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4 December 2013

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Dec 4th, 2013
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  1. 1. Murasame-Kai new sprite, voice lines (neglect, resupply) updated.
  2. 2. Library system tweaked
  3. -It's now possible to see graphic evolution for ships without separate entry (ex: Fusou , Shiratsuyu)
  4. -Internal system expansion to support more than 150 entries
  5. 3. Docking system bug fix
  6. -It's now possible to dock one ship while another is docked with high-speed repair bucket
  7. 4. Graphic minor fix on Fusou-Kai's modernization
  8. 5. November's monthly admiral ranking announced, items will be announced soon and awarded next maintenance
  9. 6. Server optimization, especially for Lingga & Tawi-Tawi server
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