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  1. Keiko finished thanking the crowd and with a final bow, that was the end of the second day at Budokan concert. As they exited she caught a glistening reflection of light off of Wakana's skin... her eyes reflecting back her own image as she got caught in the dazzling display of sparkling skin and bright lights. Keiko's mind rushed and she decided that today would be the day. As she followed Hikaru through the maze of stage scenery, she was hoping for a chance...
  3. “This is surely the most hidden dressing room in all of Japan.” Hikaru said as she opened the door. “I don't think we'll ever find our way back out to the lobby!”
  5. “You did great getting us this far, now we just have to relax and change. We'll all be home soon!” stated Keiko, as if to keep Hikaru as navigator. Keiko would surely be lost without her.
  7. Finally settling into the cramped room, all three took off the heavy stage shoes they had on... Keiko throwing hers near the wheeled clothes rack in the corner. Wakana set hers by the small make up space, and Hikaru neatly placed hers near the clothes rack, and picked up Keiko's. Keiko noticed her phone had received some new messages as she stood in front of the wide mirror. Hikaru mumbled something about having to get home quickly so she started undressing immediately, Wakana gathered up some of her clothes and took a seat next to Keiko.
  9. Hikaru slid her dress off quickly, and grabbed her regular clothes, turning her back to the other girls. She never liked undressing in front of others, but got used to it with all the outfit changes,
  10. quickly throwing on her clothes she grabbed her outfit and the hanger and hung it on the rack.
  13. “If you leave before us Hikaru, we might not find our way back to the exit.” muttered Keiko as she pretended to cry and be over dramatic with the situation.
  15. “I think you'll be ok there Miss Drama...” teased Hikaru “There are even signs to guide you if you really do get lost.”
  17. “We'll be alright!” Wakana exclaimed raising her fist into the air. “We'll just have to follow Hi- chan's scent, that beautiful sweet smelling flowery scent.“
  18. “Do I really smell that good today?” Hikaru glanced back at Wakana, seeking an answer. “You really do. By the way, you did a really great job today, you must be exhausted.” replied
  19. Wakana.
  22. “Yeah I am really tired, I'm going to get going, hope you two manage to find your way.” she said, as she picked up her small purse and headed out the door.
  24. It dawned on Keiko that this was the PERFECT opportunity, with Hikaru gone she would have Wakana one on one. Excitement filled her heart as she thought of how to approach her. She hoped that she wouldn't reject her advances, and that by some miracle she would actually be happy.  It had been
  25. so many years since they first started singing together, and every one of them had been the best time of her life.  Even the times where she wasn't as confident, Wakana was there for her.  Keiko knew she was in love with her since day one.
  27.     “Speaking of scent Wakana, you sure did sweat a TON this concert, but you sang very well as well. I'm happy to have been a part of this concert with you.” Keiko proudly announced, as Wakana looked on, sweat still running down her neck.
  29. “We all sang very well and I think it shows.” Wakana said as she wiped the sweat from her forehead.  “Are you looking forward to a bath too Keiko?”
  31. “Honestly I can't wait!  I have a new gravure magazine to look at too” Keiko said as she imagined Wakana's body in the magazine she had saved for tonight's bath.
  33. As Keiko looked over at Wakana as she pulled and tugged at her outfit, the collar was tight around her neck and the body of the dress was sticking to her sweaty skin. This might be my chance she thought, as the words escaped her mouth without even realizing it.
  35. “Do you need help with that Wakana??? You are really having a hard time.” Keiko put her phone down and moved over to her to help her pull the dress over her head. “This material is getting stuck to your body, you should have dried off first!”
  37. “I know that, but I didn't want to be here by myself, and I was afraid you would leave like
  38. Hikaru. I'm sorry I'm making trouble for you now.” apologized Wakana as she let out a little sigh.
  41. “It's okay, I haven't even started undressing yet. I am the one that's going to get left behind at this rate!!” cried Keiko.
