Jade - Mates Before Dates

Oct 9th, 2016
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  1. >You aren't sure about this.
  2. >It's just that, he is your friend, but asking for advice?
  3. >Maybe you should reconsider about--
  4. >"Hey, Anon." Norman's voice snaps you back into reality. "You all right?"
  5. >You blink a few times, realizing that you've been mindlessly staring at your sandwich for quite some time.
  6. "Yeah, yeah. Can I have a word with you?"
  7. >He puts down his bottle and stands up.
  8. >You do the same with your sandwich and follow him away from the table.
  9. >"What's up?"
  10. "I have been interested in a girl for a while and I need some advice."
  11. >"That's it? Dude, I wouldn't mind helping you out."
  12. "Really?"
  13. >"Yeah. We've been friends for what, two years now?"
  14. "About three, remember back in the second semester in freshman year we had the same class together and it just went from there?"
  15. >"Oh yeah, Ol' Cranky. I still can't get over on how you were able to stick gum under his toupée."
  16. "And that look on his face on when he realized it was too late?"
  17. >"Priceless."
  18. "I still can't believe that you took the fall for it."
  19. >"I didn't have anything better to do that Saturday anyway."
  20. >The two of you share a chuckle.
  21. >"So, what is it that you need?"
  22. "Advise on how to warm up to her."
  23. >"Ah, that's easy. What you should do is try to go along with what she's into, like a hobby."
  24. "And it might go from there on?"
  25. >"Slow down, just try to talk with her for a while before going out."
  26. "Anything else?"
  27. >"Nope, that's pretty much it. If you want to go in depth, just ask."
  28. >Something that she likes, eh?
  29. "Thanks. Hey, how did you all of a sudden know about chicks?"
  30. >"Just like you, I have been keeping an eye on one."
  31. "Looks like both of us are going in the game."
  32. >You jokingly sock him on the arm.
  33. >He does the same.
  34. >"I'll probably do it later today, but you know."
  35. "Yeah, your parents can be chill or a pair of hardasses."
  36. >"It's either a hit or a miss for some occasions. We should get back, the lunch bell is about to ring and you haven't even taken a bite out of your food."
  37. >The two of you enter the cafeteria and continue the rest of lunchtime.
  39. >You scrub the inside of a cage.
  40. >"Once again, thank you for coming over to help me."
  41. >Fluttershy walks closer to you.
  42. >She currently has a cat sleeping in her arms.
  43. "It's not a problem, really."
  44. >"People love to play with the animals, but none of them want to help me clean the mess they have made."
  45. >You stop to dip the sponge inside the bucket filled with soap and water.
  46. "I wish it were a crime to let you work those beautiful fingers."
  47. >What the hell was that?!
  48. >She giggles.
  49. >Sounds like it sort of worked.
  50. >"I'm more than happy to have someone like you over at this hour. It's a fuss when one person is left to do the hard work."
  51. "I get you, it's never good to do it all by yourself. It's just unfair."
  52. >You continue scrubbing the inside of the cage.
  53. >"It sort of is. I just wish that there was more people like you."
  54. "Don't say that. I'm sure that the others were busy."
  55. >She sighs.
  56. >"I can only wish that were true."
  57. >You come out to put the sponge back inside the bucket.
  58. "If it makes you feel any better, I can start on coming here more often, even though I just started today."
  59. >The smile that she put on warmed your heart.
  60. >"That would be very grateful of you to do so."
  61. >You grab the towel and start drying the inside of the cage.
  62. >A bell hanging right beside the front door rings as it swings open.
  63. >"Oh thank goodness, more help."
  64. >"Sorry that I'm late, parents were arguing."
  65. >You turn around and see--
  66. "Norman?"
  67. >He walks in, confused and surprised as you are.
  68. >"Anon?"
  69. >It takes a while for it all to click in your mind.
  70. >"Where should I start?" He casually asks.
  71. >This can't be...
  72. >"You can help Anon with the cages, he's almost done with them."
  73. "Actually, can I have a word with him first?"
  74. >He nods, knowing as much to what you are leading him into.
  75. >"Sure. While you guys chat, I'll check on the animals, just to make sure that they are fine."
  76. >The two of you walk outside and stand in front of the door.
  77. "Seriously?"
