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apunkny sampler

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Jun 28th, 2021
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  1. apunkny sampler
  2. aka “bc”, a downloadable experience, the apunkny sampler to “bc”
  5. @illteteka 6-28-21
  6. Around December of last year, I’d stay up until the wee hours of the morning talking to friends on Discord. While seemingly cardboard in our intentions, certain words sparked brief shockwaves (we later called them ‘glints’) The glints felt like small earthquakes mixed with icee brainfreezes. Some of us even found strange objects appearing behind our chairs like shards of glass or even small microchips.
  7. One night in early February, after talking to my friends and logging off, I had some trouble falling asleep. Sometimes when this happens I’ll scroll through all of the photos on my camera roll. On this night, one photo caught my interest. It was a Google Plus post by Sean D. on June 28, 2011. I seem to remember being an early test bug of this service and spending the whole first day trenching through the wonderful and weird. In this post, Sean mentions starting a group for people who have experienced misplaced or small objects seemingly appearing. One line stood out to me: “G@@GLE IS LISTENING TO US!!!!! JOIN ON IRC [redacted] DON’T BE A CRUMBUM”
  8. I opened my laptop, downloaded mIRC, and logged onto the channel. The group only had one active member under the name “rudy”. I introduced myself to rudy and told them about the things I had been experiencing over the previous few months. rudy told me that these experiences seemed to point to a larger object of interest being close to us. unfortunately they could neither confirm nor back up this information stating “i mean i think thats whats going on anyway, its been a while since its happened to me. my own personal research is directly related to this area of interest. where did you say you were located?” (src: mIRC chat logs reproduced with permission from rudy) After conversing for a little bit longer, rudy emailed me some .lua files built to conduct data analysis. They informed me I should place it within one of my programs in order to contact other beings.
  9. This is the story of the apunkny sampler.
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