  43. Keiko tossed the dress aside and noticed it had taken Wakana's bandeau with it, Wakana's
  44. toned but still very curvy body revealed itself completely as the small sweat beads ran down her scenic back and down to her curved hips.  Keiko leaned in close to Wakana, allured by the light fragrances of spring time flowers and sweat, her eyes gleaming with the site of Wakana's now exposed chest.  
  46. “Is there something wrong with my neck Keiko?” Wakana asked, as she noticed in the mirror that Keiko was really close to her body.
  48. “No, I was just enjoying your scent, it's lovely.” Replied Keiko. “I wish I could have this scent with me all the time.”
  50. “What do you mean? You are acting weirder than normal, did the heat from the stage lights get to you Kei-chan??” asked a concerned Wakana.
  52. “Yes they did, your gleaming skin and lovely scent have been in my mind since we started singing tonight.” Keiko whispered as she leaned into Wakana's shiny sweaty back.
  54. “K-k-keiko, w-what are you doing?!?” Wakana tried to pull away a bit, but Keiko's fit and athletic arms had already found their lock around the mostly nude torso. “Really? This is a bit much!!!” she exclaimed, realizing that there was no escape now.
  56. Wakana could feel Keiko's dress push into her bare back, her arms brushed against her breasts as Keiko's hands felt for her sides to complete the hug. She thought for sure that this wasn't really happening, but she could feel Kei-chan's small breathes against her back, warming small spots of her sweat soaked shoulder. She wondered what she should do, if anything.
  60. “I'm sorry, but I can't control myself anymore, I want to touch you more and more lately, all the interview sessions and photo shoots have been more and more sensual. I really love being this close to you.”  Keiko's word's trailed into a seductive Wa Ka Na.  As each syllable was now being breathed near Wakana's neck, she felt the slight shivers of her body as it tickled her ears.
  62. “Are you ok with this Wakana?” Keiko asked, searching for a reply.  She knew this was a risky move and her thoughts were torn between moving on or just stopping, but she also knew that there
  63. was no going back after this.
  66. “I don't know... I mean, I am half nude and you are grabbing me in such a way.” Wakana shyly whispered. “I mean I don't mind it, we've known each other for a long time and all.”
  70.     “That's good, because I want to explore you more and more, until I know your body.  Do you feel comfortable? “  Keiko asked, brushing her nails down her fit but soft abs to her small belly button. She lingered there for a moment before sliding her pinky under the elastic band holding tightly around Wakana's hips. She brushed her nail and finger tip along Wakana's skin, pulling away her pink boy shorts from her hips slightly.
  72. Wakana jerked in reaction to this, but didn't pull away, she managed a small “Yes” in reply to Keiko's question. She thought to herself that this wasn't so bad, Keiko was very gentle and she had never been felt in such a way, even when she would hug her or grab her during interviews she was always very sensitive and loving. She decided to let Keiko do what she wanted, after all it was a private dressing room and no one would come in without knocking. Wakana gazed into the mirror at Keiko's face, her eyes were closed and she had a gentle smile on her face, awkward as it was, she knew Keiko was content and happy.
  74. Still moving her left hand around, Keiko slowly slid her right hand between Wakana's breasts, up her chest further and near her neck. “You really are a sweaty mess aren't you Wakana?” Keiko whispered as she made small swirls in her collarbone area with her finger, the sweat making it glide around and around.
  76. “You know how I get on stage, it's always this way.” Wakana replied straightly.
  78. Keiko opened her eyes and looked directly at Wakana's beautiful figure in the mirror, how her skin was almost a mirror wrapped around her body, reflecting all the world's troubles. Keiko thought about the first time she saw Wakana after a concert, the passion she put into her vocals during, and the time she spent after, relaxing and unfolding all her insecurities, anxieties, and fears. Even now, wrapped around her like a soft blanket, she could feel Wakana's muscles tensing. She decided to try to make things more comfortable.