  78. >"Hey, I should be saying that to you."
  79. "Come on, let me at least try."
  80. >'"I have been planning this for weeks."
  81. "And I have been thinking about her for months!"
  82. >"It sounds like you don't want any competition."
  83. "Of course not.” You had to force yourself to say that.
  84. >”Then it shouldn’t be a problem for you, is there?”
  85. >You know that he is giving you some playful banter, but he is stepping on some thin ice.
  86. >As you push the door open, Norman follows you back inside.
  88. >Neither of you said anything for the last ten minutes.
  89. >He has kept his mouth shut ever since the small discussion from earlier.
  90. >Fluttershy comes back with a Doberman.
  91. >”There, nice and clean.” She says when putting her inside the cage.
  92. >Now is the time to make your move.
  93. “Hey, Fluttershy?”
  94. >”Hm?”
  95. “I was wondering if you were busy tomorrow.”
  96. >”I am. I’m going around town to post more flyers.”
  97. >”Do you need any help with that?” Norman suggests.
  98. >”Yeah, that would save me a lot of time.”
  99. “Can I tag along?”
  100. >”Sure. I’m more than happy for you guys to offer.”
  102. >This sucks.
  103. >Not only that you split up, but each of you took a third of the city.
  104. >Fluttershy is somewhere out in the northwest and Norman is in the far east.
  105. >You get the worst end, the south.
  106. >How she handles it is walking around and handing out the flyers, but you just staple them at poles or slip them in mailboxes.
  107. >You have been doing this for the better part of an hour and it seems to be doing well.
  108. >”Hey, you!” A girl in a brown hood calls you out.
  109. >She appears to be holding one of your flyers.
  110. >There is no doubt in your mind that she is upset that you left that in her box and now she wants to beat the living shit out of you.
  111. >You quickly toss the rest of the flyers in your bag and hightail it.
  112. >”Get back here, dweeb!”
  113. >She starts to chase after you.
  114. >”I need to talk to you!”
  115. >You aren’t having any of that today, you would still prefer to have your face intact.
  116. >After jumping three fences and hiding in store that sells cheap crap, you can safely say that you lost her.
  117. >”Hey, you!” You jump at the voice of an old man clearly calling you out. “Either buy something or get out!”
  118. >Close one, he’s just managing his store.
  119. “Do you have any drinks?”
  120. >”Aisle 5.”
  122. >You call Fluttershy about distributing the flyers.
  123. >She seemed happy at first, but when you tell her about leaving some of them in the mailboxes, she gets pretty upset.
  124. “What’s the problem?”
  125. >”We can get into some legal trouble for doing that.”
  126. “…we?” You slip out.
  127. >”You did put the flyers inside the mailboxes.”
  128. “But I didn’t know about any of this shit!”
  129. >She sighs. ”It's fine, as long that the mail was already delivered, we shouldn’t get any trouble from them. If you want to leave them, just do it through the mail slot or leave it in front of their door.”
  130. “Maybe it’s time that you guys upgrade these to door hangers for convenience.”
  131. >”Trust me, we would, but it’s not in our funding to do that.”
  132. >You would make a pointless debate about this, but it would just be a waste of time and you’re not really interested in anything business related.
  133. “At least the good news is that the mail was already inside.”
  134. >”Okay, good. I know that you’re trying to help, but please, talk to me before you do something like this.”
  135. “I will.”
  136. >You hang up and take a sip out of the can of soda you bought back at the store.
  137. “Aw come on! This shit is warm!”
  139. >Nothing really happens for the last few days.
  140. >You got away with leaving the flyers in the mailboxes, and you almost walked into that pissed off chick who chased you the other day.
  141. >Aside from that, you’re waiting to make a move on her, but Norman is keeping you on your toes.
  142. >You certainly won’t let him get this without a fight.
  143. >You lurch forward when Rover speeds up.
  144. “Slow down.”
  145. >You tug on the leash, making sure that he gets the message.
  146. >He abides by slowing down.
  147. >At least someone can respect your request.
  148. >Norman is getting to you now, but he’s not getting away with this.
  150. >Fluttershy is outside, taking the dogs for a walk, leaving you with Norman at the animal shelter.
  151. >You’re scrubbing the bottom of a hamster cage, whereas Norman is doing the same to the floor in a dog hut.
