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  1. ViperToday at 1:40 PM
  2. bruh
  3. Yall ready know who it is
  4. The names matthers
  5. The really crazy rapper
  6. Be droppin bars all day
  7. Dont stop I dont play
  8. I be risin to the top
  9. Aint never gonna stop
  10. Already hit the peak
  11. Aint nobody I can see
  14. Ayo, they call me park tudor panda
  15. I'm NA's best, never runnin out of mana
  16. Smurfin on kids in low diamond all day
  17. Dont even need both hands to play
  18. Its so crazy how easy this game is
  19. Pretty much own riot I'm runnin this biz
  20. 3 accounts in challenger, still im just a casual
  21. Never sweat, never try, but I'm goin international
  22. You already know I dominate every role
  23. Autofilled? It doesnt matter still gonna reach my goal
  24. Have you seen my thresh? Some call me biofrost
  25. 70% winrate in diamond you'll take another loss
  26. Thats not all, I'm a jungler too
  27. My reksai is insane this much you know is true
  28. 60% winrate with 48 games and I aint even tryin
  29. Its nothin personal, sorry for gettin u cryin
  30. Keep strivin for the top so I'll keep takin your lp
  31. Nothin you can do about it, mate, cant you see?
  32. ok
  33. Its time to keep adding on
  35. vaultboyToday at 1:42 PM
  36. Wait who?
  38. ViperToday at 1:42 PM
  39. cares
  41. vaultboyToday at 1:42 PM
  42. How long did u spend LOL
  43. Kreyzi rn
  44. U gotta put it over a beat and rap it
  46. ViperToday at 1:43 PM
  47. Not just league I'm a pro at fortnite too,
  48. Got my golden scar ready, be ready to lose
  50. vaultboyToday at 1:43 PM
  51. Faxcxxx
  53. ViperToday at 1:44 PM
  54. Got me low? Dont matter pop a mini n hide
  55. Just wait till I regen, get ready to die
  56. Watch out for my aim dont have to even try
  57. Can kill ya with my eyes closed, better wave goodbye
  59. vaultboyToday at 1:45 PM
  60. Ooh
  62. ViperToday at 1:45 PM
  63. See me with them quickscopes, better beware
  64. I'll catch you off guard, give you a real scare
  65. Nowhere you can hide, theres no place safe
  66. Every where you go you'll be diggin your grave
  67. Am I clean or what
  69. vaultboyToday at 1:48 PM
  70. yo what up y'all
  71. call me mr.Viper
  72. when i kill ur squad, they be cryin their diapers, yuh
  73. and when I get the dub
  74. and the girls got me the rub yeah
  76. ViperToday at 1:49 PM
  77. yeah NICE ONE
  78. They call me viper
  79. TSM's best striker
  80. Dominating top lane
  81. Winning every game
  83. vaultboyToday at 1:52 PM
  84. when i get the cup
  85. you all will know my name
  86. winning every lane
  87. you will not like my fame
  88. when i get the stacks
  89. yeah, larger is my cane
  90. my strength is arcane
  91. you will surely feel my bane
  92. when I destroy you
  93. your cries will be in vain
  94. in vain that is my vayne
  95. it will leave a blood stain
  96. because that is all i do
  97. yeah, feel my wrath and rain!
  99. ViperToday at 1:52 PM
  100. Thats crazy
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