  80. “Is my dress bothering you Wakana?” Keiko questioned, still gazing at the moment in the
  82. “It's ok, but it's making my back sweatier. We should probably get back to changing and leave before someone comes looking for us.” Wakana said, trying to wiggle out of the grasp Keiko had.
  85. “How about you just take this extra layer off of me?” Keiko said, stepping away and letting the cool air rush back over Wakana's body.
  87. “I'm not sure about this, what if someone comes in, and what are we really doing here??” Wakana hesitantly replied.
  89. “I just want to make things even, I helped take off your outfit, you can help me with mine right??” Keiko said, as she grabbed Wakana's hand and placed it on the zipper of her dress.
  91. Wakana nodded and motioned for Keiko to lift up her arms, her petite frame seemed to double as she lifted her arms, her cheeks puffing out ever so slightly with joy.
  93. Keiko felt the zipper crawl down her side, and the enclosing and restrictive dress became free, the cool air from the small vent in the ceiling rushed around her bare skin, giving her small goosebumps all over. She thought to herself that it might be from Wakana's touch too, but decided to let Wakana take control, if she wanted to. Wakana's hand slid its way between the fabric, pulling down the rest of the dress off her sleek small frame.
  95. “You'll have to let the dress come off you know?” Wakana asked, unsure if Keiko minded if she moved her leg for her.
  97. “It's fine, you are being very gentle, I love your touch Wakana.” she replied.
  100. Keiko began to lift up her leg to slide the dress off as she heard a small click sound in the background, she noticed that Wakana had heard it as well as both had glanced in the direction of the door that Hikaru had used to exit. Keiko's mind went blank. Neither of them had thought to lock the door, someone was coming in and they were going to be found in the most awkward position imaginable.
  102. “Someone's coming!!!” Keiko yelled, as time slowed to crawl.
  103. “I'm back already!! I left my cell phone in here somewhere I was hoping to...” Hikaru's voice broke as the door swung wide. “.. to get it back...” Hikaru's eyes were fixed on her two best friends and co-singers. Wakana was kneeling on the floor lifting up Keiko's leg and tugging at her dress while wearing nothing but her panties and socks.  Keiko also had nothing on except the remainder of the dress, and had her hand along side Wakana's cheek.
  105. “W-what are you two...  doing??”  Hikaru barely stuttered the words out of her mouth, as
  106. Keiko quickly grabbed her dress, and Wakana stumbled to her feet.
  109. “Ummmm, she was helping me get my dress off, my ankle is still sore from that injury a few months ago.” Keiko said covering up her chest.
  111. “But why is Wakana naked as well, and why were you holding her like that??”  Hikaru said forcing Wakana to answer as well.
  113. “I was in the middle of changing as well, I didn't have time to put anything on, and it was just us two, I really didn't think you or anyone would be coming here!” Wakana answered, as Keiko nodded in agreement.
  115. “Ah, well... I see.  I missed my express train, so I'm going to hang around here for a bit longer, is that alright?”  Hikaru said, seeming to accept their quick thought lie.
  117. “Yeah of course, we were just getting ready to head out, but we'll stay until your train arrives, how long do you have to wait?” asked Keiko.
  119. “About 10-15 minutes, you really don't have to wait around for me.” Hikaru replied as an idea sparked in Wakana's mind.
  121. Wakana leaned in close, rubbing her bare arm, breast, and nipple against Keiko's arm and whispered.  “I want to see where this goes, can we let Hikaru in on our new secret???”
  123. Keiko's mind went blank as she nodded slightly, could Wakana have really enjoyed their play time THAT much?  She didn't know if she should or not, but decided to let Wakana take the lead if she wanted to. This was after all a huge dream for her, and even with this slight issue, it might be even more interesting.
  125. “Hikaru?” Wakana asked... “We weren't completely honest with you earlier, we were actually in the middle of something a little more serious.”