  152. >You have your earbuds in, but you’re currently listening to nothing.
  153. >”Hey Anon, up for doing anything later?” You heard him, but choose to ignore it and continue on scrubbing the cages floor ”Anon?” You scrub even harder, trying to focus on the piss stains on the cage. You sense some light tapping on your shoulder. “Anon?”
  154. “What?” You reply in a sour tone.
  155. >”Sheesh, man. What’s wrong?”
  156. “You know what’s wrong.”
  157. >”Dude, it’s just a girl.”
  158. “That you won’t let go.”
  159. >”I did plan it out better than you.”
  160. “Unlike your parents.” You mutter under your breath.
  161. >”What?”
  162. “If you’re not going to respect my wishes, then don’t bother seeing me as your bro.”
  163. >You turn back around and continue scrubbing.
  164. >”No wonder you didn’t show up to hang out yesterday.” You listen to the sound of his footsteps dim down with each passing moment.
  165. >The front door bursts open with a bunch of non stop ringing from the same distance.
  166. >”Goodness, after walking around the block four times, they’re still want to keep on going.” Fluttershy comments while letting off their leash.
  167. >”Fluttershy, do you--”
  168. “Have any plans for tonight?” You cut Norman off.
  169. >”Uhm, I-I do. I have to feed the animals and make sure that everyone is here.”
  170. >”I’ll help.” Norman offers.
  171. “I will as well.”
  172. >You and Norman stand at attention.
  173. >”Sure. You guys can put the dogs back in their cages, I’ll go get their food ready.” Fluttershy guides the leash over to you.
  174. >As you’re reaching over for it, Norman swipes it out of her hands.
  175. >”What about tomorrow?” Norman asks.
  176. >”I’m busy tomorrow.”
  177. “What about the day after?”
  178. >”Yes, I’m busy for the entire week, even the weekdays.” She almost sounds irritated from the questions.
  179. >You and Norman take the hint and decided to do what you two were assigned to do; getting these dogs in their cages.
  180. >Fluttershy leaves the room to get her dog food.
  181. >For the first minute, the two of you did work, until the threatening glares became a constant thing to a point that you were trying to stare him down.
  182. >He keeps on staring at you, trying to strike fear into you heart.
  183. >Your resilience is built on adrenaline and hatred, determined to stand your ground against--
  184. >”What are you two doing?”
  185. >You and Norman look over to see Fluttershy balancing multiple dog bowls filled with food, one of them hanging on her head.
  186. >When you look back, you realized that Norman’s hand is right over your own.
  187. >The two of you retracted away from the leash, wincing from the awkward moment.
  188. >You get up and help Fluttershy with the food, leaving Norman to deal with the final dog.
  189. “It’s a guy thing, don’t worry about it.”
  190. >Fluttershy raises an eyebrow.
  191. >She keeps her suspicion, but stays silent about it.
  193. ~
  195. >You don’t know about this, or anything about relationships and boys.
  196. >The closest person that you know is Rarity, she knows about how they work or what makes them tick, she might be able to help you out.
  197. >You take Rarity to her favorite coffee shop and tell her about your problem.
  198. “I don’t know what to do, Rarity.” You conclude by pleading to her.
  199. >She toys with her backpack, pondering about your dilemma.
  200. >”Let me get this straight; two guys are acting up when they are around you while asking you out?”
  201. “Yes, that’s basically it.”
  202. >She stirs her cappuccino around by twirling it in her hand.
  203. >”I don’t even know what to say.” Judging by her voice, she sounds impressed.
  204. “Haven’t you experienced before?”
  205. >”Oh, yeah! Countless times! You have no idea how many guys have been rejected by moi.”
  206. >The sweat beading off her forehead makes you wonder about her history.
  207. >You might as well question it.
  208. “How many guys did you refuse this year?”
  209. >She appears to be stumped, hesitating to answer your question.
  210. >”That’s my personal business, and I would rather fix YOUR issues. You are here for that, aren’t you?”
  211. “Well, yes, but--”
  212. >”Aren’t you?” She repeats in a harsh tone.
  213. “Yes.”
  214. >She might be peeved by a simple question, but you do not want to jeopardize your chances on finding the solution to these two crazy boys. It’s better off to leave it and move on. Besides, you could come back to it later.
