Mar 31st, 2017
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  1. 12:49 AM - Android =^.^= is now Online.
  2. 1:26 AM - Shylo: alright
  3. 1:27 AM - Shylo: This is super shitty
  4. 1:27 AM - Shylo: because I wanted to vocally talk to you about it.
  5. 1:27 AM - Shylo: Want to get in discord
  6. 1:27 AM - Shylo: I assumed you were off for the night and I absolutely did not want you to just wake up to a message because you're better than that
  7. 1:30 AM - Android =^.^=: I don't really want to deal with that kind of awkwardness, no. You can just type.
  8. 1:28 AM - Shylo: Okay.
  9. 1:29 AM - Shylo: You are an extremely smart player, your calls and positioning is nigh impeccable. That's the big reason we picked you up, we loved your attitude and how you filled our gamesense slot we kinda lacked with our roster.
  10. 1:29 AM - Shylo: but
  11. 1:29 AM - Shylo: your aim and transition fighting
  12. 1:29 AM - Shylo: is a problem
  13. 1:29 AM - Shylo: I have tried everything in my power to not have to come to this
  14. 1:29 AM - Shylo: Trust me
  15. 1:29 AM - Shylo: I argued very hard citing that you didn't take much heals and your room making with perfect
  16. 1:29 AM - Shylo: waS*
  17. 1:30 AM - Shylo: but
  18. 1:30 AM - Shylo: The hard truth is
  19. 1:30 AM - Shylo: a 170 dpm average is a hard tradeoff for that
  20. 1:33 AM - Android =^.^=: Fair. And I wouldn't have taken that personally.
  21. 1:33 AM - Android =^.^=: But this was a pretty awful way to find out
  22. 1:30 AM - Shylo: I 100%
  23. 1:30 AM - Shylo: wanted to vocally speak to you
  24. 1:33 AM - Android =^.^=: And you could have easily avoided it
  25. 1:30 AM - Shylo: because you don't deserve a message
  26. 1:30 AM - Shylo: You mean a lot to me
  27. 1:33 AM - Android =^.^=: The fact that you weren't willing to delay the thread by 24 hours even is pretty hurtful
  28. 1:31 AM - Shylo: I will type out an essay if you put an LFP
  29. 1:31 AM - Shylo: sigh
  30. 1:31 AM - Shylo: I know
  31. 1:31 AM - Shylo: I got pressured by outside sources and it's stupid and shows my inexperience as a team leader
  32. 1:34 AM - Android =^.^=: I don't think I'm gonna do that. This is the third season in a row someone's done something kind of shitty, and I'm not sure I want to keep doing it
  33. 1:34 AM - Android =^.^=: GL in playoffs and IM.
  34. 1:31 AM - Shylo: I should be better than that
  35. 1:32 AM - Shylo: like
  36. 1:32 AM - Shylo: it's not a personal thing
  37. 1:32 AM - Shylo: we still love your attitude
  38. 1:32 AM - Shylo: and you deserve to be better
  39. 1:33 AM - Shylo: but it's just
  40. 1:33 AM - Shylo: it's the choice of do we want to play with friends
  41. 1:35 AM - Android =^.^=: I'm not taking being cut personally. Just how it was handled.
  42. 1:33 AM - Shylo: We are fine with you staying rostered to sub if we need you and we're still down for ugc
  43. 1:33 AM - Shylo: I'm very sorry it happened like this.
  44. 1:36 AM - Android =^.^=: I think I'm done with TF2. But thank you. I appreciate it anyway.
  45. 1:34 AM - Shylo: If it means anything
  46. 1:34 AM - Shylo: We still considered you our scout
  47. 1:34 AM - Shylo: we were talking about merc leaving for soldier
  48. 1:34 AM - Shylo: since we were going to move you back to scout for playoffs
  49. 1:34 AM - Shylo: but I dont know what will happen now
  50. 1:39 AM - Android =^.^=: I mean, I figured the pocket thing was a one week thing and we'd see how it went beyond that. In my mind, moving back to scout was the default and most likely option. I considered it a failed experiment after scrims and match didn't go well. But I'm not sure any of that matters at this point.
  51. 1:37 AM - Shylo: This is still this season
  52. 1:37 AM - Shylo: We should finish it out as us.
  53. 1:41 AM - Android =^.^=: I'll think about it. But the answer is probably no.
  54. 1:40 AM - Shylo: well
  55. 1:44 AM - Shylo: For what it's worth. It's been an honor playing with you. Power Surge (14-2) No matter what we say; that's still the result. So what if we lose to only one team. I'm honored but sad that I played with you for what, I hope not, is your last season. I will never forget you. You've taught me a lot about the game. You've given me experiences I will never forget. I wanted more than anything to take you into IM but it's just not going to work and would've ended in frustration and probably something worse than this. I only wish I had not been an stupid 16 year-old that knows nothing and ended this correctly so we could've remained as friends without feeling awkward.
  56. 1:44 AM - Shylo: Good luck in your future and all you choose to do. Your dedication is rare and will be highly valued.
  57. 1:45 AM - Shylo: I hope that someday if you turn on the TF.TV stream. You'll see me and not feel hatred for what I did.
  58. 1:47 AM - Android =^.^=: Good luck.
  59. 1:45 AM - Android =^.^= is now Offline.
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