 11:55:06
  44. Ok great! It finished installing! let me check it out :)
  45. nasamuffin 11:56:32
  46. :D
  47. gespinoz2019 11:58:05
  48. I went back to the git directory in terminal and hit make again
  49. nasamuffin 11:58:22
  50. It will probably take a really long time
  51. gespinoz2019 11:58:32
  52. it seems like it's finally compiling! It's just spitting out a lot of CC lines one at a time
  53. nasamuffin 11:58:39
  54. if you want, you can try "make -j64" or some other silly high number - that will parallelize the build
  55. gespinoz2019 11:58:42
  56. That's awesome
  57. nasamuffin 11:58:51
  58. you can ctrl-C to cancel and try again multithreaded
  59. er, -j$(nproc) might be better
  60. dunno how many cores you gave your VM :)
  61. gespinoz2019 11:59:19
  62. like ram?
  63. nasamuffin 11:59:26
  64. processor :)
  65. anyway, nproc will figure it out for you
  66. "make -j$(nproc)"
  67. gespinoz2019 11:59:45
  68. Ooo ok
  69. nasamuffin 11:59:48
  70. or just be patient
  71. either way
  72. but, I personally find the build to be painfully slow
  73. gespinoz2019 12:00:48
  74. all right, i hit crt-C and then typed in "make -j$(nproc)
  75. It's slow yeah, but it feels nice to see actual compiling after trying for the past two weeks lol
  76. nasamuffin 12:01:20
  77. hehehe
  78. gespinoz2019 12:01:23
  79. thank u emily!
  80. nasamuffin 12:01:25
  81. np
  82. hope this unblocks you
  83. dscho will probably be disappointed that you didn't get it working in windows, but I really didn't want you to sit and flail for as long as you did
  84. gespinoz2019 12:02:00
  85. Yeah I think it will def help.
  86. nasamuffin 12:02:05
  87. sweet!
  88. gespinoz2019 12:02:36
  89. Oh i got an error at the end
  90. Ill copy it real quick
  91. nasamuffin 12:02:51
  92. sure
  93. gespinoz2019 12:03:29
  95. nasamuffin 12:04:18
  96. huh, never seen that before
  98. "sudo apt install gettext"
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