  215. >”Now, what you’re going through seems to be a part of your imagination.”
  216. “W-what?”
  217. >”It’s quite clear that you’re imagining this feud taking place. I mean, you are busy with the creatures in the shelter, surely it must be getting to you.”
  218. “Rarity, I don’t think that this is a part of my imagination. They constantly ask me every time I walk up to them.”
  219. >”Fluttershy, you are my friend, and I understand that you want to try and make me jealous by making up this ludicrous story about two boys fighting over you.”
  220. >She takes a sip out of her cup.
  221. >What is she even saying?!
  222. “Rarity, I’m actually telling the truth! Please, just visit the animal shelter later today and see for yourself!”
  223. >”I-I possibly couldn’t.” She stammers about your plan.
  224. >You’re not taking this.
  225. >Even though she is a friend, you are not going to put up with this any longer.
  226. “Why? Does it make you feel uncomfortable because of how filthy it is?”
  227. >”No! Of course not!”
  228. “Then what’s stopping you from visiting?”
  229. >”I just… have a lot of homework today, that’s all.”
  230. “You know that I know that’s a lie.”
  231. >Rarity takes a long sip, stalling the conversation. She’s doing her best to make up a new excuse, anything to get away from stepping foot in the animal shelter.
  232. >”Mmm, fine!” She nearly slams the cup down. “I’ll go.”
  233. >You nearly want to jump out of excitement, but a part of you says that she’s lying so that you could stop. You’ll find out later today if she is full of it.
  235. >It’s getting late. Rarity was supposed to be here right before when the guys would arrive. Too bad that didn’t even matter, since they were waiting for you at the front door. So much for getting Rarity inside without being noticed.
  236. >Luckily enough, you distracted them by moving bags of dog food from one spot to another. That will take a while for them to finish up.
  237. >Right now, you’re waiting outside, expecting Rarity to show up at any moment.
  238. >If she doesn’t then you at least get to gloat at her about how much of a coward she really is.
  239. >You see someone running down the sidewalk. Wait, no, they are jogging.
  240. “There you are.”
  241. >”I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”
  242. “I told you to get here early, what happened?”
  243. >”I had to use the ladies’ room.”
  244. “And it took you an hour?”
  245. >”I had to run home and use mine! You know that I don’t trust the public… toilet.” She winces at the end of her sentence.
  246. >Right, she’s the kind of prude that wouldn’t get her hands that dirty, let alone that white ass.
  247. >You sigh, thinking that going out to buy her that cappuccino was a terrible idea.
  248. >”Come on, I’ll sneak you in through the back.”
  249. >You enter the alley, but stop halfway to realize that Rarity is just standing there, watching you walk through the torn paper and wrappings all around the alley.
  250. >”Don’t you have a trash collector?”
  251. “We do, they arrive every Wednesday.”
  252. >”Yesterday was Wednesday! My point is, why is there so much garbage scattered around?”
  253. >You walk back and grab her hand. guide her through the alley,
  254. >As you pull her in, she tries to push herself out of your grasp.
  255. >A can moves to the side as you walk past it.
  256. >”Eek, a rat!”
  257. “Don’t be silly, that’s a possum. She’s looking for food.”
  258. >”And you allow that?”
  259. >You stop and stare at her.
  260. “No one would adopt a possum, and I’m not going to let the pest control kill them.”
  261. >”There’s more!?” She frantically asks.
  262. “Yes, she has a family to take care of. Now, are we just going to stand here in this filth, or do you want to get out of it?”
  263. >”The former does sound marvelous.”
  264. >You nod and pull her through the mess.
  265. >Rarity slips out of your grasp as she nearly runs out of the alley.
  266. >”Eaugh.” She wiggles around, shivering from how gross it was. “If what you’re saying is true about those two, maybe you should get them to clean this up.”
  267. “I’ll keep that in mind.”
  268. >You unlock the back door and peek inside.
  269. >”... give up, Anon. There is no way she’s going to fall for you.”
  270. >The two of them are out of breath, relaxing near the small stack of dog food.
  271. >”What’s going on?” Rarity asks.
  272. “Shh!”
  273. >You gesture to her, showing her that they are inside.
