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  1. {
  2. id: 2999293,
  3. kind: "user",
  4. permalink: "millionway",
  5. username: "Million Way",
  6. uri: "http://api.soundcloud.com/users/2999293",
  7. permalink_url: "http://soundcloud.com/millionway",
  8. avatar_url: "http://i1.sndcdn.com/avatars-000014239114-tjbrco-large.jpg?e2debf3",
  9. country: "Britain (UK)",
  10. full_name: "Jasper & The Jimmers",
  11. description: "MILLION WAY are a live electro/house trio, for want of a better summary. They don’t have choruses or a singer, but they know exactly what comprises a full dancefloor wig-out and they excel at making it happen… a high-energy performance of musically vibrant and expertly produced live electro, house, fidget, techno, booty and acid!
  13. Gigs a-plenty, and the gigs are SIZELY. Regularly headlining around Bristol with a steadily growing fan base, shows feature extravagant shape-pulling (on and off stage), having-it crowds, stacks of LEDs, buttons and dials, drums, bass, live production and a band giving it 300%. Always smiles, high-fives (on and off stage) and intermittent flash photography.
  15. Nods go out to the electronic greats; Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Orbital, Luke Vibert, Plump DJs, Drexciya to name a few. But Million Way also comes from the three member’s many years on the UK festival and gig circuits under various guises. Prime slots at Glastonbury, Shambala, Larmer Tree, Wychwood, Beautiful Days, Bloom, around London and the South West in acts including Heritage Orchestra, Smerins Anti Social Club, Burly Chassis, Contraband, Alchemy Quartet, Ratfinks, Beggar Joe… in short, Jasper and the Jims have been gathering the tricks of the trade for full Million Way MAXIMAZATION!",
  16. city: "Bristol / Cardiff",
  17. discogs_name: null,
  18. myspace_name: "millionwaylive",
  19. website: "http://www.millionway.co.uk",
  20. website_title: "MILLIONWAY.COUK",
  21. online: true,
  22. track_count: 7,
  23. playlist_count: 2,
  24. public_favorites_count: 0,
  25. followers_count: 151,
  26. followings_count: 50
  27. }
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