Undead on Arrival (chubby tsun virgin lich)

Sep 24th, 2015
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  1. Was bored and decided to type this up based off a roll I did in the thread. Been a while since I've written anything, so I just did something light to try and get back into it
  2. -Lich
  3. -Light Tsun
  4. -Chubby
  5. -Deredere drunk
  7. >Go to a party over at your friend's place
  8. >He's invited lot of your old friends over and some of your co-workers
  9. >Look around, spot one face that sticks out
  10. >A lich you used to go to university with
  11. >You'd always thought she was kind of cute, but her attitude was... abrasive
  12. >Mill around the party, hang out with some of your old pals, things are going pretty good
  13. >Head over to the bar to get a drink
  14. >Turn around and accidentally bump into the lich
  15. >Her drink splashes, staining her cloak and getting her book wet
  16. >'Idiot! Watch where you're going, huh?'
  17. >She looks up at you with a scowl & locks eyes
  18. >But then something on her face changes for just a second
  19. >'I'm sorry. I didn't see you there.'
  20. >'I-It's fine. I didn't know it was you. Thought you were just another idiot here wandering around half-drunk.'
  21. >A flick of her hands & the stains are gone
  22. >She looks back up at you for a moment before looking away & floating off in a huff
  23. >'You should still be careful where you walk, though!'
  24. >Just as charming as you remembered her...
  25. >Party starts to wind down
  26. >Most everyone's left by now or been driven home to pass out
  27. >You're too drunk to drive, plus you don't have to worry about work tomorrow, so you just flop down on the couch
  28. >You lay there for a while, barely staying conscious in a fuzzy haze, ready to pass out
  29. >'Hey, is'ere room for one more?'
  30. >You look up to see the lich there, cheeks a rosy tint & a drunk smile on her face
  31. >She's also having a bit of trouble maintaining lift. Just how much did she drink?
  32. >You can't even reply before she lays down on top of you, turning you into her personal body pillow
  33. >Her body is cool to the touch & surprisingly soft. You can feel her chest and thighs pressing into you
  34. >She looks up at you, eyes half-lidded
  35. >'I'm shorry I got mad at you. I'm jush not com-co-comfortable in groups.'
  36. >She snuggles into you even more. You're forced to wrap your arms around her to keep from being pinned
  37. >'Uhh, it's alright. I should have been looking out.'
  38. >She shakes her head. 'No, It'sh my bad. I shouldn'ta done it. Especially to you.'
  39. >Okaaay, that's oddly specific. You cock your eyebrow in a confused look
  40. >'Back at school, I didn' have a lot of friends. Only having schkeletons for company made people think I was w-weird.'
  41. >'You tried to be nice to me and I thought... I thought it was a joke, sho I was always mean.'
  42. >'But you know, I always hoped it was real...'
  43. >'That there was schomeone who really wanted to be close to me...'
  44. >'And I really thought about you. About us. A lot...'
  45. >You're suddenly very aware of her on top of you and realize she rubbing her thighs along your legs
  46. >Everything is very clear now as your heart is pounding in your chest, practically leaping out
  47. >She begins to lean up towards your face, an oddly lewd half-smile on her face
  48. >Your hand shoots up to block her from coming closer. She seems a little annoyed.
  49. >'Heeeey. What'sh wrong?'
  50. >'Your drunk, you just dumped all this on me, and it's really awkward. I don't want anything weird coming out of this!'
  51. >She pouts a bit. 'You're no fun.'
  52. >She settles her head into your chest. 'But it's nice that you're considerate. I like that...'
  53. >Her voice trails off. You poke at her a few times, but she's (figuratively) dead on top of you
  54. >You sigh, wrap your arms around her, and get yourself comfortable for the night
  55. >You wake up the next morning, still a little groggy
  56. >Your body feels light. The lich isn't on you anymore
  57. >You slowly sit up and see her sitting at the end of the couch. She seems a little uneasy
  58. >'So, how much of last night do you remember?'
  59. >You wipe the sleep from your eyes. 'Enough.'
  60. >Her face is still a little red & she refuses to make eye contact with you
  61. >'D-Don't take it the wrong way or anything! I just had too much to drink! I wasn't thinking clearly.'
  62. > You sit up and move over towards her. 'So you didn't mean any of it, then?'
  63. >'No! I mean, yes, but- It's weird, okay?!'
  64. >You put an arm around her & pull her into you a bit. She doesn't fight it.
  65. >'It's just... I've never been in a relationship before, and I'm not the best with talking about my feelings. I don't want to force you into something.'
  66. >You pull her in closer. 'It's alright. We can go slow if you need to.'
  67. >Her entire face is red. 'I-Idiot! Saying stupid stuff like that...'