  274. >Rarity approaches you and listens to their conversation.
  275. >”As if she would go out with a dip shit like you.”
  276. >Norman has a smug smile, eyeing Anon’s tired expression. ”Come on, insults?” He leans back, resting on the wall.
  277. >Anon reaches down to grab another bag.
  278. >”Yeah. You aren’t going to stop pushing this whole self-entitled bullshit around, so why not?”
  279. >”Hey, hey, that’s not cool.”
  280. >Anon drops the bag and stands up.
  281. >You almost jump, worried if the bag is ripped or in any way damaged from the fall.
  282. >”What you’re doing is not cool. You know what else isn’t cool?”
  283. >”What?” Norman gets off the wall to slowly make his way past the bags and stand in front of Anon.
  284. >”The fact that you can’t accept what’s going on with your parents.”
  285. >Rarity moves her head closer. ”What’s going on?”
  286. “Just listen!” You whisper.
  287. >”You are walking on thin ice, Anon.” Norman replies in a morbid tone.
  288. >”Face it; your mom is a whore and your father is just like you; a backstabbing piece of shit!"
  289. >Norman pushes him.
  290. >"Take that back, asshole!"
  291. >With much more force, Anon shoves him back.
  292. >"I won't! Everyone knows that your parents have a bullshit relationship!" Anon jabs a finger into his chest.
  293. >In a moments notice, both of them grab each other's shirt.
  294. >"You're full of it!"
  295. >"And you know what the kicker is? I bet that you are nothing but a failed abortion from all of this!" Anon yells into his face.
  296. ”STOP!” You shout out when barging through the door.
  297. >Anon and Norman stop from ripping each other's shirt off.
  298. >They freeze, holding their fists in mid-air.
  299. ”Both of you are nice -- I really mean it -- it’s just that, I can’t.”
  300. >Norman releases Anon and in reverse.
  301. >“Why not?” Anon questions, disheartened by your reveal.
  302. >”Is there someone else?” Norman jumps into conclusions.
  303. ”No, there isn’t. My heart goes to the poor animals. Someone needs to care for them until they get an owner.” Fluttershy holds out her backpack to hug it. “Also, there’s just too much trouble with you two.”
  304. >Anon and Norman look away in shame.
  305. >“I was--” Anon starts off.
  306. >”He was--” Norman follows.
  307. >The two of them stop, realizing the overlapping from one to another.
  308. ”I don’t have time for that kind of unnecessary stress, along with the hassle you two made.” She puts her backpack on. “It’s better off this way. For all of us.” Without another word, you walk out of the room.
  310. ~
  312. >You idly stand by, watching Fluttershy leave through the doorway that leads back into the main room of the animal shelter.
  313. >Rarity takes a good look at you and Norman, slowly walking past the mess that you created in the scuffle.
  314. >”We’re you two actually fighting over… ?” She points at the doorway, implicating Fluttershy is the person of interest.
  315. >“Yeah.” Norman replies in a depressing tone.
  316. “Yup.”
  317. >She looks through the doorway, then back to you with a questionable look on her face.
  318. >”Why?!” She begs the question.
  319. “Why what?”
  320. >”Why her and not me?! Aren’t I simply fabulous?”
  321. >You and Norman look at each other, confused if either of you should answer.
  322. >”Eh.” Norman responds.
  323. >You just shrug your shoulders.
  324. >Rarity is taken aback by how she’s seen as mediocre compared to Fluttershy.
  325. >She thinks to herself, then snaps her fingers. Rarity walks over to the stacked dog food and sits on the bags to pose on them.
  326. >”So?”
  327. “Still not cutting it.”
  328. >Norman just shakes his head.
  329. >”Augh!” Rarity slips down and stomps out of the room. "And the two of you should really clean up that alley!" She shouts at you before leaving.
  330. >”What was that all about?”
  331. “Not sure. Hey, you still want to finish up here?”
  332. >”Why not? We may as well do some good.”
  333. >The two of you nod and finish moving the last of the bags of dog food to the other side of the room.
  335. >When all of the bags are all in one spot, you and Norman pack your things and call it a day.
  336. >The trash thing that Rarity complained about might be for another time.
  337. >”Hey, Anon.” You stop by the doorway that leads into the main room. “I wanted to say that I’m sorry for all of this. I probably shouldn’t have stepped into this from the start.”
