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  1. 1) Download and install the Dokan Library (you can check if you have it in your programs and features@control panel)
  3. It's open source afaics and similar to fuse on linux.
  5. 2) Download the latest XVM from (atm 2.0 full)
  7. 3) Extract the contents of the to your gamefolder. At the time of this post, it should create a .exe in your WoT folder, a config file, a folder called XVM-Docs and several other files inside res_mods/0.7.x/
  9. 4) Drill into XVM-Docs (located in your game folder if the previous step was sucessful), then Samples, then Enable statistics and copy the xvm.xvmconf file inside it. (There are more options available in other files if you want to customize what you see and how you see it)
  11. 5) Paste the previously copied file into ../res_mods/0.7.x.x/gui/flash/
  13. 6) Launch the game using wot-xvm-proxy.exe
  15. It'll open a command prompt (proxy process) and open the game. To test if it's working, you can either play a game normally or open one of your replays with the wot-xvm-proxy.exe (right click, open with/2nd open on the list and browse for the .exe) and that will load the _CURRENT_ stats while replaying.
  17. If you want a more retail like feel, right click wot-xvm-proxy.exe and create a shortcut for it.
  18. Edit the aforementioned shortcut and under the target box at the Shortcut tab, add /launcher in front of the .exe as such; C:\games\World_of_Tanks\wot-xvm-proxy.exe /launcher (obviously, your path is different from my own)
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