Attack USA, End it.

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  1. You'd get more done if you spent all of that money you waste on bribing lawyers and the courts to be on your side, spent it on a paramilitary group that rounded up the culprits and executed them for their crimes.
  4. You will never make America great by using the courts. America is a dead nation of rape and crime and there is nothing good here, so you are wasting your efforts. Notice how, no matter your "successes" in the past 20 years, america has only gotten worse? It's people are sicker, fatter, and dumber than ever, our environment is worse than ever.
  7. You aren't helping, but you could help, if you spent all that cash you have on armed Justice instead of tossing it into the vortex that is the corrupt court system, that, even when they do side with you, the government does whatever it wants anyway! The only way to get rid of such lawless tyranny is by ARMED REVOLT and until all of you dumb americans realize that, you are all -- already dead nazi property as far as I am concerned and I WILL NEVER SUPPORT AMERICA!
  10. Nothing here to support but cancer, crime and rape, anyway, and I don't support those things!
  13. Nuke Washington D.C. if you really want to solve the problem, because D.C. is the problem.
  15. Bomb them into nothing and find all those in the industry, the globe over, and pike them up in Honor of Vlad the Impaler, for a safer and a better world for all! CHOP THEIR FREAKIN' HEADS OFF!
  18. Until you are willing to do that, you are all already dead, lost to a bunch of nazi's who were too afraid to fight a real fight, just like you, which is why america is nothing but a cancerous shithole fake nation, now! So, get to work and I don't mean in the lame courts.
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