  338. >That will be the closest of an apology Norman will ever make about this mess.
  339. >Whatever, it’s good enough.
  340. “And I’m sorry for the shit I said to you about your parents.”
  341. >”Nah, I had that coming for a long time. I’ll just suck it up and move on. How are you feeling about… ?” He points to the other room, indicating about your tough break from Fluttershy.
  342. “I won’t lie to you; it stings, but maybe a good video game and root beer with my best bud might patch it up.”
  343. >He smiles and gives you a light sock.
  344. >”All right, let's get out of here.”
  345. >You lead Norman out of the doorway, but stop when you overhear Rarity’s discussion.
  346. >”I can’t believe you stopped them from -- not just the whole fighting fiasco -- but the entire competitive purpose!”
  347. >”I’m not going to use them for my own personal gain, Rarity.”
  348. >”Didn’t you realize on what you had?! They may as well gone to the ends of the Earth for you!”
  349. >”It sort of hinted me the night before I asked you, but no; I wouldn’t take advantage of some poor guy's heart.”
  350. >”Never say never, dearie.”
  351. >You and Norman look to each other, sharing an idea.
  352. ”Hey Rarity, would you like to go on a date later this week?” You ask with some enthusiasm.
  353. >She’s taken by surprise from the request.
  354. >”W-well, I--”
  355. >“What the hell?! I thought she was mine!”
  356. >Fluttershy stands by a bewildered Rarity, thinking to what is going on now with you and Norman.
  357. “After when you fucked with my chances?”
  358. >”Give me a break!”
  360. >In the corner of your eye, you see a bottle of shampoo sitting right behind him.
  361. “Piss off, jackass. She’s mine.”
  362. >He fumbles around, but keeps his balance.
  363. >The blue bottle makes a juggling sound, rolling to the tip of his shoe.
  364. >He picks it up and points it at you.
  365. >You look to the floor and find a white conditioner bottle.
  366. >Without a second to waste, you pick it up and undo the cap.
  367. >”You don’t have the balls.” Norman insults you, twisting the cap off to keep it at a level playing field.
  368. “Try me.”
  369. >You quickly look over to see Rarity savoring every waking moment of you and Norman going at it like morons, while Fluttershy is dumbfounded to see that the two of you are reduced to this.
  370. >You dart your eyes over to Rarity, signaling Norman on what to do.
  371. >”Let’s see how good you are. Rarity! Count us off!”
  372. >”It would be my pleasure.” She replies out of gratification.
  373. >You tighten your grip, watching Norman do the same.
  374. >”One...”
  375. >Norman rolls his arm, keeping the bottle aimed at you.
  376. >”Two…”
  377. >You wink your left eye, making sure he knows the idea you are going for.
  378. >”Three!”
  379. >At that very moment, you and Norman turn to the side and squeeze the ever living hell out of the bottle. As Rarity stands there, quickly realizing how much of a mistake this was, Fluttershy jumps to the side, trying to save herself.
  380. >You smile, watching the thick liquid mix in midair and landing over her face, hair, and shirt. It splatters around, covering most of her upper body.
  381. >Rarity blinks a few times to get it out of her way. She stands there, keeping a thousand-yard stare in between you and Norman.
  382. >Fluttershy slowly gets up, almost terrified about how Rarity is taking this. “Ra--”
  383. >”FUCKING DAMMIT!” She screams at the top of her lungs.
  384. >Rarity marches past a frightened Fluttershy covering her mouth.
  385. >”I’VE HAD IT WITH YOU ALL!” She shouts out, pulling the handle on the front door to make a dramatic exit.
  386. >That exit was cut short when she stands there, blocked by someone.
  387. >”Woah, am I interrupting something?” A familiar voice calls out on Rarity’s new makeover.
  388. >Rarity moves over to reveal that it was that chick in the brown hood, that very same one that chased you back when you were moving flyers a few days ago.
  389. >”You!” She angrily points you out. “What’s your problem?”
  390. >Everyone in the room looked at you, puzzled about your history with this chick.
  391. >”Anon, who is this?” Fluttershy asks what Norman and Rarity is thinking.
  392. >”I’m the chick that scared him off for some reason.” She answers for you.