  127. “Is there something wrong with Keiko?” Hikaru answered as she settled into the corner seat near the door.
  129.       “Yes there is, she is love sick.” Wakana said as she tried to put it in gentle words for Hikaru, partially still worried about how she would take this news.
  132. “Love sick?  Does she have someone she likes??” Hikaru asked, still searching for some meaning.
  134. “I love Wakana!!” Keiko shouted, startling Hikaru and almost making her drop her bag.
  136. The room was silent as Hikaru's piercing eyes drifted from Keiko to Wakana... and then back to Wakana.  Seconds stood still as she tried to process what was just said, and why they were now here, partially nude, confessing their love for each other right in front of her, or perhaps this had been going on for years, maybe even before she had been a part of this vocal group.  
  138.     Finally words escaped Hikaru's mouth as the situation was something she couldn't change.  “I don't know how to react, truly, but I won't judge or say anything.  I would like to know here and now though??”
  140. “It kinda just happened, and you left early giving us a good chance...”  explained Keiko. “Wakana was wondering if you minded if we continued?”
  142. “I um..  I'll find somewhere to wait for my train then”  Hikaru quickly stated as she started back out the door.  “Do you want me to lock this?”
  144. “Yes please!!!” both Wakana and Keiko shouted out, not wanting a repeat of what just happened.
  146. “Well, hope you guys make it home ok, good night!”  Hikaru said as she clicked the door locked, and closed it.
  148. “Now that was intense!”  Keiko exclaimed, as she slid her hands down Wakana's arms, and pulled her hand's back on to the loose fabric of her dress.
  150.     “Want to continue here then?” Keiko asked.
  152.     “I guess, this is all very new to me, and our pace was interrupted when Hikaru came in...
  154.     “I was hoping you would continue even while she was here.”  Keiko said, smiling and wishing for even more excitement from this new level of friendship.
  156.      “I kind of thought you were wanting me to.”  replied Wakana.  “But I'm not nearly as out going as you are Kei.”
  158. Keiko just smiled, as Wakana slid the dress off completely, revealing Keiko's plain white panties and petite figure fully.  Her small features pushed against the thin white fabric, almost as soft as her skin.  She tossed the dress aside and stood up, matching eyes with her best friend. Without hesitation this time she locked Keiko in a warm embrace and put her head against Keiko's cheek.
  160.  “I love you more than anything in this world Wakana.”  Keiko said, with each word pushing out emotions she had never felt before.
  162. “I love you too.” Wakana whispered, her breathes tickling Keiko's ear lobe and causing her to giggle and shake a bit.
  164. “I have waited for this day for so many years Wakana...”
  167. Keiko returned the embrace and pulled her in even closer, squishing her breasts against Wakana's full bust.  She felt Wakana's leg brush against her inner thigh and soon they were wrapped up like vines.  She felt Wakana move her head to the right, her lips rub against her neck and up slightly, to the bottom of her ear.  Keiko moved with her, using her one hand to move some of Wakana's stray hair out of the way.
  169.     “Your lips are very soft Wakana...” Keiko whispered quietly “... may I kiss you?”
  171. Wakana paused and then acknowledged her request by gently brushing her lips across Keiko's cheek, bring her nose close with Keiko's and meeting her lips fully.  She felt her lips move with Keiko's slightly, as she tried to figure out exactly how to stay in sync with Keiko's movements.  Her tongue naturally found itself wanting to explore Keiko's lips and in turn, Wakana found that Keiko's tongue was wandering as well. Wakana noticed Keiko's hands and arms had found their way around her waist again, she welcomed the warmth that Keiko's embrace gave her and hoped that her hands would get to travel her body a bit more before this little dream ended.
  173. Outside the small room Hikaru had found herself leaning against the door, straining to make out the indistinguishable whsipers, and blushing from the light moans.  She knew her curiosity had lead her to this, but now her mind was flooded with thoughts, images, and fantasies she really only knew from the manga and books she had read.
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