Chuunibyou preliminary thoughts

ultimatemegax Jun 1st, 2012 172 Never
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  1. I've got some thoughts about how certain Chuunibyou characters will be received. These are non-spoilerish as much as they can be.
  2. Rikka Takanashi - You'll either love her or hate her. She's a combination of Yuki and Mikuru from Haruhi in my opinion. I'm highly curious what the reaction will be once the eyepatch comes off.
  3. Yuuta Togashi - I don't think many people will say he's their favorite character, but he's not terrible. He'll likely be compared to Kyon like Houtarou is from Hyouka. Parts of me had Kyon when writing dialogue, and parts had Sunohara from Clannad.
  4. Isshiki Makoto - Taniguchi part 2. Seriously. I expect a lot of heavy comparisons. From the very first chapter, he had the Shiraishi voice in my head.
  5. Shinka Nibutani - Has that "Nibutani" feeling. I really liked her character for the most part. I think a lot of people will like her as well as she's very interesting. Plays well with Yuuta. I had a character in mind, but saying who would be a spoiler.
  6. Kazari Kannagi - I love the pun with her name and it's one of the few puns that I felt worked even translated. She'll have some fans if the anime gives her proper screentime.
  7. Kuzuha Togashi - This will be one of the characters I pay close attention to. I'm not usually focused upon little sister characters, but due to events in the novels, I'm very curious how she'll impact the anime.
  8. Yumeha Togashi - I imagine the reaction will be similar to Rikka. Not my favorite character personally, but fun to write dialogue for. Generic 5 year old voice.
  9. Nanase Tsukumo - Interesting. I'm curious who she'll get compared to. She had a good mix of dialogue styles. I can't pinpoint a character's voice for her.
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