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  1. Hi Guys,
  3. I've done quick search for bhyve on ARM but couldn't find much
  4. info besides a GSoC proposal from someone who did three GSoC
  5. projects already so he doesn't qualify anymore.
  6. Do you know more about this? A platform like the ThunderX
  7. would make a nice host to run VMs for building and testing on
  8. ARM, 32 and 64bit. Having FreeBSD and ZFS underneath would
  9. be really neat.
  11. Another thing is the GitHub integration for the FreeBSD project:
  12. Wouldn't it be a good fit for the FreeBSD Foundation to sponsor
  13. someone to automate linting on GitHub pull requests and then
  14. pull them into phabricator to run a build?
  15. Of course integration around bugzilla to be able to cross reference
  16. bugreports and issues on github would be nice, too.
  17. "Your issue was marked as duplicate of bug XYZ in FreeBSD's
  18. bugzilla."
  19. "allanjude@ commented on the (bug report linked to this issue)
  20. [bugzilla.FreeBSD.org/…]:
  21. > What revision of CURRENT are you running?"
  22. Something like this.
  24. Kind regards, Florian
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