  393. “A chick with piercings and a menacing look that calls you out in a rundown neighbourhood seems like you’re in some serious trouble.”
  394. >”I wasn’t going to pound you, dweeb. I wanted to ask about adopting.”
  395. >Fluttershy instantly jumped up when she heard ‘adopting’.
  396. >”Anyone you’re interested? A cat to keep you company, or maybe a dog to cuddle with? Maybe a small furry buddy if that’s too much.”
  397. >As they’re talking, Rarity continues to exit the building.
  398. >”DARN YOU ALL!” She howls out, making her final dramatic appearance today.
  399. >Everyone just shrugs it off, continuing with their business.
  400. >”I was thinking more of a dog that looks threatening. You got something like that?”
  401. >”Oh dear, these poor animals are much more than they look. Deep down, they are sweet and kind. I can guarantee you that a small dog can protect you, as much that a big, burly one could.”
  402. >You and Norman look at each other as the woman in the brown sweater thinks it over.
  403. >”Huh, all right then. Show me what you have.”
  404. >Fluttershy gets all jumpy and claps for a short time.
  405. >”Come on, I’ll show you.” She grabs her hand and almost drags her around.
  406. >”So, ready to go now?” Norman asks you.
  407. “Yeah, man. You get the zombie game and I’ll get the root beer?”
  408. >”You know it.”
  409. >You and Norman start to exit the building, letting Fluttershy take care of her thing.
  410. “Later, Flutters.”
  411. >”Bye Anon, bye Norman. Will you still help out?”
  412. >The two of you stop and consider it.
  413. “We’ll think about it.”
  415. >
  416. >Every once in awhile, you would help out at the shelter. Not because you think that you have a chance -- fuck that, even you know that is long gone -- but you do it out of concern and sympathy for these animals.
  417. >”How was it walking with Clementine?” Fluttershy asks while petting the dog.
  418. “She was great, much better than Rover was.” You reply, dropping the leash as Fluttershy takes it out of your hand.
  419. >”Yeah. Sorry for dragging you this late, it’s still a hassle to get more volunteers.”
  420. “Until then, I’ll try to help out.”
  421. >”I appreciate it, Anon. I truly do.” She picks up Clementine and walks over to an empty cage.
  422. >You help her by opening it up and guide Clementine inside.
  423. >”Thank you, Anon.” She closes the cage. After that’s done, she awkwardly looks at you. “I… erm…” Without any warning, she gives you a light kiss on the cheek. “You’ll make some lucky girl happy, Anon.”
  424. >She tries to cover her light blush as she walks away.
  425. “Yeah…” You mumble to yourself, rubbing your cheek.
  426. >Someone barges through the door.
  427. >”Fluttershy, are you coming or what?” It’s Rarity, flustered by impatience. “The spa closes in-- oh. I see that you two are still finishing up.”
  428. >”No, we’re just about done.” Fluttershy grabs her backpack and walks to the door.
  429. >You follow her outside, finding out that Norman is waiting beside a telephone poll.
  430. >”Hey man, ready for our date?”
  431. “Yeah, let’s hit it.”
  432. >”Whoa, whoa, whoa, are you two playing another trick on me?!” Rarity jumps in between you and Norman.
  433. “What? No, we’re double dating with Bon Bon and Lyra.”
  434. >”Really? But I thought that--”
  435. “They swing both ways.” You quickly cut Rarity off.
  436. >”Huh. So, let’s get a move on. We have a lot to work on those nails.” Rarity pushes Fluttershy to walk away.
  437. >”Bye, Anon.” Fluttershy waives at you.
  438. “Later, Flutters.” You waive back and watch them walk away in the opposite direction.
  439. >”You wouldn’t believe -- wait, you actually could -- anyway, she wouldn’t shut up about how we messed up her hair because of that shampoo lacking the proper vitamins, or some shit like that.” Norman complains about his time, waiting for you to come out.
  440. “Okay, tell me about it later. For now, we need to go or else we will be late.”
  441. >”Right. So, your car or mine?”
  442. “Mine, you still have those cheeto bags buried in the bottom of the drivers seat.”
  443. >”Says you!” He slaps you on the arm.
  444. >You push him and run off into the night, arguing on the way who takes their car to show off tonight.
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