  68. >For the first month or so, things are a bit touch-and-go
  69. >She really was socially awkward & didn't have much experience with having a boyfriend
  70. >After a while, though, she started to lighten up a little
  71. >She'd still get flustered if you showed a bit of affection, though you started to find it kind of cute
  72. >One night, the two of you settle down at your place to watch a movie marathon on TV
  73. >During it you discover, ironically, she doesn't do well with horror movies
  74. >At the eighth or so scare of the movie, she jumps & grabs your arm, letting out a small cry
  75. >You can't help but laugh & she is immediately cross with you
  76. >'Shut up! I told you I don't like scary movies, idiot!'
  77. >'You have zombies and skeletons around you all the time! How can you be scared of them?'
  78. >'That's different!'
  79. >You laugh a little bit more and put an arm around her, pulling her in close to you
  80. >She starts to fidget a little bit
  81. >'Something wrong?'
  82. >'I-I'm fine. It's just the movie is all.'
  83. >'Come on. You know you're a bad liar.'
  84. >'Fine... It's just that this is the closest we've been since-'
  85. >'Since you got drunk and and passed out on me?'
  86. >She blushes and scowls at you, but you're right
  87. >'I just remembered what happened that night. How I tried to force myself on you.'
  88. >'Yeah. So what?'
  89. >'I was thinking... Maybe it's time we- we tried to, you know...'
  90. >She can't spit it out. Cute. 'Know what?'
  91. >'You know! Now that we're together and not drunk. We could try and-'
  92. >'And what?'
  93. >'You know that I'm trying to say!'
  94. >'I know. But I'm going to make you say it anyway.'
  95. >'Grr- TRY AND HAVE SEX!'
  96. >Her words echo in the apartment for a moment. She clasps her hands over her mouth, red with embarrassment
  97. >'See, was that so hard?'
  98. >'SHUT UP!'
  99. >The two of you are in your bedroom, and lich is freaking out
  100. >She's really uncomfortable and not sure what to do with herself
  101. >'Are you sure you want this?'
  102. >'Yes I'm sure! It's just-'
  103. >'You're too nervous?'
  104. >'Who wouldn't be, idiot?!? I've never done this before! What if I do something wrong, or what if it hurts, or what if-'
  105. >You shut her up with a kiss before pulling back her hood letting the low lights pay off her blushing face
  106. >"It's okay. We'll go slow, alright?'
  107. >She nods, adamant about doing this
  108. >You unclasp her cloak and let it fall onto the bed behind her
  109. >Wrapping her arms around your neck, she pushes you down onto the bed
  110. >Slowly, almost tentatively, she kisses you
  111. >It lingers for a bit before she breaks it
  112. >'You okay?'
  113. >'Yeah, just trying to settle myself.'
  114. >She takes a deep breath before leaning back into you
  115. >You return the kiss this time, wrapping your arms up around her soft midsection
  116. >The two of you just lay in each others arms for a little while, making out on the bed
  117. >Each time she breaks away for a breath, she comes back a bit more more adventurous
  118. >She gets a bit more passionate with her kiss until her tongue begins to prod at your lips
  119. >You let it in, she begins to gingerly explore your mouth
  120. >You happily reciprocate, drawing small gasp of surprise from her
  121. >Your heart rate begins to climb as the two of you begin to lose yourself the heat, your hands beginning to roam over one another
  122. >Eventually it becomes too much and the lich breaks the kiss, pulling away & leaving a small trail of saliva connecting your lips
  123. >She begins to tug at your shirt & you lean up helping yourself out of it
  124. >You return the favor, slowly pulling hers up over her tummy, them over her breasts until they fall free, and finally of her head before tossing it aside
  125. >She covers herself for a moment, embarrassed by her bit of extra weight
  126. >You pull her arm aside, exposing her fully
  127. >She wore the weight well: Her hips were thick without being doughy, her stomach was just soft enough without looking tubby, and her breasts were large but still firm
  128. >'You look amazing.'
  129. >'You don't think I need to lose a few pounds?'
  130. >'I'd be upset if you tried to get rid of this perfect body.'
  131. >'I-Idiot, saying stuff like that. But thanks...'
  132. >You begin to unbutton her pants, easing them off until she's left in nothing but her lacy black thong. It cuts into her hips just enough to get your fire going
  133. >You slide yourself up out of your own pants & pull her in close
  134. >Her body is cool, but you have enough heat in you for the both of you
  135. >Your explore her nape and neckline, kissing & sucking at it
  136. >One hand holds her waist in close to you while the other begins to massage her breasts
  137. >'Ahhhn~. N-Not so rough.'
