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Yu Xan's Sabbath

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Sep 15th, 2020
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  2. Yu Xan's Sabbath (Common name: Martial Arts Sabbath)
  3. Representative Baphomet: Yu Xan
  5. Activity Details: Rigorous training, for gaining Prowess, Discipline and Ki!
  6. Typical Races: Physically strong races like Dragons or weak races like Alices, with little in between.
  7. To "you": You know our training sessions can be intense, nii-chan. (♥)
  9. A unusually hectic Sabbath. Even with their focus on physical magic, their activities are different compared to others, focusing on discipline and strength. Most of their members notably have well trained legs and stand a bit taller than the average girl, and try to carry themselves in a disciplined manner.
  11. At least their activities can be considered usual: Even initiates know how to perform arrays of sensual moves which restrain their opponents in positions which are easy to exploit, and their favorite activities include forcing larger men to open their legs and accept the power of little girls, and onii-chans often find themselves in embarrassing situations during training.
  12. Indeed, ven those who were recruited merely due to having a wife in this Sabbath often finds himself dragged into daily training, as if they were a full fledged wizard. Although his expertise will be clearly noted due to his white belt, he will be given no mercy and forcefully put into a array of new and interesting positions. It can be said that they do not accept white flags, or white belts, as it may be.
  14. Although, despite all this, they will also take any request for training seriously, so those who take on martial training receive great tutoring and grow up to be great martial artists. Indeed, often the initial shock of a organized sabbath goes away after seeing a newbie with a puffed up chest suffer a embarrassing moment, as everyone's kung fu fighting seems a little less frightening, and they return to being little girls in the veteran's eyes.
  17. A Word From Baphomet:
  18. Our Sabbath's activities are unlike any other! You will be trained physically and mentally until you move like the best fighter in the realm! If you're ready, repeat this with me: One!, Two! One!, Two!
  20. Bonus Notes from Runya: We are not sure if Ki is real, but it certainly feels like it! Additionally, please do not call the headmaster Yu-chan, it is incredibly disrespectful.
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