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Yahoo data leak by Virus_Hima

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Dec 15th, 2012
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  1. Hello f0lks, sorry for being late but Here comes the rain again :)
  2. This is ViruS_HimA [From Egypt with love] :)
  3. get in touch on adam.theruler<'at'>yahoo
  5. First of all let me clear some points:
  6. 1- I'm one person not a group!
  7. 3- I've published only little records for Adobe and I will never use/share/sell/publish Adobe/Yahoo data/exploits anywhere,
  8. Yes it's a promise.
  9. As i said i'm not looking to ruin anybody business, I've stopped black hat activities long time ago and will never be a black hat again.
  10. Why? because long time ago i started working as a security researcher and penetration tester in legal manner with legal companies,
  11. so I'm not looking to ruin my career/reputation because of such activities.
  13. #Oh man you already published emails from Adobe DB, little records yes but this was illegal? it's better to report such things for
  14. vendors not to publish on the internet?!
  16. This is a good question.
  17. I'm very active vulnerability researcher, i'm doing vulnerability researches every single minute in every single hour in every single day.
  18. Because of that, i have found tens of 0days vulnerabilities in big web sites such as Adobe/Micorsoft/Yahoo/Google/Apple/Facebook and many more,
  19. As I said I've stopped black hat activities long time ago, I started reporting the vulnerabilities to the vendors.
  20. Google was great in fast reply and patch release. same goes with some others. But for Adobe and Yahoo they were so slow in reply
  21. and fix, You know what? Yahoo never reply for my message!
  22. So i decided to teach both of them a hard lesson to harden them security procedures. It would make a disaster if such companies
  23. vulnerabilities was privately used in the underground and they never know about it! not only their customers been affected but the vendors themselves also suffer from such exploits.
  24. Adobe acrobat/flash, Yahoo data leak of that 400k emails, and that hotmail remote password reset vulnerabilities is an example.
  26. When i thought to teach Adobe the lesson I said to myself, if i won't publish a strong proof of concept for the vulns so i won't gain any
  27. trustworthy or reputation for my notes! also if i published only adobe emails so they would deny the leak and say
  28. it's randomly generated emails or collected from different DB's which is not related to Adobe DB's!
  29. But if i leaked more emails specially if it's a critical emails like .mil they will move 10x faster for patching the vulnerabilities
  30. and will be forced to take better security procedures. And yes, this is what really happened!
  31. they investigated the case, shouted-down the vulnerable web site, Emailed me in the same day asking for vulnerability details,
  32. I sent them the details and they said we are working to patch it and to amendment our security!
  33. God dam it! such things was taking 3-4 months in the vulnerabilities i reported to them before!
  34. Now all this things done in only one day! now you know why i did that and that i was right in everything i did?
  37. Here we go for Yahoo. but this time i will publish proofs only without publishing data like in Adobe case,
  38. I already gained the trustworthy I was looking for.
  40. ~ Leaks contains:
  41. Full files backup for one of Yahoo domains!! [Lead to full access on the server of that domain]
  42. Full access to "12" of Yahoo Databases!! [Lead to full access on the server of that domain]
  43. Reflected-XSS(Cross Site Scripting) vulnerability.
  45. Proofs:
  46. ~ Full files backup for one of Yahoo domains ~
  47. IMG1:
  48. [if removed] :
  49. IMG2:
  50. [if removed] :
  52. ~ An SQL Injection vulnerability in one of Yahoo domains ~
  53. IMG1:
  54. [if removed] :
  55. Hints for DB's names: Pr***tionH**s, k*az*y << fair eh?
  57. ~ XSS(Cross Site Scripting) vulnerability ~
  58. IMG1:
  59. [if removed] :
  61. Notes:
  62. 1- I'm not the one on the news who is selling the Yahoo xss for 700$, you may noticed that his name is "TheHell"
  63. idk why that krebsonShitz is linking me to that attack! why i don't sell things I got here? while it's awesome stuff not just XSS!!!
  64. 2- I'm not planning to do any more leaks soon!
  65. Hey Yahoo! you have to think well about making Hall of fame for security researchers
  66. because this will get you much reports for your vulnerabilities.(just a suggestion!)
  68. Always be proactive not reactive in safeguarding your critical data.
  69. ~ By ViruS_HimA ~
  71. ~ Shoots:
  72. Big shoots for (WZ) davai davai moy drog :P
  73. BlueKaizen Team specially Mo3tz :) << Couldn't to attend this year but heard it R0xed like a charm!
  74. Synabse Team Specially Obzy & Sud0 :P
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