  138. >You dial it back just a bit, easing her into your more aggressive kneading & nipping
  139. >She continues to moan, holding her arms around your neck for support
  140. >Eventually your hand begins to drift south, making its way down her stomach, around her thigh, and towards her lower lips
  141. >Even though her body is just warming up, you can already feel an intense heat from her crotch
  142. >You stroke her lips through the silky fabric, drawing an audible gasp from her
  143. >That's too much! Slow doaaahhhh.' She melts from a second touch and her protests quickly stop
  144. >You continue to stroke her loins as your lips and tongue explore her entire upper body, eventually coming back to her mouth
  145. >She pulls you into a deep kiss again, her mouth vibrating with pleasure
  146. >Her hips begin to push into your fingers, her panties now soaked with anticipation
  147. >You happily oblige, nudging the wet fabric aside and reaching a finger up inside her
  148. >Your digits stir her up, spreading her lips and stroking at her walls
  149. >Eventually it becomes too much for her and she suddenly contracts around your fingers
  150. >Your hand is soaked in a gush of fluid as she pulls you in close to her, moaning deeply into your shoulders
  151. >The two of you sit there for a moment, letting her ride out her orgasm
  152. >She finally pulls away from you, panting heavily, full lust in her face now
  153. >'I can't wait anymore. I-I need it, need you, inside me. Please.'
  154. >Your fumble with your boxers, her sitting in your lap making things tricky, but finally they're off
  155. >Your cock is almost painfully hard now, having gone ignored this entire time
  156. >It presses up against her dripping pussy, and she's almost in shock at what's about to happen
  157. >She lifts herself up, easing out of her panties and positioning herself over you
  158. >Your head is pressed against her lips, and she takes one last breath before finishing the deed
  159. >Slowly she begins to lower herself down on you, your head piercing her lips, then taking your cock in bit by bit
  160. >She winces a bit as she is filled up for the first time, holding you close. 'So much. All inside me...'
  161. >Finally her butt meets your lap, and for a moment the two of you sit there, joined together at the waist
  162. >She starts gently rocking her hips back and forth, acclimating to the feeling of you moving inside her
  163. >She winces a bit from the sensations, but you hold her close to ease her
  164. >Your hands assist her hips, getting you some leverage to start thrusting a bit
  165. >She gasps a bit from shock, but soon she begins to fade to moan of pleasure
  166. >Her hips begin to get more aggressive, swinging out a bit more, letting you thrust a bit harder, a bit deeper, with each stroke
  167. >Her generous butt & thighs begin to slap against your hips and waist with audible, visceral satisfaction
  168. >You let yourself sink into your lust, using your hands to help her ride as hard as you can
  169. >With each stoke you nearly exit her before her hips come back into yours, burying you deep inside her & sending ripples over her thighs & ass
  170. >'It's too much! I'm- I'm- AHHHHHHHH~'
  171. >She cries out and pulls your face into her chest as she climaxes again
  172. >A fresh gush of fluid soaks your crotch as her pussy goes mad, squeezing tightly around your cock
  173. >The increase in grip is maddening, and neither of of you has stopped moving your hips yet
  174. >It's too much to take, and you finally feel your own orgasm mounting
  175. >'I'm gonna cum!'
  176. >'It's fine! Come inside me! I want to feel you fill me up!'
  177. >With a few final strokes you bury yourself as deep as you can before you cum
  178. >Thick jets of semen shoot deep into her womb, filling her with your seed
  179. >She quivers in your grip as your cock continues to pulse inside her
  180. >'It's so hot.~ And there's so much.~'
  181. >The two of you collapse back onto the bed, overcome with sudden exhaustion
  182. >You both just lie there for a while, her soft body on top of yours, warmed by the energy you'd given her
  183. >Eventually, she finally breaks the silence
  184. >'That...That felt... amazing. Thank you.'
  185. >You pull her in close and give her a kiss
  186. >'You were petty good too. And I'm sure our neighbors enjoyed listening.'
  187. >Her face suddenly becomes even paler. 'What?'
  188. >'You got pretty loud, and I don't think these walls are the thickest.'
  189. >'You mean they- They just- Heard- KYAAAAAAA!!!'
  190. >She buries her face in your chest, beet red from embarrassment
  191. >You lift her face up a bit and see that her eyes are watering up
  192. >'Gotcha.'
  193. >Suddenly she flashes to pure anger, beating her fists against your chest
  194. >'You IDIOT! Why would you tease me like that?!? I'm going to curse you & make your dick fall off, I swear!'
  195. >Eventually she tires out and collapses against you once more
  196. >You lean in and give her a small peck on the forehead
  197. >'I love you.'
  198. >She tries to hide her blush with a pout and burying her face in your chest, but it doesn't work
  199. >'I-Idiot. Saying stupid stuff like that...'
  200. >Just barely, you can hear her mumble 'I love you, too.' into your chest
  201. >She begrudgingly crawls up level with you and the two of you drift off to sleep in a warm embrace
  202. >END
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